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Boarding schools immerse students in a complicated academic environment. The top boarding schools also boost the odds of admission for college-bound graduates.

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The ideal boarding schools stand the end for their academic excellence, focus on student learning, and also dedication to ar service. Plenty of top-ranked boarding schools attribute a solid track record of college admissions in ~ selective schools. Boarding schools also offer financial assist packages to aid families cover the costs.

This web page ranks the optimal boarding schools in the U.S. Families considering these schools have the right to use this details to find the appropriate fit because that their distinct needs.

Top Boarding schools in the U.S.

1. Phillips Exeter Academy

More commonly known as Exeter, this brand-new Hampshire school has actually been the unofficial feeder because that Harvard for decades, serving boys and also girls in qualities 9-12 (post-graduate year available).

Students choose from much more than 450 process in 19 subject areas in true Exeter style: The Harkness method, the plan that calls for dialogue-based learning. The one-of-a-kind math curriculum focuses on difficulty sets and also seminar-based learning, tossing timeless textbooks beside in favor of student-owned discovering processes. An ext than 80% the the faculty are advanced degree-holders.

Since 2007, Exeter has implemented a financial aid initiative that gives a totally free education to any kind of student whose family members income is $75,000 or less, do a truly wealthy, world-class education obtainable to anybody that qualifies for the rigorous food of study.

Percentage the students that board: 80%Tuition, room, and also board: $46,905Percentage of students who get some kind of financial aid: 46%Notable alumni: note Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook), Dan Brown (author), Christopher Kimball (Cook"s Illustrated and also America"s check Kitchen)

2. Phillips Academy (Andover)

Located in Andover, Massachusetts, Phillips Academy was started in 1778,and is the oldest integrated boarding institution in the joined States. Andover (as the is universally known) has the historical significance of being an original feeder school for Yale. It was likewise the first private second school to establish and also implement a need-blind join policy. Andover is may be to satisfy 100% the a family"s demonstrated financial require by way of grants.

Like the arch-rival Exeter, Andover"s faculty is created of 80% advanced degree-holders. The school, which additionally uses the Harkness technique and is equally rich in tradition, provides a vast array the music classes–many students take exclusive lessons with the prep institution at nearby brand-new England Conservatory. Past academics, every Andover students take part in a work-duty program and are assigned to various jobs transparent the year.

Percentage the students who board: 75%Tuition, room, and board: $48,850Percentage of college student who receive some type of gaue won aid: 47%Notable alumni: George W. Bush, Humphrey Bogart, Jack Lemmon, Julia Alvarez

3. The Putney School

Founded in 1935, the Putney institution in Vermont offers a rigorous yet progressive, hands-on education to student in qualities 9-12. Students right here are urged to seek their personal academic interests, as well as to “present their thinking in coherent and compelling ways.”

This strategy is definitely working. Graduates obtain entrance come the very best colleges in the country; they to visit Ivies like Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, and also Cornell, and schools like Oberlin, buy it Lawrence, and Boston College.

In addition to academics, students participate in an arts-based regime two nights a week and also must fulfill six jobs throughout their stay–lunch, dinner, barn crew, dish crew, substitute, and land-use activities–which help instill in lock a various kind of occupational ethic not generally uncovered in the classroom.

Percentage of students that board: 79%Tuition, room, and board: $50,800Percentage of college student who get some kind of financial aid: 43%Notable alumni: Reid Hoffman (co-founder the LinkedIn), Nell Newman (founder that Newman"s Own), Felicity Huffman (actress)

4. Church farm yard School

The Church farm School, situated in Exton, Pennsylvania, was established in 1918, as a university preparatory, independent, boarding college for guys in grades 7-12. Loyal to that is name and its Episcopal heritage, the school needs attendance at weekly chapel services and also meetings.

Students at CFS are required to take component in the co-curricular C.O.R.E. (Challenge Of forced Experience) program, i m sorry provides opportunities for neighborhood service, out experiences, management training, and also exposure to cultural arts. Graduates often attend colleges such together Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Emory, MIT, Princeton, Rice, Notre Dame, and also Penn.

Percentage that students that board: 90%Tuition, room, and board: $34,300Percentage of student who receive some form of gaue won aid: 90%Notable alumni: Talmadge O"Neill (Silicon valley entrepreneur), kris Raab (actor), Michael Eric (NBA)

5. Episcopal High School

Located simply seven mile from the White house in Alexandria, Virginia, Episcopal High college is a private, coeducational school that boards 100% of its students, i m sorry contributes come a thriving campus community. As its name suggests, the school has actually a spiritual affiliation and also all college student are forced to attend chapel 3 times a week.

Proximity come the nation"s funding has brought about the breakthrough of the school"s signature Washington Program, i m sorry offers 4 concentrations: publicly Policy, Sustainability, cultural Awareness, and also Entrepreneurship. Sophomores dabble in each concentration, choose one the complying with year, and engage in a year-long project and also externship during their final year.

More than 85% that faculty hold progressed degrees and teach end 140 courses. In recent years, Episcopal students matriculate in high number at William and Mary, Duke, wake up Forest, Washington & Lee, UVA, UNC-Chapel Hill, and also Sewanee.

Percentage of students who board: 100%Tuition, room, and board: $49,700Percentage of college student who get some kind of jae won aid: 32%Notable alumni: Senator man McCain, Bryson crackhead (NFL)

6. St. Paul"s School

Founded in 1856 in Concord, brand-new Hampshire, St. Paul"s college is an all-boarding institution for students in grades 9-12. The school offers a post-graduate year. Not only do all of the student live top top campus, but every one of the faculty do, too, which functions to promote a close, spirited campus community. The community additionally begins four days of the week v chapel services. In order to ease the transition to campus life, each brand-new student is assigned a "big brother" or "big sister."

Classes space rigorous and implement the Harkness method; colleges with the greatest matriculation that St. Paul"s alumni incorporate Georgetown, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Harvard. Fairly than having actually physical education and learning classes, St. Paul"s needs all that is students come play sports.

In stimulate to do a St. Paul"s education much more affordable, college student from family incomes of $80,000 or less are considered full jae won need.

