One Tree Hill premiered on the WB September 23, 2003, a month after fellow teen drama The OC debuted on Fox, ushering in a new era for the genre. It"s not basic to follow a hit, and also One Tree Hill"s ratings in the an initial season paled in comparison come The OC. It attracted in an median of around 3.5 million viewers come The O.C.

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"s Season 1 mean of almost 10 million viewers.

By its 5th season in 2008, One Tree Hill had officially outlasted its competitor — The OC aired its series finale in 2007. It"s safe to say the after a nine-season run and also surviving a network closing of The WB and UPN, OTH is an ext than a cult classic. The basketball drama brought us memorable love triangles and also the iconic marital relationship of Nathan Scott and also Haley James (aka "Naley") once they were just high school students. OTH had actually so many young and beautiful gibbs making the end on camera, it"s not surprising that some of that romance and drama seeped into real life. The members the the show"s roster have been through many failed relationships, marriages, and divorces — with and also without every other. We owe it come all teenager drama lover to take it a look at the genuine life partner of the One Tree Hill cast.

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Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) captures Brooke Davis" (Sophia Bush) eye as soon as he join the Tree Hill Ravens ~ above the an initial Season the One Tree Hill. Thus begins the core love triangle, due to the fact that Lucas constantly harbors feelings for either Brooke or her finest friend Peyton (Hilarie Burton Morgan), relying on who that is supposed to be cursed to. Brooke and also Lucas finish their romantic connection on Season 4 and remain friends.

Murray and also Bush"s real-life romantic background is straightforward yet significantly less cordial. They began dating in 2003 and were married by 2005. After five months of wedded bliss castle separated. "This is a difficult and regrettably situation," to be all bush said in a statement acquired by People. "I to be glad this is being solved sooner rather than later." The year the divorce was finalized, singer Aaron Carter declared on The Tyra banks Show the Murray apparently cheated on bush with Paris Hilton while functioning on House that Wax (brother Nick Carter was dating Hilton at the time).

Neither bush nor Murray speak of your failed union much, though they did work-related together because that years after they split. Shrub said ~ above Armchair Expert that she was "21 and also stupid" during her relationship with Murray. She chalked it as much as "being a supervisor nerdy kid and suddenly you"re ~ above TV and all this ingredient is happening and also one the the cool human being you work with think you"re awesome."

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Sophia shrub didn"t permit her suffer with Chad Michael Murray sour she on dating various other One Tree Hill co-stars. Top top screen, brothers Lucas and also Nathan (James Lafferty) never fought over Bush"s Brooke. However on set, the vibe might"ve to be awkward because, as Us Weekly recalled, she began dating Lafferty in 2008. According come Murray, whatever was copacetic. "We"re just friends. And also "s acquired James, and also James and I space friends. It"s just a little tight group in Wilmington," Murray told a regional CW terminal in 2008 (via E! News). Bush and Lafferty date for about a year prior to breaking up.

Bush climate dated gibbs Austin Nichols (pictured above), opening up to the public about it in 2010. Contradictory to renowned belief, bush told E! News the she didn"t meet Nichols while working on OTH. In fact, he take it the role of Brooke"s love attention Julian Baker come be v Bush. "We had so countless years of background prior come him coming to job-related on the show," the Love, Victor gibbs said. "and ns think someone acquisition a job and moving your life across the country to present you just how much they care is pretty lot the most romantic gesture the a person might make." In 2012, Us Weekly report Bush"s connection with Nichols ended, and also a couple years later, she started dating Chicago P.D. co-star Jesse Lee Soffer. In 2020, Us Weekly noted that she began dating entrepreneur give Hughes.

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Chad Michael Murray commits really quickly in his relationships. Once his divorce native Sophia shrub was finalized, the soon began dating Kenzie Dalton, one extra who played a cheerleader on One Tree Hill. The pair were involved by 2006, simply a year after ~ his separation from Bush. This time, Murray didn"t make it down the aisle. Us Weekly evidenced that he and Dalton parted ways in 2013.

The third engagement is the charm for Murray. That met actor sarah Roemer on set of the 2013 collection Chosen and the pair secretly married in 2015. They invited a son named Rex in might of 2015. A daughter to be born in 2017, however the pair has yet to release her name. In spite of the measures they take because that privacy, like not posting their kids" faces, they carry out share details of your life ~ above Instagram. For your anniversary, Murray posted a snapshot of his family falling asleep. "So at peace in the arms of mine love:) I never ever sleep better than once we melt into each other," that wrote. "And yes if you i found it the blonde hair ~ above Sarah"s shoulder it"s coz we have cuddle pile ons in ours house."

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James Lafferty played Nathan Scott ~ above One Tree Hill, who is half of the couple "Naley." Nathan married girlfriend Haley James (Bethany pleasure Lenz) when the two were quiet in high school, in ~ the finish of the first season. Naley is a beloved pair on every nine seasons of the show, however it took Lafferty longer to work out down.

