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Unfortunately, with the current database that runs this site, ns don"t have actually data about which senses the ~term~ space used most commonly. I"ve gained ideas about how to deal with this however will need to uncover a resource of "sense" frequencies. Hopefully there"s enough info over to help you understand the component of speech of ~term~, and guess in ~ its most usual usage.

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Word Type

For those interested in a small info about this site: it"s a side project that I occurred while working on explicate Words and Related Words. Both that those projects are based approximately words, yet have much grander goals. I had an idea because that a website the simply defines the word varieties of the words the you find for - as with a dictionary, however focussed on the component of decided of the words. And also since I currently had a lot of the framework in ar from the various other two sites, ns figured it wouldn"t be as well much much more work to acquire this up and also running.

The thesaurus is based upon the exceptional Wiktionary task by wikimedia. I initially started v WordNet, yet then realised that it was lacking many species of words/lemma (determiners, pronouns, abbreviations, and also many more). This resulted in me to inspection the 1913 version of Websters dictionary - i m sorry is currently in the general public domain. However, ~ a day"s work-related wrangling it into a database i realised that there were much too plenty of errors (especially through the part-of-speech tagging) because that it to it is in viable for Word Type.

Finally, ns went back to Wiktionary - i m sorry I already knew about, but had been avoiding because it"s not correctly structured because that parsing. That"s once I stumbled throughout the UBY job - one amazing job which needs an ext recognition. The researchers have parsed the entirety of Wiktionary and also other sources, and also compiled whatever into a solitary unified resource. I merely extracted the Wiktionary entries and also threw them into this interface! for this reason it took a little more work 보다 expected, yet I"m happy I kept at the after the first pair of blunders.

Special many thanks to the contributors the the open-source password that was provided in this project: the UBY task (mentioned above),
mongodb and express.js.

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Currently, this is based on a variation of wiktionary i m sorry is a few years old. I arrangement to upgrade it come a more recent version soon and that update should bring in a bunch of new word senses for plenty of words (or much more accurately, lemma).