Yes, native yesterday mine RH HID (d2s) xenon headlight pear is no working and also I cannot see exactly how to replace it.

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Does anybody recognize ?


First Name: PeterJaguar Model: S-TypeYear that Jaguar: 2007Location: West Midlands

Hi Terje,


The s type handbook is quite brief on HID headlamp bulbs.


"Where HID light is fitted, refer to you Jaguar Dealer/Authorised repairer if the headlamp stops working to operate".


There is als a note "HID Xenon desk lamp units type D2S 35 are not renewable, contact your dealer/authorised repairer if the headlamp falls short to operate".


I have not watched a summary of how to carry out a replacement for Xenon bulbs anywhere.


Good luck,



First Name: PaulJaguar Model: XFYear the Jaguar: 2013Location: West Midlands

D2S HID bulbs space easily readjusted and readily obtainable on fleabay for example. Unfortunately, you"ll must remove the bumper to gain access to and also remove the irradiate fitting and also do the adjust on a bench.

First Name: JOEJaguar Model: S-TypeYear of Jaguar: 2004Location: Staffordshire


what Raistlin Said, Bumper turn off I"m affraid




The xenon pear is surprise ridiculosely deep into a completely uneccesary «tube» which end so close to the overcome member that it stays clear of you from getting your hand or fingers In to the electronic or possibly the high voltage machine that sits on top of the bulb itself.

I additionally think the is ridiculosely too much work to dismantle the entirety bumper just to adjust a bulb.

So,  I determined to cut the «tube» open to obtain acsess come the bulb. Worked perfect. You have to very closely twist the digital devise respond to clockwise to acquire it turn off the bulb. Take it special treatment with a separate planet wire. As much as ns remember the pear itself is fixed simply with som clips. Together the tube’s circular finish now to be destroid by my cutting, ns sealed the pear wit some tape.

I will perform the same as soon as the best bulb dies.

Regards Terje Stendal, Norway

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Posted in march 16, 2017


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Old Peter

Posted in march 16, 2017

Old Peter

ManagementFirst Name: PeterJaguar Model: S-TypeYear of Jaguar: 2007Location: West Midlands
Posted in march 16, 2017

Fantastic variety of cars, Terje!

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How to change a HID xenon headlight bulb
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