A road trip is a journey taken by a group or individual in an automobile. Roadtrip is a misspelling of roadway trip. Road pilgrimage is an open compound noun, an interpretation it is two words that have a unique an interpretation when supplied together.

A road trip is a common type of summer vacation for households in the joined States. 

Road trips deserve to cover numerous days and include multiple stop in several says or a road trip have the right to be simply a quick overnight trip. 

The most necessary characteristic the a road trip is the it involves driving to her destination. 

A pilgrimage that is handled a train, plane or watercraft is never thought about a road trip. 


Using Road trip In a Sentence

Here room some examples of sentences using road trip:

This summer we will certainly take a road pilgrimage to the beach.We just gained home native a long road trip. I thought we could visit a few national parks top top our roadway trip. 

Sometimes people use ‘road trip’ as a verb. This is not traditional usage. 

For example:

We will road expedition to check out the Statue that Liberty.I couldn’t afford to paris so I determined to road trip. 

These sentences can likewise be written:

We will go top top a road trip to check out the Statue of Liberty

I couldn’t afford to paris so I decided to take a road trip. 

Is road pilgrimage a compound noun?

Road pilgrimage is a singular, open, compound noun. That is two words that have been join to produce their own meaning. A road trip is a vacation wherein the team or individual drive a car or van to their destination. 

Can road trip be a verb?

Road trip is a noun, but can be supplied as a verb in non standard or really informal English. World who enjoy traveling by vehicle can likewise be dubbed road trippers. 

Some examples:

We determined to road trip to the concert. 

My family constantly road tripped, we never flew. 

I love come road trip in the summer.

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In the an initial minute of this video clip the native Road pilgrimage is used as a verb and also a noun!

Is road expedition one word or two?

Road pilgrimage is 2 words, that is an open compound noun. The two words, used together have a distinct meaning; a trip by car, valve or other vehicle. Roadtrip is a misspelling of roadway trip. 

Compound nouns consist of 2 words with each other that have a distinctive definition. 

Road method the actual street ~ above which dare drive. 

Trip method a journey, or come fall, or to reason someone to fall. 

It is only when the words are provided together that the an interpretation becomes a trip taken by automobile or other vehicle. 

Other instances of open up compound nouns are:

Hot Dog

Voice Mail

High School

Cell Phone

Trash Can

Open compound nouns space compound nouns that space not connected with a hyphen and also are be separate by a space. 

What is one more word for roadway trip?

If you room planning a road trip, friend could additionally call it a:




Long Drive



Long Haul


Car Trip 


This is a perform of native I use in ar of road trip. Ns looked at a couple of lists online, yet felt countless missed the point. These are the ones the made feeling to me.

These words are frequently related come road pilgrimage journeys:



Cross Country

Car Camping 

RV ing 

See the Country

National Parks

What is the difference in between a trip and also a roadway trip?

A road trip is a journey taken in a auto or van, a trip deserve to be any journey. A trip, when referring to a vacation, deserve to be taken on a plane, train, watercraft or ~ above foot. Pilgrimage can additionally mean to autumn down or to cause someone else to fall down. 

I speak to a bunch of regular road trippers and also the offered me a lot of ideas about when they think about a expedition to be a road trip. You can see the definitions they provided me here.

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Roadtrip is the name of a track by Dream. 

I had actually never heard the tune Roadtrip, yet you should check it out, it to be pretty good. 

How have the right to I setup to take a roadway trip?

If you space interested in acquisition a roadway trip, it is very straightforward to plan!

First, pick a destination. 

It is recommended the you perform not drive more than 400 mile a day. So take into consideration using withinhours.com to find in the radius. 

Once you have your destination, make a timeline. 

Decide once you expect to arrive and also how lengthy you expect to stay. 

When you have that, book hotel rooms or make plans for various other overnight lodging. 

You can read here to determine if camping can be a good choice for your trip. 

Plan at least a month in advance, this is proven come make her trip less stressful. 


If planning ahead is no your style, examine out mine tips for a spontaneous roadway trip. 

Want to take a long road trip? i surveyed a bunch of roadway trippers and here space some number to assist you budget for a month long road trip. 

Enjoy her trip!



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