Percentage of students who board: 100%Tuition, room, and board: $52,200Percentage of college student who receive some type of financial aid: 33% (need-based grants)Notable alumni: Secretary that State john Kerry, man Jacob Astor IV, Judd Nelson (actor)

7. Asheville School

In the mountain city the Asheville, north Carolina, lies the Asheville School, a exclusive coeducational boarding school established in 1900 for students in grades 9-12. Students here learn to difficulty themselves academically and personally. The natural setup of the area invites mountaineering: all first-year student go top top a three-day wilderness camping trip finish with a high-ropes course. They additionally take a collection of seminars designed come orient them come Asheville School.

Academics winter the rigor that the the end adventure v the four-year succession of the integrated Humanities program. Seniors must likewise complete a an elderly Demonstration that needs them to create a collection of documents on a favored topic and defend the topic to a faculty panel. Seniors likewise give “Chapel Talks” in which they make oral presentations on personal and far-ranging ideas or experiences in front of the whole campus community.

The community company requirement–one the is common amongst boarding schools–differs in ~ Asheville in the students finish 40 hours of business for one organization and submit one essay around that experience to the headmaster.

In addition to Ivies, students to visit Bates, Boston College, Davidson, Furman, university of Richmond, and West Point.

Percentage that students that board: 80%Tuition, room, and board: $47,375Percentage of college student who receive some kind of financial aid: 30%Notable alumni: Dr. D. Ralph Millard (plastic surgical treatment pioneer), Edward Gaylord (media mogul), Pete Dye, Jr. (world-renowned golf course designer), Jennifer Phar-Davis (fastest hiker v the Appalachian Trail)

8. Shattuck-St. Mary"s School

Founded in 1858, Shattuck-St. Mary"s is an independent coeducational boarding college in Faribault, Minnesota, and serves college student in grades 6-12. The school additionally offers a post-graduate year. SSM provides a distinct blend that tradition and innovation to your students.

The institution maintains its timeless Episcopalian identity and also offers weekly chapel services, classes in religion, and the saying of grace before lunch. Student must also fulfill a community company requirement for graduation.

On the academic front, Shattuck-St. Mary"s provides signature multi-year, experiential programs with their Centers the Excellence in bioscience, engineering, numerous sports (notably ice hockey), or a self-designed major. SSM likewise has a distinctive pre-conservatory routine for college student interested in attending the nation"s height music schools. Students acquire entrance into top-tier colleges and also universities v the greatest enrollments at penn State, Boston University, university of Washington, and also the college of Wisconsin-Madison.

Percentage of students who board: 75%Tuition, room, and board: $45, 425Percentage of college student who obtain some kind of gaue won aid: 100%Notable alumni: Townes valve Zandt (poet, musician), Brent Musburger (sportscaster), Jimmy Chin (National geographical photographer and mountain climber), and also numerous NHL players and also Olympians in ice hockey

9. St. Andrew"s School

If you"ve ever before seen Dead Poets Society, you"ve watched the campus of St. Andrew"s in Middletown, Delaware–the movie to be filmed virtually entirely on college grounds. Committed to its Episcopalian identity, St. Andrew"s is an all-boarding, coed private school for students in grades 9-12. Together with the all-boarding requirement, family-style meals throughout the week (where college student take transforms waiting tables) help ensure a close-knit community on campus. St. Andrew"s needs chores of student (which space usually in the student"s dorm and rotate regularly).

Academics room rigorous and also graduates attend Ivy league schools and also other top-tiers prefer NYU and also Vanderbilt. Seniors take feather tutorials which space reading and writing intensive, in which three students satisfy in a course particularly designed through faculty members throughout a variety of techniques in the soul of the Oxford accuse method, and also then defend an original thesis come the English Department.

True come its heritage, St. Andrew"s supplies a pipe & north ensemble that gives students the possibility to learn and also perform the bagpipes or learn field drumming, and requires attendance at chapels and Sunday service. Lastly, the institution can accomplish 100% of prove financial require for students.

Percentage the students who board: 100%Tuition, room, and also board: $53,500Percentage of student who obtain some type of jae won aid: 47%Notable alumni: Erin Burnett (CNN journalist), Loudon Wainright, Jr. (Life magazine columnist), Eric Boateng (basketball player)

10. The Thacher school

Founded in 1889, the Thacher school in Ojai, California, is the earliest coed boarding school in the state. Almost 90% of students live ~ above campus, which naturally contributes to a solid campus community together with Formal Dinners four nights a week and seven-day-long camping trips each semester.

Freshmen not only have actually a single room during their very first year at Thacher, they likewise learn to evaluate the value of an excellent old-fashioned difficult work through the mandatory horse Program, wherein they find out all the basics of horsemanship (both caretaking and riding). With this program, students develop a greater sense of self-esteem, along with problem-solving an abilities and responsibility. Students additionally take at the very least one overnight horse-packing trip throughout the year.

Life in ~ the great walls encourages the same development of obligation and vital thinking, v seniors developing, researching, and also presenting their senior thesis in an elderly Exhibitions. College acceptances and also matriculations because that Thacher students are highest possible at Stanford, NYU, Dartmouth, George Washington, MIT, Colorado College, Tufts, Harvard, Duke, Wesleyan, Bowdoin, Middlebury, USC, Berkeley, and many more.

Percentage the students that board: 93%Boarding tuition: $58,920Day tuition: $40,970Acceptance Rate: 11%Average course size: 11Student:Teacher Ratio: 6:1Total Students: 246Percent international: 12%Notable alumni: Howard Hughes (aviator, filmmaker, and also industrialist), Thornton Wilder (writer), boy name Wyle (actor)Average satellite Score: 1920 - 2150Critical Thinking: 640 - 740 Math: 620 - 740 Writing: 650 - 720Average act Score: 30Endowment size: $137.3 millionPercent Faculty with progressed Degrees: 83%Percent on gaue won Aid: 29% typical Financial help Grant: $44,620 (from $41,400)

11. Deerfield Academy

Founded in 1797, Deerfield Academy is one independent, coed boarding college in western Massachusetts for students in qualities 9-12. Deerfield likewise offers a post-graduate year.

