Sometimes the feels favor the rules of food space arbitrary. I freshly learned that brunch has actually a delineated start and end time, and don"t also get me began on breakfast foods. What renders a scone various from a crumpet, and also where carry out biscuits right in? Soup is another one of those foods that seems to defy explanation. It can be do of basically anything, and it have the right to be cold or hot. This brings us to the concern of the day- is cereal considered a soup?

Cereal is Cereal, Soup is Soup

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The much more we study this absurd question, the more complex it appears to get. Wikipedia lists various kinds the soup, and "cold soup" is displayed as a variety. However, in the list of specific soups, breakfast grain is no mentioned. So whereby does this leaving us?

It appears to me that, like plenty of things in life, there"s no best answer. This is a question you should answer within yourself, based upon the meaning of soup that you many resonate with.

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If it feels ideal to accept grain into the food group of soups, do it! her breakfast suffer will be forever changed. However, if friend feel that it would certainly be a disservice come either grain or soup to integrate their identities, maintaining them different is equally respectable.