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*Island that the Blue Dolphins” through Scott O’Dell has been the review by emphasis on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine.

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Karana is a young native American girl. She lives on a small, weather-beaten island 75 miles off the coastline of southern California in the 1800s.

Karana’s dad is chief Chowig. She mother has actually died. One day, a ship transferring Aleuts and a Russian captain arrives. The people ask for permission come hunt the otters that live on the island. The captain guarantees to pay Chief Chowig handsomely at the finish of the hunt, yet the captain reneges on the deal and a skirmish breaks out. Nearly every one of the men in Karana’s tribe space killed, including her father.

About a year later, one more ship come to rescue the remaining aboriginal Americans. Karana’s small brother, Ramo, slips far to their home to retrieve a spear. Once Karana realizes he is not on the ship, she jumps overboard and also swims ashore together the ship is sailing away. She and also her brothers are currently alone top top the island, believing the the ship will certainly return for them.

The island is home to a roaming load of wild dogs, and Karana warns Ramo, who is six years younger than she, come beware of them and also never to wander roughly the island alone. Just a few days later, Ramo wakes up early to look for among the canoes that the tribe had actually hidden once the Aleuts involved the island. Karana realizes the is gone and searches because that him. She finds him dead top top the ground, surrounding by a load of barking dogs.

After countless days of mourning, Karana destroys every the dwellings in the village. She creates a makeshift bed high on a rock wherein the dogs cannot reach her.

The following summer she decides to leave the island by paddling a canoe in the direction the ship went when it rescued she people. ~ one day and also night, the canoe develops a crack and she realizes she have to return to the island. A swarm the blue dolphins surrounds she canoe and also leads her home.

She searches because that a great location for a new home and builds a fence approximately it to defend her indigenous the dogs.

Karana monitor the dogs, killing four of them in revenge for she brother’s death. She wounds the load leader. Instead of ending his life, she registered nurses him to health. She names the Rontu, and he becomes her inseparable companion. The two spend the next several year together. Collection food and making clothing consume many of Karana’s days.

One summer, a ship transporting Aleuts visits the island, again. Still fear of them, Karana hides when they are on the island, but a young Aleut girl finds her, and also they become friends. The two exchange gifts after several days. The Aleuts suddenly depart, but the human being interaction she had actually with the girl now makes Karana realize her loneliness.

The Aleuts leave many dead and also wounded otters behind. Karana nurses one to health. She captures fish because that it, and also the otter temporarily i do not care a pet. Several more years pass. Rontu dies. Karana finds a dog she is persuaded is Rontu’s son. She catch him and also makes that her new pet.

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There is an earthquake on the island. Quickly thereafter, Karana spies one more ship approaching on the horizon. The ship doesn’t stay long. In the time it take away Karana to retrieve a couple of personal items and also go to the bay whereby the ship to be anchored, the leaves. 2 years later the delivery returns and takes Karana, a few of her an individual items and also her dog to the mainland.