An impressive 89% of the faculty hold advanced degrees in their subject areas. Deerfield prepares that is students fine academically, as evidenced by the fact that the many graduates have attended Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Georgetown, and UVA over the past 4 years. Of certain note is the approach of cultivating an individual interests and also a feeling of community.

The engraving on the Deerfield Academy seal reads: "Be Worthy of her Heritage." at Deerfield, the is taken that "heritage" means more than simply the tradition of those that came before. It is one all-encompassing identification and collection of core values that the community lives by. Respecting and also valuing this legacy is the reason for legacies like sit-down meals and the singing of the Evensong, but it is also the factor the Academy reestablished coeducation in 1989 and continues to develop a curriculum and also campus to satisfy the educational demands of the 21st century.

Deerfield also boasts a thriving alumni network that 12,000-plus. College student are forced to participate in a co-curricular every term. Financial aid is dispersed by method of grants because that those who show financial need; full-need sponsor cover as much as 98% the costs.

Percentage that students that board: 88%Tuition, room, and board: $52,615Percentage of students who receive some type of gaue won aid: 35%Notable alumni: Nelson Doubleday, Jr. (publisher), King Abdullah-II al Hussein of Jordan, Michael Glazer (television producer), and Henry W. Kendal (Nobel prize-winning physicist)

12. Choate Rosemary Hall

Founded in 1890, Choate Rosemary room is a exclusive coed boarding school situated in Wallingford, Connecticut, the enrolls student in qualities 9-12. Choate also offers a post-graduate year.

What yes, really sets Choate personally is its substantial menu of food offerings–students can pick from an ext than 300 classes. Within that framework, college student can also focus top top programs distinct to Choate, choose the interdisciplinary eco-friendly Immersion program, the modern-day Standard Arabic program, or the arts program. Students work-related with their advisors on a capstone task within a concentration–a rated food of study culminating in the final term of the senior year.

Choate is fortunate to have the ability to cover 100% of expenses for students through demonstrated gaue won need.

Percentage that students that board: 77%Tuition, room, and board: $53,100Percentage of students who obtain some kind of gaue won aid: 30%Notable alumni: novelist man Dos Passos, publisher James Laughlin, President john F. Kennedy, Illinois Governor and two-time autonomous presidential candidate Adlai E. Stevenson, II, musicologist Alan Lomax, lyricist and librettist Alan Jay Lerner, playwright Edward Albee, gibbs Buck Henry, Ali MacGraw, Michael Douglas, glenn Close, and Jamie Lee Curtis

13. Woodberry Forest

Located in Madison County, Virginia, Woodberry woodland is an all-boys, all-boarding school founded in 1889.

A distinct graduation need of Woodberry woodland is the every student demands not only to carry out 60 hours of community service before graduation, but additionally to invest at least fifty percent of these hours as "contact hours," which method hours “spent in direct contact with those benefitting from your service,” follow to the school website. Additionally, every students enroll in a leadership advancement program.

Woodberry forest boys to visit the Ivies, and Washington & Lee, UNC-Chapel hill, UVA, and the university of Richmond.

Percentage of students that board: 100%Tuition, room, and board: $50,200Percentage of college student who get some kind of jae won aid: 40%Notable alumni: Johnny Mercer (musician, songwriter), Bosley Crowther (film critic for the New York Times), Paul C.P. McIlhenny (CEO and producer of McIlhenny Co., the Tabasco sauce company), Halsey young (founder of CNET networks)

14. western Reserve Academy

Founded in 1828 together the “Yale the the West,” western Reserve Academy is a private, coeducational boarding college in Hudson, Ohio, offer students in qualities 9-12. A post-graduate year is available.

WRA prides chin on long-standing traditions and is among the just boarding schools that still calls for students come adhere to a strict, formal dress code. Various other traditions incorporate Friday study breaks the celebrate the coming of the weekend and Wednesday sit-down, family-style lunches with the entire faculty.

In location of Saturday classes, WRA extends finding out to the Saturday Academy, a time allotted for in-depth subject examine or course meetings. Grads to visit Ivies and also University of Chicago, Northwestern, Duke, Georgetown, NYU, and also the U.S. Naval Academy.

Percentage the students that board: 70%Tuition, room, and also board: $51,750Percentage of college student who receive some type of gaue won aid: 39% (grants)Notable alumni: Ian Frazier (author, essayist), Lee Morin (NASA astronaut)

15. Verde valley School

Founded in Sedona, Arizona, in 1948, the Verde Valley institution is one independent, coeducational boarding college for student in grades 9-12. Verde sink students complete daily morning dorm chores, a weekly work job program, and several ar work days throughout the year.

As an worldwide Baccalaureate people School, Verde Valley focuses its course content on IB courses. Present students to visit Cornell, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, Vassar, Stanford, Harvey Mudd, and also Claremont McKenna, among others.

Percentage the students that board: 84%Tuition, room, and board: $43,000Percentage of student who receive some kind of jae won aid: 54%Notable alumni: Phil Noyes (documentary filmmaker and also PBS producer), chris Lemmon (actor), Carol Tantau (leader in domestic violence prevention)

16. The Taft School

Founded in 1890, the Taft school is a coeducational boarding college for students in qualities 9-12 located n Watertown, Connecticut. A post-graduate year is available.

Taft students pick from more than 200 academic courses or take it their own course in the Independent research studies Program, which exists to foster more independence and also creativity in learning. Students enjoy access to a prospering alumni network of virtually 9,000 energetic alums that record.

The many recent Taft classes saw big numbers of college student enrolls at Yale, Penn, Trinity, Georgetown, Middlebury, and George Washington University.

Percentage the students that board: 79%Tuition, room, and board: $52,300Percentage of college student who obtain some type of jae won aid: 36%Notable alumni: Trey Anastasio (Phish), Henry mustache (co-founder the National Lampoon), mary Chapin Carpenter (Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter)

17. The Orme School

Just an hour the end of Phoenix in Mayer, Arizona lies The Orme School. Started in 1929, The Orme school is a unique, college-preparatory, coeducational boarding institution for grades 8 v 12. A distinct feature the this certain campus is that it is likewise home to a fully-operating livestock ranch, i beg your pardon serves as a rap for finding out in the school"s Farm-to-Table program.

