Jason Varitek (left) pictured with tiny League President and CEO, Stephen D. Keener, to be presented with the 2012 william A. “Bill” Shea Distinguished small League Graduate Award.

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After graduating high school, he then went on come play baseball at Georgia technology alongside eventual Red Sox teammates, Nomar Garciapara and Jay Payton. In 1992, he was called a member the the U.S. Olympic team and wan the prick Howser Trophy for national Collegiate Player of the Year. The next year, Mr. Varitek was likewise named Baseball America’s 1993 Player of the Year, and also in 1994, the three future Red Sox stars assisted the Yellow Jackets knife a pilgrimage to the university World collection title game. In addition to his experience at Georgia Tech, Mr. Varitek played 2 standout seasons in the Cape cod Baseball organization (CCBL) for the Hyannis Mets, eventually earning induction right into the CCBL hall of reputation in 2002. To this day, Mr. Varitek holds the respect of being the just Georgia technology baseball player to have his number (33) retired by the University.


After happen on a 21st all at once draft choose as a small in college, Mr. Varitek was later on drafted 14th all at once by the Seattle Mariners in the 1994 amateur draft and also entered the minor organization system in 1995. In 1997, he to be traded, alongside eventual longtime teammate Derek Lowe, to the Red Sox where he would certainly go on to come to be a three-time all-star, two-time World series champion, 2005 gold Glove and Silver Slugger compensation winner, and Boston Red Sox hall of Famer. After retiring in 2012, Mr. Varitek go on to work in the Boston Red Sox front Office as a distinct Assistant and also Catching Coach and continues to serve in that capacity today.

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To date, Mr. Varitek is just one of only three former tiny Leaguers come play in each the small League Baseball world Series, College human being Series, and significant League Baseball human being Series, involvement Ed Vosberg and also Michael Conforto through the honor. Throughout the 2004 MLB civilization Series, Mr. Varitek ended up being the first Little league Baseball World collection graduate come play versus another once he challenged off against St. Louis Cardinals pitcher and also South shore American tiny Leaguer, Jason Marquis. In 2012, Mr. Varitek to be honored by tiny League international as a william A. “Bill” Shea Distinguished tiny League Graduate Award during the 66th small League Baseball civilization Series.