"BOY v A BOOK" Lithograph by James Chapin 1945 Lithograph print in Brushed yellow & Glassed Frame. This item is a RARE discover due come its size, age and beauty. This very WELL detailed artist James Ormsbee Chapin (9 July 1887 - 12 July 1975) to be an American painter and also illustrator who is listed in the Davenport, Askart, Artprice and many other art indexes. He to be the father of jazz musician Jim Chapin and grandfather of folk singer harry Chapin who wrote "Cats In The Cradle" This is a beautiful item that depicts a young boy sitting reading a book in a beautiful internal Scene. This was an extremely WELL done v beautiful detail in both color and also clarity linked with meticulous draftsmanship and detail v distinctive attributes of the guys facial attributes with beautiful expressions down to the beautiful detail in the apparel from the time period which gives it much charcater and nice shades the tonalism with all the beautiful decor that surrounds the interior scene from the time period. This could be the artists form of expression of Home, Love, Beauty, Tranquility, Purity, Family, Tradition, Memories and also can average so countless things to so many different people. The beauty beauty of art is the there are plenty of different means of looking in ~ this and the beauty, beauty is every in the eye the the beholder. Since of its dimension this is a beautiful paint that can be accented in a Hallway or Foyer, Dining Room, study or Parlor, Bedroom or Boudior, or in a guest room and anywhere else throughout your home that will certainly be a object of conversation and is an heirloom quality piece with investment value as a provided artist. The artist to be a TRUE MASTER, since we see great care and SKILL in this piece down come its ideal details. Over there is period to the piece and also was framed under glass and also has been really well preserved but please save in mental this is an larger piece. The structure is also nicely recessed through brushed gold Tone. Very solid through hanging wire on the backside the the frame.. This item was an extremely WELL do with top quality that surpasses ANYTHING that is made today but Please understand that this is an larger piece and came indigenous a personal estate and may have some light minor imperfections top top the framework but all at once its in wonderful shape. This piece procedures 21-1/2 inches wide and 25-3/4 HeightThe items we sell are typically from the secondary market. Castle are nearly always supplied unless otherwise noted. Us make every effort to allude out any type of flaw, defects or damage. However, they space being offered as is. Shipping come the 48 continent United states Only. Please examine photos and ask questions prior to purchase / bidding all sales are last with no guarantee expressed. Extended under the E-bay the person who lives protection setup per terms and rules.

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