In addition to rigorous academics, students are forced to get involved in the good Arts Festival every year and also attend two “Caravan Trips,” in i m sorry faculty members lead classes camping in nationwide Parks or surrounding wilderness areas. Student matriculate in ~ Ivies and also at mount Holyoke, Virginia Tech, RPI, NYU, and Seattle Pacific, among others.

Percentage the students who board: 96%Percentage of college student who obtain some kind of financial aid: 40%Tuition, room, and board: $44,900

18. Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

Located in northeast Georgia and also founded in 1903, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee school is an independent, coeducational boarding college for college student in grades 5-12. The school came to be famous in the late 1960s for the Foxfire magazine project, an experiential education and learning initiative that associated students in interviewing regional people and then writing, publishing, and also preserving their dental histories.

Rabun space affords student unique methods unavailable at any other school. For example, the Tallulah drops Railroad Museum is no only situated on campus, however is also owned and operated by the school. Students also have access to a circus an abilities program–one that the few of its type in the whole country.

In enhancement to daunting academics and one-of-a-kind co-curriculars, all students engage in a campus-wide occupational program in i m sorry they help contribute come the maintain and advancement of campus buildings, grounds, and programs.

Students acquire entrance in to Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Brown, and also Emory.

Percentage that students who board: 50%Tuition, room, and board: $46,610Percentage of student who get some kind of jae won aid: 70% (need and also merit-based)Notable alumni: john P. Dillard, Sr. (president and CEO that Dillard House, Inc.)

19. miss out on Porter"s School

started in 1843 in Farmington, Connecticut, miss Porter"s institution is a private boarding institution for girls, and was called the top girls" boarding college by U.S. News & civilization Report. In addition to an overwhelming coursework, students have to play in three interscholastic team sport offerings before the start of their an elderly year. They also receive formal management training via themed seminars every year; topics encompass decision-making, personal awareness, teamwork, problem-solving, and strategic planning.

Students select from end 115 classes, among which must be an digital core class. Girl must complete 30 hours of community service as a graduation requirement. There are nearly 6,000 alumnae worldwide, do an attractive and vast network easily accessible to students.

Percentage that students who board: 65%Tuition, room, and also board: $52,475Percentage of college student who get some kind of jae won aid: 42% (need and merit-based scholarships)Notable alumnae: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, Lillian McKim Pulitzer Rousseau (founder that Lilly Pulitzer, Inc.), Suzannah give Henrickson (director and also Academy Award-nominated screenwriter), buy it Blake (New York Times best-selling author)

20. Foxcroft

Founded in 1914, Foxcroft institution is a exclusive boarding college for girls in qualities 9-12 situated in Middleburg, Virginia. Foxcroft has tendency to that is campus life and also nurtures that is community. Each dorm is overseen through a full-time housemother whose sole obligation is ensuring a hopeful residence life experience for students.

Foxcroft girls have accessibility to a world-renowned equestrian program, too as substantial opportunities in STEM, through a third of graduates choosing STEM majors in college. Students acquire entrance into the country"s ideal colleges, consisting of (but not limited to) Barnard, Georgetown, Middlebury, Pratt, Syracuse, Tulane, UCLA, UVA, Virginia Tech, Washington & Lee, Wellesley, and also Wesleyan.

Percentage the students that board: 72%Tuition, room, and board: $50,900Percentage of college student who obtain some form of financial aid: 30%Notable alumnae: Keshia knight Pulliam (actress), Frances Fitzgerald (Pulitzer prize-winner), Christine Todd Whitman (former governor of new Jersey)

21. Trinity-Pawling

Founded in 1907, Trinity-Pawling college is an all-boys boarding college in Duchess County, brand-new York, for qualities 7-12. The institution retains a solid Episcopalian identity and thus provides a religious chapel company three time a week, in addition to other non-mandatory spiritual services.

Students receive academic letter grades and also marks because that effort. The initiative Program prices student power for ninth, tenth, and also eleventh graders both in and out that the classroom–for residential life, athletics, clubs, and work–and students room rewarded with various privileges.

Accompanying the classic college preparatory curriculum is a regimen in Mandarin Chinese language and culture studies, pertinent for any student interested in pursuing service as a university major. Most students matriculate in ~ Trinity College, Syracuse, and also St. Lawrence University, and also the Ivies.

Percentage that students that board: 80%Tuition, room, and board: $53,000Percentage of students who get some form of financial aid: 40% (need-based gaue won grants)Notable alumni: Kevin McClatchy (senator, CEO, and current president of the display Actors Guild)

22. Blair Academy

Located in northwestern brand-new Jersey, Blair Academy was founded in 1848.

Unique come Blair is the public speaking program, which has a focused technique on teaching efficient public speaking throughout the curriculum. The weekly society of Skeptics collection has to be in constant existence because 1977 and also is considered the premiere high institution lecture series in the U.S.

In enhancement to the Ivies, Blair sends out students to Boston College, Davidson, Lehigh, Stanford, and the college of Miami.

Percentage of students that board: 77%Tuition, room, and also board: $53,600Percentage of college student who get some type of jae won aid: 40% (need-based)Notable alumni: Tucker Max (New York Times best-selling author), man C. “Jack” Bogle (founder that the Vanguard Group)

23. The Hill School

Located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, the Hill college is a exclusive coeducational boarding high school serving students in grades 9-12. The school additionally offers a post-graduate year.

Students attend a non-denominational chapel business twice a week and enjoy family-style meals with faculty members. Additionally, students have to be enrolled in an afternoon program. According to the school"s website, “active joining is forced in interscholastic sporting activities at some suggest during all students" time in ~ The Hill School, and is urged at every times.”

Of special keep in mind is the composing center, which no only offers writing instruction, but additionally runs the authors at Work series of professional writers" visits to campus each year. Hill student matriculate at Boston University, Cornell, George Washington University, penn State, and also the naval Academy, and enjoy an extensive alumni network with more than 9,500 energetic and registered alumni throughout all 50 states.

