With the holidays officially upon united state I can’t imagine a much better occasion to blog about my all time, most favorite Christmas drink in the world: Jagermeister. Most of united state are familiar with the unique shape the the bottle and the equally exciting taste, but much about Jagermeister continues to be a mystery.

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Does Jagermeister really have actually deer blood in it? What is the translate in of Jägermeister in English? Why is there a deer on the Jagermeister bottle? because that those spring to became their very own Jager-experts, ns welcome friend to read on.

1. Jagermesiter Does no Contain Deer Blood – My apologies go out to every one of those who assumed they were imbibing the spirit of an animal. Contrary to what you could have heard, over there is no deer blood in Jägermeister.

Need proof? walk no further than the official Jagermeister website for your clarification:

Regarding the stag’s blood rumor, we can clear up the mystery: rather than stag’s blood, Jägermeister has 56 natural ingredients such as herbs, blossoms and also roots.

2. What walk Jägermeister average in German? – Jägermeister is the German word for a hunting official or video game warden. In the German language, the translate in of the word hunter is Jäger while words for professional is Meister.

As a fast aside, I initially thought the Jagermeister interpreted to experienced hunter. Native a literal standpoint that is true, however, this isn’t just how the native is used in the German language.

3. 1934 – The year Curt Mast, kid of Wilhem Mast, the firm’s starting father, concocted the Jägermeister recipe. Mast Jr. To be an avid hunter, which triggered him to dedicate his newly produced recipe come the sport.

4. Jagermeister is a Kräuterlikör – In Germany, Jagermeister is classified together a Kräuterlikör, i m sorry in English converts to organic liquor. Earlier in the day, many medicines in Germany consisted of herbs mixed with alcohol.

5. What’s through that Deer top top the Bottle? – The story walk something prefer this: Hubertus, likewise known as a Hubert, a French hunter living in the 8 hours century goes on a hunting expedition on great Friday. He quickly encounters a deer, which he begins to pursue. Once the deer turns around, Hubertus is astonished to view a crucifix between its antlers. Recorded like a deer in headlights (I can not resist) Hubertus hears the voice of God commanding him come either lead a pious life or endure an eternity in hell. And the remainder is history.

Hubertus would certainly go top top to come to be the patron saint of not just hunters, but additionally mathematicians, opticians, and also metal workers—all phone call of life that often require a pair shots that Jager from time come time.

6. Wolfenbüttel – it is the city in reduced Saxony, Germany where Jaegermeister has its headquarters.

7. Those Strange words On The Bottle – it’s a 19th century poem created by Oskar von Riesenthal:

Das ist des Jägers Ehrenschild,

daß er beschützt und hegt sein Wild,

weidmännisch jagt, wie sich’s gehört,

den Schöpfer ns Geschöpfe ehrt.

I’m no a expert German translator, nevertheless, i don’t feeling my interpretation of the poem is too much off, particularly when you think about the themes we’ve currently explored.

This is the hunter’s argorial of honor,

That he shall protect and nurture the game belonging come him,

Hunting choose a true sportsman, is how it need to be,

To honor the Creator in His creatures.


Known in German together a Jagdabzeichen. This price is forgive to professional hunters in Germany.

8. Jagdabzeichen – This is the German word for a hunting badge (see picture above). And also guess what? It’s usual for expert hunters in Germany to obtain an compensation displaying the deer v the cross above its head. Look familiar?

9. Unique In America, no In Germany – once visiting Germany, you’ll discover plenty of Kräuterlikör’s to pick from, plenty of of which are only accessible in specific regions. Wurzel Peter happens to be among my favorites once I’m visiting Berlin, mostly since the bottle has actually a cool architecture with a gnome on it. Over there is also Underberg, i beg your pardon is famous in Germany because that being a post-dinner digestive.


Jägermeister’s worldwide recognition is because of its many large scale branding efforts, the “Jägermeister” Porsche 962C gift one of many examples.

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10. In German Culture – Jagermeister is a long time sponsor of Formula 1 racing and soccer (or as they say in Europe, football). Finally, a really cool tribute to the drink was placed together by a German band called Die Toten Hosen / The Dead Pants.

I hope these funny facts around Jagermeister will help your team win some bar trivia matches or in ~ the an extremely least work out some disputes among friends. Enjoy!