On a current offroading trip, ns was winching another vehicle and the additional strain on the battery caused a spark come arc and also actually fused the terminal come the battery, bring about battery failure. The ground winch cable to be too warm to touch. I was lucky to get out under power and make the home. It remains an expensive resolve (the OEM battery was only a year old) but if you room stuck in the woods, the costs and also risks increase. Based on the temperatures, I would certainly not dominion out a fire risk. Please replace your terminals instantly to prevent you from obtaining stuck, or worse.

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Battery post with molten lead, unify terminal.
New battery, new terminals. I do plan on upgrading the terminals. These are temporary.

Original write-up follows:

The forums are ablaze with questions around concerned Jeep drivers, that their gauge cluster will suddenly light up, chime, and do some weird things – however only because that a second or two.

I uncovered myself handling this precise same problem in both my 2012 and also 2013 Rubicons (the videos over are mine). Taking the 2013 in under warranty, the dealer was simply as perplexed together I was. Eventually they changed the digital sway bar disconnect motor (claiming it was no sealed because that water and thus bring about the short).

Not too lengthy after, and also the gremlins returned. The dealership just blamed the problem on mine “aftermarket HID headlamps” (Trucklites), enlarge tires, and my CB radio (potentially leading to RF interference).

The official solution from Chrysler. Click to enlarge.

It to be clear come me that Chrysler had actually no on purpose of working with me on detect the problem.

Symptoms (May be different from car to vehicle):

Random dash lights flashing w/chimeTraction regulate light stays on as soon as cluster returns to normalSpeedometer drops come zero while lights flash climate returns (tach stays unchanged)Restarting automobile removes TC warning lightOccasionally, radio would be interruptedSlight lose of strength characteristics

I understand this appears odd, yet I began to an alert this would occur in the exact same spots of my commute, so the RF interference was getting some consideration. But then ns realized the road was bumpier and also had a distinctive grade come it (dip to the right) which made me better understand just how the battery to be involved.

Fast front to last Fall, when I saw the garage to begin the Jeep. Dead. No click starter, nothing. However I had lights. I popped open up the hood, and heard a faint clicking coming from the TIPM. Together if it was rebooting or shorting. Ns wiggled the battery cables, and also the sound stopped.

I retightened the terminals come the post and also the Jeep started right up.

And the was the critical time the trouble occurred. I have had other friends with this exact same problem, and when I suggested this fix, castle have had no recurrence in weeks, once it to be a everyday event. Ns personally have not had the difficulty in 6+ months since making the fix.

Steps to fix:

NOTE: My problem was ~ above the ground. Ns still confirm the relations on the hopeful terminal, but that seemed fine.

1. Making use of a 10mm socket, remove the nut which secures the terminal.


2. Push the terminal steady down, ensuring the is sit at the base of the post.


3. Using very good needle-nose (or other narrow pliers) pliers, to express the terminal behind where it meets the post. This will eliminate the small variance/gap that is bring about the fault.


4. Reinsert the nut, ensuring it is threaded tightly come the bolt.

5. Check all various other terminals and also connections.

I additionally picked increase a collection of adjustable terminals because that the rainy day I arrangement on installing some appropriate battery terminals. Chrysler’s versions are NOT adjustable (cheaper) and also that is why us are having actually these issues.


This issue has been mentioned for most Jeep vehicles, consisting of Grand Cherokee and also Wrangler. Ns assume the terminal/post link is loosened native offroading, therefore if friend wheel a lot, be certain to save an eye ~ above it.

Steve says:

Great info and video.

I have a 2012 Rubicon and also this difficulty started around a main ago. All the exact same issues and also chimes.

Followed your pointer on reseating the battery cables clamps. Ns went one action farther though and also I take it a battery article cleaner and thoroughly cleaned both the battery post and also female ends of the battery cables. I did check out a corrison pattern on both the an unfavorable and confident posts, the the battery, that said the cable clamp ends were not making great contact and also that corrison to be present. I was sure to reseat the cables ends under as much on the posts as they would go. Ns took my long needle nose pliers and also tried, as best I could, come squeeze them earlier together. You’re right around one thing – these battery cable ends space pretty cheap and also flimsy.

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I cleaned every little thing till the steel shined and was extensively scuffed up. I just test drive the jeep and I am not seeing the disco lamp return. I’m hoping the this has actually done it for me.