Percentage that students who board: 79%Tuition, room, and also board: $53,500Percentage of student who obtain some form of jae won aid: 40% (need-based)Notable alumni: Lamar hunt (businessman, Kansas City Chiefs owner), Tobias Wolff (Stanford professor, author)

24. Peddie School

Founded in 1864, Peddie college is situated in Hightstown, brand-new Jersey, eight mile from Princeton and 50 miles from Manhattan and also Philadelphia. Peddie enrolls students in qualities 9-12, and postgraduate students.

The school supplies signature experiential programs in the arts, an imaginative writing, eastern studies, and also research science. To encourage well-roundedness, students to visit chapel twice a week and record at least 20 hours of community service.

Peddie grads to visit Ivy organization schools and top-tier places like Johns Hopkins, NYU, George Washington, Bucknell, and also the marine Academy.

Percentage the students who board: 62%Tuition, room, and also board:$52,600Percentage of college student who get some form of gaue won aid: 40%Notable alumni: Phil Evans (journalist, editor of the Baltimore Sun and also the Washington Times), Colin Ferrell (NFL), kris Tomson (musician)

25. miss out on Hall"s School

Located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, miss Hall"s institution is an all-girls university preparatory boarding school established in 1898. The college serve students in grades 9-12 and also offers a post-graduate year.

Students can pick from among 87 courses and also must finish off-campus internships through the school"s signature Horizons program. Hall"s girls likewise enjoy accessibility to a prospering alumnae network with much more than 3,600 alumnae in 49 states and also 60 countries.

Graduates to visit the Ivies and also other high-caliber colleges such as Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Johns Hopkins, and the university of Michigan, amongst others.

Percentage of students that board: 75%Tuition, room, and board: $53,500Percentage of college student who receive some kind of gaue won aid: 50%Notable alumnae: Jean Erdman (dancer through Martha Graham run company)

26. Berkshire School

Located in Sheffield, Massachusetts, the Berkshire institution is a private, coeducational boarding college for students in grades 9-12. The school offers a daunting college preparatory curriculum, while preserving a unique technique to education. Students get marks for effort, as well as achievement, in bespeak to administer the many accurate enjoy of a student"s academic performance–according to the school"s website, “outstanding initiative is known as a worthy accomplishment at Berkshire.”

Berkshire students experience a various kind the academia during the week before spring break: the pro Vita week. Applying the school"s motto (pro vita non pro schola discimus, or "we teach for life, no for school"), students choose min-courses, attend presentation by renowned speakers, and also experience used learning. Other programs of distinction include a food in aviation scientific research that prepares students for the FAA Ground institution Certification Exam and also a special routine in progressed humanities research.

The many recent graduating class right now attends Ivies and also top-tier schools like Hobart and also William Smith, Wesleyan, Bucknell, and also West Point.

Percentage of students who board: 88%Tuition, room, and also board: $53,975Percentage of college student who get some type of financial aid: 29%Notable alumni: Lincoln Kirstein (co-founder that the new York City Ballet), Peter Kellogg (billionaire and also former CEO of wall Street professional firm Spear, Leeds, & Kellogg)

27. The Holderness School

Founded in 1879, Holderness is a private, coeducational boarding school for students in grades 9-12 situated in Plymouth, new Hampshire. The school states merely that it"s a college for “smart youngsters who loves the outdoors,” as it celebrates and also incorporates its location in the heart of ski nation into its programming.

In enhancement to outdoor education and a classic curriculum, Holderness student have enjoyed the Artward tied program, a nationally well-known visual and performing arts program, for over 20 years. Lock must also create and present a senior thesis.

Students matriculate at Ivies and also at Bowdoin, the university of Richmond, Quinnipiac, and Stanford.

Percentage of students who board: 86%Tuition, room, and board: $54,100Percentage of student who receive some type of gaue won aid: 40%Notable alumni: wilhelm Drea Adama (chairman of the nationwide Endowment the the Humanities), Tyler Palmer (Olympic skier)

28. Portsmouth Abbey

Founded in 1926 through Benedictine monks, Portsmouth Abbey is an independent Catholic coeducational boarding school in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, just seven miles from Newport. In fact, the campus is still house to an actual working monastery, whose visibility exerts a positive affect on the institution community. The Abbey likewise serves together a “prep year” because that students start the U.S. Military and also Naval Academies.

Students may select from 84 courses and must finish a community organization requirement for graduation, in enhancement to coursework in theology and also Latin.

Students are welcomed at schools across the U.S. And most generally matriculate at divine Cross, Boston College, and Boston University.

Percentage the students that board: 70%Tuition, room, and also board: $52,730Percentage of student who get some form of jae won aid: 36% (need- and merit-based)Notable alumni: man Gregory Dunne (writer), Charlie work (It"s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia)

29. Milton Academy

Just eight miles south of Boston, Milton Academy is an independent college preparatory school established in 1798. Milton serves students qualities K-12. The college values steady thinking, actively seeks a varied student population, and also encourages college student to uncover their true scholastic selves v a variety of programs and coursework.

Students may choose from much more than 180 courses in ripe departments. The institution is home to Ayer Observatory, i m sorry is open up for usage by astronomy students and also for public tours on Friday nights.

Most recently, high number of Milton students have actually matriculated at Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Northwestern, Harvard, Columbia, and Boston University.

Percentage that students who board: 50%Tuition, room, and also board: $51,330 percent of students who get some kind of gaue won aid: 30% (need-based grants)Notable alumni: T.S. Eliot, Robert and also Ted Kennedy, James Taylor

30.Suffield Academy

Founded in 1833, Suffield is a private, coed boarding college serving student in qualities 9-12 (and a post-graduate year) in Suffield, Connecticut. Acquisition to heart that they room training the future leaders of America, Suffield requires management training and advancement from every student, i beg your pardon takes place in the classroom and also through outdoor education.

Students many recently attended schools such together Trinity, Bentley, NYU, college of Vermont, and Santa Clara University.