After break up through Sophia Bush, Lafferty was connected to one more OTH co-star, Shantel VanSanten, that joined the actors to beat Haley"s sister Quinn in 2009. Lafferty began dating gibbs Alexandra Park in 2015 when he directed an illustration of her present The Royals, and they got engaged in September 2020. Lafferty announced the news on Instagram. "She stated yeah," he composed alongside a pic that Park v her arms about him in a kitchen, reflecting off her ring.

The couple also operated together ~ above Everyone Is doing Great, a show Lafferty co-created with fellow One Tree Hill actor Stephen Colletti. The show, which struggle Hulu in January 2021, follows two actors" resides after certification in a fight vampire drama. Park joked with E! News that wedding planning would be "slim" till the display got a Season 2.

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In the "00s, Hilarie Burton Morgan, that played Peyton Sawyer, dropped for Ian Prange, one assistant director on One Tree Hill. They were married in 2004 and also divorced in 2009. And then, Hilarie met her present husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, when visiting girlfriend Danneel Ackles. 

Danneel is married come Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, and also Jeffrey occurred to be among Jensen"s co-stars top top Supernatural. The Ackleses set up Hilarie and also Jeffrey on a blind twin date at a bar. To hear Jeffrey phone call it, it to be love at an initial tequila shot. "So I visited a bar and also I met Hilarie at a bar with Jensen and also Danneel, and the remainder is history. ... We ended up back at my residence drinking shots that tequila," the actor told HuffPost (via Us Weekly).

Jeffrey convinced Hilarie to go v him come his movie collection in brand-new Mexico and the rest is history. The couple welcomed a son in 2010 and a daughter in 2018. There to be reports that said they covertly married in 2014, yet Hilarie clarified in one Instagram short article in October 2019, "Jeff and also I just want to placed it the end there that WE acquired MARRIED! because that real." She continued, "From the minute I met he to be my husband. Fairly than do vows right out of the gate, we live them. Because that over ten years." The couple now co-owns a candy store in upstate brand-new York.

Bethany pleasure Lenz played Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill, therefore she"s one fifty percent of "Naley," among the most stable couples in teenager drama history. In genuine life, Lenz was no as lucky in love together her change ego. She married musician Michael Galeotti in 2005 and they had actually a daughter in 2011. She announced on her blog in early on 2012 that the pair were parting ways. "As many of friend know, as much as i love come share v you the magic of simple days, ns am also an extremely private about my personal life," she created (via The Hollywood Reporter)."In fact, the only reason I"m speak anything around this at all is due to the fact that you"ll all be wondering soon why anyone is phone call me "Bethany joy Lenz" again. I"m sorry to say that Michael and I have determined to divorce." She said that she and also Galeotti "remain trusted and specialized to increasing beautiful girl in love." 

As detailed by Us Weekly, she"s also been attached to Unreal actor Josh Kelly. Lenz is together a private human that very tiny is known about her date life today. Together fans of OTH know, Lenz is also a singer. She exit Snow, a Christmas EP, in 2020 and Maria is featured ~ above a song referred to as "Listen."

Danneel Ackles (née Harris) played Rachel Gatina, one of One Tree Hill"s biggest anti-heros. She never had actually a memorable romantic on the show. Rachel walk marry Tree Hill"s ultimate rogue Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) yet she simply wanted his money for this reason that ended in divorce — us know, shocking.

Thankfully for Danneel, her biggest real-life romantic is a different story. She met her husband Jensen Ackles while they were both certification on CW mirrors in the early on aughts (Jensen, the course, played Dean Winchester ~ above the mega-hit Supernatural). They were friends before ultimately falling in love ~ above the collection of the elevation comedy Ten customs Hero which was released in 2007. According to Fame10, Jensen said, "Ten customs Hero has a special ar in my heart, because it"s wherein Danneel and also I fell in love." The couple got engaged in November 2009 and married the adhering to May at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel in Dallas, Texas. As Popsugar noted in a recap the the large day, Jensen"s Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki was a groomsmen and Danneel had three bridesmaids from the OTH cast, including Hilarie Burton Morgan.

Danneel and also Jensen have actually three kids as of 2021, and also they often share cute short articles of their family on Instagram, like once Danneel take it a video of the kids wishing your dad "good luck" on his new show The Boys.

Paul Johansson played One Tree Hill"s many deplorable resident, Dan Scott. Together viewers know, Dan acquired the mother of his boy pregnant around the very same time, and spends most of the collection as a villain. In genuine life, Johansson"s relationship history has had actually ups and also downs. He to be married to manufacturing designer Gabriela Oltean, yet according to his IMDb page, they divorce in 2005.

Johansson has actually a son called Quinn v ex-girlfriend Mercedes Connor. In 2016, he and Connor finished up in a legal fight after Quinn had an allergic reaction. As TMZ reported, Connor made part startling accusations versus Johansson, claiming he stated she was "not giving his medicine, and even hands on her before taking she phone and also bolting." Johansson adhered to up with allegations of his own versus Connor, and also they were collection to work things out in a hear that same year.

At the time of writing, Johansson appears to be solitary and enjoy it fatherhood.

