The person who also just heard around the island that Mako, will practically certainly be one of the 250 million pan of the Australian TV series "H2O: just include water", the shooting of which began in 2006. This have the right to be taken into consideration the bear year of among the many mysterious locations in we do. But most likely, also the tempted spectator come the question: "Where is Mako island?" mine answer is the no such island ~ above Earth definitely does no exist on the map and never discover it. And also will be right, but... Not quite.

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the is this magical and mysterious island and also brings the viewer series, i beg your pardon is currently broadcast in more than hundred countries under different names, which to be changed an ext than once. One of them – "Mako: island the secrets" - even caught on, however only for a while. In addition, this geographical location is the scene of another collection that is a spin-off ad to above – "Secret that Mako island".


"The mysterious island" through Jules Verne not: another discovery the Australia

As the collection hails native the continent, where kangaroos and wombats, the is logical to look for the prototype the the mermaid island the end there somewhere. Indeed, this tactic is unmistakable: in the capital of the Australian state the Queensland, city of Brisbane, fans of the series can uncover a water Park, where among the heroines the the collection – Cleo. And also although "in reality" that is referred to as simply "Sea World", this is the place of "H2O". In a huge aquarium this aquarium was filmed underwater scenes, which are developed at young audience together a memorable and also lasting impression. He also became a platform because that the filming of the drowned "Loreley", scenes through dolphins and also even a an enig entrance right into the volcano.

And cafes "Gusset", although under a various name, in Brisbane too. However, there is damped volcano, golden Beach is not as spectacular together the moon swimming pool was filmed in ~ the beach pavilion, however, this component of Australia have the right to be considered "real" and also the fictitious island top top a tricky question: "where is Mako island ~ above the map?" boldly answer, that it have to look for about 27°28"04" south latitude and 153°01"41" east longitude, 27 meters above the sea level. Top top the internet there are also pictures whereby you have the right to see. In reality and without therapy are several of the serials landscape.

Secrets and mysteries that the missing world

According come the legend series, this truly mysterious island is a product of a comet that dropped to Earth, and also is somewhere close to the coast of Ireland – and also so far, the it can sometimes get civilization (mostly – curious teenagers, who room the key audience that the series). However, in order to live there, they end up being mermaids. And the famous moon pool and also not one – in the series reveals the an enig of that is origin and the hypothesis that such ponds space in a couple of corners of our planet.

Mangrove forests, waterfalls, reefs and wrecks – even partially fictional, to finish on the computer and the imagination of the viewer, this island is beautiful. But dangerous too - if someone will certainly be in this mystical place, it is necessary to remember that the Triton Reef is plainly not a traveler attraction, since there space not very friendly shark.

Mako island: dreams and also realities

Of course, it"s simple to prove that in reality this island does no exist – in fact, Brisbane is really simply a prototype set.

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however really, he is - no only and not so much in Australia, as in fairyland, which space only accessible to human being rich imagination and also not older than a certain age. So probably we have to not look for the Mako island ~ above the human being map – in fact, he is far away and really close.