Percentage the students who board: 66%Tuition, room, and board: $52,300Percentage of students who get some form of gaue won aid: 34%Notable alumni: i get it Faxon (Chairman that EMI Music Publishing), Archer mayor (writer)

31. The Hotchkiss School

The Hotchkiss institution is an live independence boarding school situated in Lakeville, Connecticut. Started in 1891, the institution educates college student in grades 9-12 and offers a post-graduate year.

Students can select from much more than 240 courses, including programs based in the new worldwide initiatives and focus on environmental sustainability. Students are given the possibility to continue their academic programs.

Over the past five years, college student matriculate most typically at Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Princeton, Yale, and Penn.

The institution is noted for its comprehensive alumni network and sheer quantity of graduates who have actually gone ~ above to become representatives, senators, and other influential government officials.

Percentage the students that board: 87%Tuition, room, and board: $55,700Percentage of college student who receive some kind of gaue won aid: 38%Notable alumni: Peter Matthiessen (author, founder of The Paris Review), Archibald MacLeish (poet, writer, editor the Fortune magazine), Timothy P. Sullivan (CEO the, cutting board Hoving (director that the metropolitan Museum of Art)

32. The Webb Schools

Founded in 1922 in Claremont, California, the Webb school for Boys and Vivian Webb school for Girls consist of the Webb Schools. The Webb schools educate boys and also girl independently until the small year once classes end up being coed; this is set up in order to “celebrate the developmental differences between boys and also girls.”

A whopping 90% of the faculty hold progressed degrees; together, they market 81 courses.

Webb college student matriculate in ~ the Ivies, as well as the college of southern California, NYU, Wellesley, Georgetown, Northwestern, and also UCLA.

The campus is likewise home to the Alf Museum of Paleontology, wherein students are fully involved in the clinical process. Freshmen research paleontology in scientific research classes, and also all students go into the ar for a hands-on fossil expedition.

Percentage of students that board: 61%Tuition, room, and board: $53,575Percentage of student who receive some form of financial aid: 33% (need-based grants)Notable alumni: art Clokey (animator because that Gumby), Otis Chandler (founder that, man Scalzi (award-winning scientific research fiction writer), Dr. Steven Nissen (leading support for awareness of health risks connected with popular drugs)

33. The Salisbury School

Salisbury, Connecticut, is home to the Salisbury School, a personal boarding college for boys. The college keeps the century-old traditions alive while producing a cautious curriculum that prepares students for the external world. Nearly the whole student body boards, and also the ar gathers for campus-wide events daily, which promotes community.

In enhancement to that is standard and also rigorous college preparatory courses, Salisbury provides programs in robotics, businessman studies, and also Mandarin Chinese.

Students matriculate at several of the nation"s peak schools, consisting of NYU, Sewanee, Trinity College, and also the naval Academy, in addition to the Ivy organization institutions.

Percentage that students who board: 94%Tuition, room, and board: $53,700Percentage of college student who get some form of gaue won aid: TBA (need-based, merit, and committed scholarships because that physically tested students and students native families/victims of 9/11 attacks)Notable alumni: Lucas Watson (vice president at Google for an international Brand Solutions and Innovations), Prince Ali bin al-Hussein that Jordan, Richard D. Field (co-founder of lending Tree)

34. The Governor"s Academy

Founded in 1763, the Governor"s Academy in Byfield, Massachusetts, is the oldest continuously operation boarding school in the unified States. The coeducational institution serves students in qualities 9-12.

The school newly won an initial place in the green Cup Challenge. Come instill the values of lifelong citizenship and also civics, students must finish 100 hours of ar service.

All coursework concentrates on the school"s seven vital skills. Clearly, the scholastic program in ~ Governor"s Academy is strong, as evidenced by recent matriculations in ~ the Ivies and Boston University, Tufts, Furman, and the university of southerly California, amongst others.

Percentage of students that board: 66%Tuition, room, and also board: $53,400Percentage of college student who receive some kind of financial aid: 30%Notable alumni: Samuel Phillips (founder that Phillips Andover Academy), Booker T. Washington, Jr.

35. Groton School

Founded in 1884 just exterior of Boston, Massachusetts, Groton is a private, coeducational boarding college that serves students in grades 8-12. Groton provides a classical college preparatory curriculum and also requires students come take two years of Latin or Greek.

Keeping in line v traditions, the Groton school day commences with chapel services and concludes with "check-in," i beg your pardon is once dorm residents shake hands with the teacher ~ above duty. College student matriculate at all the Ivies, highest enrollments at Harvard, Georgetown, Trinity, Bowdoin, and Yale in the past five years.

Students room not required to perform neighborhood service and count hours; instead, community business is an expectation of all students. All students are required to to visit weekend spiritual services, yet are complimentary to select the organization that ideal fits their own tradition.

Groton School has actually over 4,200 energetic alumni, with an ext than with much more than 50 percent alumni joining each and every year.

Percentage the students that board: 87% Tuition, room, and also board: $55,700Percentage of students who obtain some kind of gaue won aid: 38%Notable alumni: chairman Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Sam Waterston (actor), Fred Gwynne (actor), Christopher Isham (Washington D.C. Office Chief, abc News), Candace Nelson (founder the Sprinkles Cupcakes)

36. The Storm King School

The Storm King School, a private boarding school located in Cornwall-on-Hudson, brand-new York, was founded in 1867. The institution serves students grades 8-12 and also offers a post-graduate year.

Students advantage from the school"s proximity come Manhattan, and the pastoral setting of the campus, which supplies outdoor education and an optional mountaineering program.

Storm King gives a strong college preparatory curriculum; college student most frequently matriculate in ~ Rutgers, Boston University, NYU, Syracuse, Cornell, and also Parsons institution of Design.

Percentage the students who board: 70% (representing 26 nations)Strong arts and sciences programsTuition, room, and board: $53,945Percentage of students who receive some type of jae won aid: 30%Notable alumni: Peter Boyce (pioneer in publication and linking of electronic science journals), Cara Castronuova (boxer), Steven Zirnkilton (voice-over actor)

37. Loomis Chaffee

Loomis Chaffee, located in Windsor, Connecticut, was established in 1874 by five siblings whose children all passed away tragically and also who therefore became established to uncovered a college as a gift to the youngsters of others. Today, the school serves student in grades 9-12 and also offers a post-graduate year.