Austin Nichols play Julian Baker ~ above One Tree Hill on Season 6 through Season 9. He"s introduced as Peyton"s ex-boyfriend, yet by the collection finale he and Brooke have twin boys, Davis and also Jude Baker. In actual life, Nichols only had eyes because that Brooke"s alter ego, Sophia Bush. The pair broke up around the time the OTH series finale aired after dating for about six years, follow to Us Weekly. A source told the magazine shrub initiated the separation "because she didn"t think he to be the one" including that "she"s relocated on."

Nichols also moved ~ above in both his an individual and skilled life. Due to the fact that OTH wrapped, he"s had actually recurring duties on struggle shows like AMC"s The wade Dead and Showtime"s Ray Donovan. As Us Weekly noted, that made his red carpet debut v actor Hassie Harrison 2018. Their condition right currently is hard to confirm together they don"t post around each various other often, but Nichols did offer Harrison an Instagram shoutout in April 2020 ~ she offered him a an extremely cute date of birth present. "I got this tiny rockstar for my birthday," Nichols wrote, share a photo of the pup. He ultimately named his furry friend Otis. "Thank girlfriend
hassieharrison because that finding me the perfect small buddy." we hope the pair is going strong.

Robert Buckley is a married man

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Robert Buckley was presented as Clay Evans, Nathan"s sports agent, ~ above One Tree Hill"s seventh season. Clay"s romantic history is... Complicated. He was previously married to a woman named Sara, yet she died before we met him. She does show up on the collection as a ghost to aid Clay move on and find love through Haley"s sister Quinn James. By the finish of the series, he additionally remembers he has actually a son called Logan while he"s in ~ a psychiatric hospital. Clay marries Quinn, yet that"s so lot drama to gain through first.

Buckley"s actual date life is quite straightforward. The was most notably connected to gibbs Lea Michele for a couple of months when they worked together top top Dimension 404, yet they amicably in July 2016. He married longtime girlfriend, actor Jenny Wade, in 2018, and also told fans about it on Twitter. "Post-cake fight with (Borat voice) my WIIIIFE," the wrote. They honeymooned in Thailand and there is Instagram evidence they did funny things prefer eat bugs.

It looks prefer they room super sweet and also supportive of every other. ~ above Buckley"s critical day of shooting the CW display iZombie, Wade celebrated her husband top top Instagram. "Today is the last day filming <iZombie> for this mainly human," she wrote, her arms wrapped about Buckley in a picture. "he"s functioned so hard for 5 years & i am INSANELY proud the him."

Lucas Scott"s girlfriend from the flow Court Marvin "Mouth" McFadden, who was play by Lee Norris, is a clip on One Tree Hill indigenous the pilot episode to the series finale. Mouth"s longtime love interest Millie does slip up and sleep with warm bartender Owen (Joe Manganiello) one night as soon as she"s angry, but she"s allowed to do mistakes and also we don"t really blame her. Mouth and Millie space married and also expecting a baby by the collection finale, so all is well that ends well.

In genuine life, Lee has a sweet love story, too. The married "normal person" Andrea Norris in 2011, and they hold the podcast Married through Television together. On the pod, they dish around reality TV shows most celebrities more than likely wouldn"t admit to watching like Southern Charm, Vanderpump Rules, and The Bachelor. That"s our sort of couple. He newly joined members the the OTH cast for a virtual "Georgia Letter writing Party" in December 2020 and was in the Tom Hanks movie Greyhound.

Antwon "Skills" Taylor (Antwon Tanner) to be a consistent on One Tree Hill"s flow Court. After a psychic affair through Nate"s mom, Deb, in the later years, that is comprise on the collection finale that an abilities got ago together through his high school sweetheart, Bevin. 

In the actual world? While the does save his personal life fairly private, he has shared part details ~ above Instagram. Tanner is happy married come his wife, who he call "Boots" on society media, and reportedly has four kids. "Happy date of birth to my queen. My various other half. The love of mine life. My ideal friend," he composed on Instagram in April 2020. They were quarantining in ~ the time as result of the COVID-19 pandemic, however he promised "we will revolve up once it"s over." That exact same year, he wished his wife"s mommy a happy anniversary, calling she "the best mother in-law a man could ask for."

Shantel VanSanten play Quinn James top top One Tree Hill beginning in Season 7, and also her character eventually found happiness with Clay Evans but had come go through a the majority of heartache to get there. She concerns Tree Hill to cure after finishing her marriage and additionally endures the fatality of her mother.

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VanSanten is starting 2021 on height of the people — practically literally. As People noted, she began dating actor Victor Webster after castle met top top the collection of the 2017 Hallmark movie Love Blossoms. She shared in February on Instagram the he suggest to she on peak of the hill where he told she he loved she for the first time. Does it gain any more romantic 보다 that? "I didn"t speak anything for awhile, not out the suspense although that would have actually been a an excellent prank, but due to the fact that my legs stopped working, I had actually to sit down and also I couldn"t avoid crying and also kissing him," she shared. "BUT obviously I stated YES!!!" Congratulations to the happy couple, whose love story sounds like much less like a primetime teen soap opera and more like a Hallmark movie.