Sleeping with Sirens is the undeniably unique band that we"ve all involved love. However if you"re no so convinced they"re different than any kind of other, here"s a brief background that the band surrounding simply a few reasons why I call this band "unique."

A brand-new sound because that a new generation


Sleeping with Sirens was developed in 2009, in an era that seemed to expectations from 2006-2011. This likewise included miscellaneous other bands the a similar genre the remain renowned to this day, consisting of Pierce The Veil, black color Veil Brides, fallout’s In Reverse, and most recently, Waterparks.

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Many of this bands began off v a comparable audience and they really much pleasure their fan base.

As the 2010"s come closer come an end, resting with Sirens, among many various other other bands created at the exact same time, started to adjust their writing format from primarily punk or emo, to a less aggressive genre of music. Does this median that there is going to be much less hardcore music in the coming years? go it median that these bands were displeased through their roots? walk it mean that this band"s time is coming to their end? The price to all of those concerns is most most likely no. This just method that this bands, favor Sleeping v Sirens have actually grown, and there"s nothing wrong through that.

In fact, resting with Sirens has been really open about growing up, and we should be happy. The singer, Kellin Quinn is not quickly displeased. He has no problem with an altering the genre that the band. He"s made it clear the he"s totally aware of fans the he and his band might be losing, however on the shining side, he knows that brand-new fans will have the ability to enjoy your music as well.

Different Backgrounds and changing Styles


Starting in his teenage or beforehand adult years, (correct me if I"m wrong) Kellin Quinn was briefly in a band referred to as Closer 2 Closure. The band concentrated on themes of Christianity and God. The band likewise featured the singer"s amazing beatboxing, a talent i m sorry he rarely uses, he"s also showcased in his existing band. Though no as usual in sleeping with Sirens, some songs including the original version of "With ear To See, and also Eyes to Hear" do suggest towards the command singer"s Christianity.

Its proven daunting for a tape to change its layout while still satisfaction its fans. The 2012 EP, "If You were A Movie, This would Be your Soundtrack" did just that.


In this record, the tape played with a more aucostic pop sound that bands like never Shout never ever are accustomed come using. Return not plenty of of the pan the band had gathered at this time had ever heard that Closer 2 Closure, the EP most likely inspires members the the fanbase to hear to Kellin"s enlarge songs for his exceptional vocals. Roger Rabbit native that document quickly ended up being a fan favorite.

In 2015, the tape released an album referred to as Madness, the band"s an initial album due to the fact that a departure from climb Records. The album featured "Kick Me" a tune that has because become a fan favorite.


The album likewise included quite a couple of songs the

drifting far from the band"s musical roots and also were very distinguishable the aggressive intensity the "Kick Me".

Still, while "Kick Me" remained, may be the favourite from the album, The vocals ~ above "Heroine" broke into fan"s hearts simply as well. When it to be a smoother, much more calming song, pan had currently come to love the band, not just for the extensive energy, but additionally for the vocals and instrumenals.


In 2015, "Kick Me" winner an compensation for tune of the Year at the alternative Press Music Awards. In the following year, Jack Fowler won best guitarist in ~ the very same award show. If 2017, the band acquired nominated for finest Underground band at the IHeartRadio awards, though not necessarily underground, this to be a nomination top top a mainstream award show, obtaining the surname "Sleeping v Sirens" out there. Many recently, "Legends" indigenous the album "Gossip" was supplied as Team USA"s official song for the Winter Olympics, after achieving this tremendous feat, they played an encouraging show with good Charlotte in front of athletes indigenous the USA.

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Where The band Is Currently


I"m sure every one of you on here know that in 2017, the tape released their lastest album to date, "Gossip" and also the brand-new sound is indeed mature. The album is definitely the farthest the band has actually strayed from their hardcore roots and also while shedding fans, it appears they didn"t shed as numerous as you could have expected! Kellin, who"s focusing more on his kids and also his art, still has a an excellent voice, Nick Martin, Justin Hills and also Jack Fowler room still an excellent guitarists and also Gabe Barham is tho the same exceptional drummer we began off with. It"s not tough to think that sleeping with Sirens has actually such a large dedicated fanbase, if anything, it"s difficult to believe it"s not bigger yet. In conclusion, sleeping with Sirens is a sensational band through awe-inspiring vocals and also amazing instrumentalists no issue was genre or what audience castle play for.