In enhancement to an ext than 180 courses, student can pick a an international Studies certification with special study in global relations, foreign language, and also study abroad.

Loomis Chaffee grads walk to every Ivy and also frequently matriculate in ~ George Washington, the college of Connecticut, Skidmore, NYU, Bates, and also Tufts.

Percentage that students that board: 65%Tuition, room, and board: $53,750Percentage of student who obtain some type of jae won aid: 34%Notable alumni: Jason Wu (fashion designer), man D. Rockefeller III, drew Zingg (lead guitarist the Steely Dan), terrycloth Walters (author)

38. Middlesex School

Founded in 1901 and also located 20 mile west that Boston in Concord, Massachusetts, Middlesex college is a private, coeducational boarding school that offer students in grades 9-12. The school motivates the advance of each individual student"s personal academic interests and says “after all, the people needs both physicists and also Disney Imagineers.”

As component of the Independent examine Program, seniors develop customized courses and learn indigenous faculty specialists in that designated ar of interest.

Freshmen are forced to take a food in mindfulness during the very first nine weeks, and sophomores take it a weekly seminar in expository writing throughout the curriculum. In addition to participating in miscellaneous traditions, the entire campus neighborhood joins in an all-school check out each year.

Middlesex students most commonly attend Ivy organization schools, as well as Amherst, Boston College, Bucknell, Colby, George Washington University, Middlebury College, NYU, Trinity, university of Chicago, and Vanderbilt.

Percentage the students that board: 75%Tuition, room, and also board: $54,160Percentage of college student who obtain some type of jae won aid: 28% (no earnings cutoff for eligibility)Notable alumni: invoice Richardson (former branch of new Mexico and presidential candidate), Steve Carrell (actor), Elizabeth days (The Washington Post, The today Show)

39. Tabor Academy

Located ~ above the water in Marion, Massachusetts, Tabor Academy is an independent coeducational boarding college for college student in grades 9-12.

Among its 138 course offerings room six details classes in nautical studies. Tabor, well-known as “the institution by the sea,” takes full advantage of that location and also has turned it right into an education resource. The successful completion of these courses (some the which deserve to be completed in the Caribbean researches program), follow to the school website, “entitles a Tabor graduate to a Naval honor Certificate, recognized by the joined States armed Forces as part of the candidate"s permanent record and also qualifying him/her because that the school"s nomination to a Federal organization Academy.”

Tabor graduates most generally enroll in schools prefer Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, George Washington University, and Bowdoin.

Percentage of students who board: 70%Tuition, room, and board: $55,510Percentage of college student who obtain some form of gaue won aid: 34% (need-based)Notable alumni: Paul Fireman (founder the Reebok)

40. Northfield Mt. Hermon School

Located in west Massachusetts, Northfield mount Hermon school (NMH) dates ago to 1879. An independent, coeducational boarding school for student in qualities 9–12, the school likewise offers a postgraduate year.

NMH prepares students because that college life, from using a College-Model scholastic Program come providing substantial college-planning support. Students, faculty, and dorm advisors make up a “partnership the 12”: a dorm-centered advising device that helps students navigate their personal and scholastic paths towards success in ~ NMH.

While life on campus, all students are component of a work-related program in which lock spend four hours a week working an on-campus job; jobs change each term.

Students are generally accepted into schools prefer NYU, Northwestern, Vassar, Emory, Bates, and also Boston University, and the Ivies.

Percentage of students who board: 83%Tuition, room, and also board: $63,500Percentage of student who get some type of financial aid: 31%Notable alumni: Natalie Cole (singer), Lawrence Ferlinghetti (Beat poet), Uma Thurman (actress), James McLamore (founder of burger King)

41. Kent School

Founded in 1906, the Kent school in Kent, Connecticut, is situated 90 miles east of Manhattan. Since the founder wanted to teach student from every walks of life, Kent to be the very first secondary college in the U.S. To market sliding-scale tuition.

In addition to a food selection of 160 courses, Kent provides a distinctive pre-engineering program, especially designed for students interested in pursuing an engineering significant on the college level.

Students gain into the Ivies, certainly, but apply to a broad selection of institutions that right their distinctive personalities and interests. Kent student enroll in large numbers in ~ George Washington, Syracuse, and also the university of Vermont.

Percentage that students that board: 92%Tuition, room, and also board: $54,300Percentage of college student who obtain some kind of gaue won aid: 44% (need and merit-based aid)Notable alumni: Seth McFarlane (Family Guy creator), Ted Danson (actor), Lana Del beam (singer-songwriter), Draper Kauffman (father of navy Frogmen and grandfather of navy SEALS)

42. The Emma Willard School

Founded in 1814, Emma Willard is one all-girls boarding school in Troy, brand-new York, offer students in qualities 9-12. The school supplies a post-graduate year. As the very first Fair Trade-certified high school in the U.S., Emma locations a special focus on society justice and also community.

Students can choose from more than 132 courses, and according to the school"s university profile, “the faculty intentionally borders the variety of AP courses offered in order to carry out students with variety of same rigorous non-AP electives in ~ the upper level.” Emma girl are typically accepted come the Ivies and also schools favor American University, UVA, Rensselaer Polytechnic, Grinnell, Hamilton, Boston College, and also NYU.

Percentage that students who board: 62%Tuition, room, and also board: $56,390 portion of student who receive some type of jae won aid: 51% (need-based aid)Notable alumnae: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sara Lee Schupf (founder the Sara Lee brand), new York councilor Kirsten Gillibrand

43. Lawrenceville School

Located just 5 miles away from Princeton University, the Lawrenceville School has historically been the feeder for the new Jersey Ivy. The private, coeducational boarding school serves students in grades 9-12 and also offers a post-graduate year.

Lawrenceville"s faculty is mainly composed of advanced degree holders–a stunning 94%. These very educated teachers employ the Harkness teaching method in their classrooms. The school needs 40 hours of community company for graduation in addition to seminars in an individual development.

Over the past 5 years, Lawrenceville students have actually matriculated in droves at Princeton, Georgetown, NYU, Brown, and Cornell.

Percentage of students who board: 70%Tuition, room, and board: $55,350Percentage of students who receive some form of financial aid: 29% (all need-based)Notable alumni: Dierks Bentley (country music singer), Huey Lewis (rock and also roll singer, actor), Malcolm Forbes (Forbes magazine)

44. Pomfret School

Founded in 1894, Pomfret college is an independent coeducational college preparatory boarding institution in northeastern Connecticut because that students in grades 9-12 and postgraduates.

To provide a stable foundation for the remainder of your studies, all first-years are forced to to visit a year-long, weekly seminar in personal and scholastic success. Sophomores must take a course in social issues, and also all students have actually the opportunity for independent scholastic study.

All students at Pomfret get involved in the call program, a series of 14 workshops organized throughout the college year that focus on health and wellness, diversity and multiculturalism, and leadership and also ethics.

Pomfret grads have actually most freshly matriculated in ~ Connecticut College, Northeastern, Trinity, Hobart and William Smith, Bates, Penn, and also SMU.

Percentage of students who board: 77%Tuition, room, and board: $55,620Percentage of college student who receive some kind of gaue won aid: TBA (grants, loans, need-based)Notable alumni: James Rothman (Nobel Prize-winner), Douglas Tompkins (founder that the North confront company), Jon stone (founding producer the Sesame Street)

45. Westminster School

Founded in 1888 and also offering a solid, classic college prepare course of study, Westminster Academy in Simsbury, Connecticut, serves students in qualities 9-12 and offers a post-graduate year.

One of the core aspects of life in ~ Westminster room the family-style dinners where students space assigned come a table because that two-week rotations v faculty families. Distinct to this institution is the Visiting Poets program, during which nationally lauded poets take up temporary residence on the campus, deal with the college student body, and visit classes.

Westminster grads most commonly attend schools like Boston College, Trinity, university of Richmond, and also Connecticut College, together with the Ivy organization schools.

Percentage of students that board: 69%Tuition, room, and board: $54,000Percentage of college student who receive some kind of financial aid: 32% (need-based, go not encompass scholarships)Notable alumni: Peter Fonda (actor), Wellesley Wild (Family Guy writer and executive producer)

46. south Kent School

Founded in 1923, Connecticut"s south Kent college serves boys in grades 9-12, and those interested in a post-graduate year. Boys are dubbed to adventure, service, and also the arts at southern Kent, and academic requirements reflect the three calls.

In enhancement to traditional curriculum, the school focuses on experiential, project-based programs. The advanced Media group affords students the chance to learn digital entrepreneurship and also web-casting and also serves as the design for comparable programs in various other schools.

Graduates attend the Ivies, MIT, Trinity, penn State, Colgate, Wesleyan, and Colby College.

Percentage the students who board: 90%Tuition, room, and also board: $46,500Percentage of college student who get some type of gaue won aid: TBANotable alumni: Jim Bellows (editor, major figure in new Journalism), john Berryman (Pulitzer Prize-winning poet), Isaiah cutting board (NBA Phoenix Suns)

47. The Williston Northampton School

A personal coeducational boarding school, the Williston Northampton school was founded in 1841 and also is located in Easthampton, Massachusetts. The institution serves students in grades 9-12 and also offers a post-graduate year.

Wiliston Northampton offers a classic college preparatory curriculum. Students may participate in a Writer"s Workshop and attend the Photographer"s great Series. Every students are component of the Curricular an innovation Initiative.

The most recent graduates of Williston Northampton attend NYU, Trinity, Hobart and William Smith, Connecticut College, Union College, Colby, Bentley, and Ithaca College.

Percentage that students who board: 65%Tuition, room, and also board: $55,300 (legacy regime available)Percentage of college student who receive some form of jae won aid: NANotable alumni: P.D. Eastman (children"s author), Brad room (Saturday Night Live), Ashley Gearing (country singer)

48. The Cate School

Located external of Santa Barbara, California, the Cate institution was developed in 1910. Together a personal coeducational boarding school, Cate serves students in grades 9-12.

The campus"s proximity to the Pacific ocean invites unique experiential education. In addition, students may pick from an ext than 155 courses.

Cate students frequently matriculate in ~ the USC, Stanford, NYU, Colorado College, and also the university of Chicago, in addition to Ivies.

Percentage the students that board: 83%Tuition, room, and board: $53,150Percentage of student who receive some type of financial aid: 30%Notable alumni: Conrad room (cinematographer), David crosby (musician), George Ledyard Stebbins (botanist, evolution biologist)

49. The Ethel pedestrian School

Since 1911, the Ethel pedestrian School has served girl in qualities 6-12 as a private boarding institution for girls in Simsbury, Connecticut. The school additionally offers a post-graduate year.

Girls finish a community company project each year and also will either be a “Sun” or a “Dial” as part of a friendly campus rivalry during their time ~ above campus

While Walker"s girls obtain a heavy background in classic college prep courses, they likewise have the option to take distinct skills-based class in progressed math, horse studies, creative writing–even Arctic studies.

Students matriculate at every Ivy and every peak school for engineering in the U.S.

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Percentage of students that board: 61%Tuition, room, and also board: $53,550Percentage of student who receive some type of jae won aid: NANotable alumnae: Sigourney Weaver (actress), Frances Beinecke (president that the national Resources Defense Council)

50. Wayland Academy

Founded in 1855, Wayland Academy is a private, coeducational boarding college in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, offer students in qualities 9-12.

The school supplies a strong, traditional college prep curriculum, and has recently embarked on an engineering and also robotics initiative.

Students get entrance come the Ivies and additionally enroll at Drexel, St. Olaf, Franklin & Marshall, Grinnell, Smith, and also West Point.

Percentage that students that board: 75%Percentage of college student who receive some kind of gaue won aid: NATuition, room, and also board: $43,067Notable alumni: George Edwin Taylor (early African-American politician), Ric Flair (professional wrestler), Zona Gale (author)