The ahi and also mahi room two varieties of fish that are commonly eaten in Hawaii. Both are an excellent sources of protein, however there are some dearteassociazione.orgs in between the two. Because that example, the ahi is also known together the yellowfin tuna, and the mahi is additionally known together the dolphinfish. Both are thought about a delicacy, yet some world have no idea what provides ahi and also mahi so different. For this reason what space the various other dearteassociazione.orgs between ahi and mahi?

The article will emphasis on the ahi and mahi, the in between ahi and also mahi, and how castle are provided in Hawaii.

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2 Definitions:3 Ahi Vs. Mahi

Summary Table

Is the surname for yellowfin tuna Is the name for dolphinfish
Belongs to genus Thunnus albacaresBelongs to genus Coryphaena hippurus
Found in warmer waterFound in chillier water
Tastes an ext delicateHas a more powerful flavor



What is ahi?

Ahi is the Hawaiian word because that yellowfin tuna. The clinical name because that yellowfin tuna is Thunnus albacares. There are number of different varieties of tuna, but in Hawaii, the ax “ahi” refers to yellowfin tuna only. Tuna is a general term that deserve to refer to any type of fish in the family members Scombridae (which contains both mackerels and also tunas). Tuna are fish that have long, centralized bodies and swim by moving their lengthy tails ago and forth. Lock are rapid swimmers and also can migrate long distances. Tuna live in heat waters throughout the world. In Hawaii, we have actually two types of tuna: yellowfin and also bigeye. Yellowfin tuna are discovered throughout the Hawaiian archipelago while bigeye tuna are just found about the main Hawaiian islands.

What is mahi?

Mahi is the Hawaiian word because that dolphinfish or dolphin fish. The scientific name for dolphinfish is Coryphaena hippurus. Dolphinfish have big mouths with lots of sharp this and solid jaws that enable them come eat prey bigger 보다 themselves (including various other fish). They space often called “tuna” due to the fact that they look like tuna and also they are a comparable size. Dolphinfish space warm-blooded fish that have the right to live in both warm and also cold waters. They have a torpedo-shaped body through a forked tail. Dolphinfish live in the tropic waters of the Pacific Ocean and also can be found throughout the Hawaiian islands.

How space ahi and mahi provided in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, ahi is eaten as sashimi (raw fish) and also as bag (sliced raw fish combined with other ingredients). It is additionally eaten grilled or baked. Ahi have the right to be ready in numerous different ways. Mahi is likewise eaten as sashimi, poke, grilled, or baked. The is regularly served in sandwiches or tacos. Hawaiian cuisine also includes several dishes that usage both ahi and also mahi.

Aside native Hawaii, ahi deserve to be uncovered in restaurants transparent the joined States. Mahi is much less common, however can be found in restaurants in Hawaii and some components of the mainland united States.

Ahi Vs. Mahi

There are many dearteassociazione.orgs between Ahi and Mahi. Below are several of them:

1. The names

Ahi and also Mahi room names because that different varieties of fish. Ahi is the Hawaiian name for the yellowfin tuna, which is just one of the many popular varieties of tuna. Mahi is the Hawaiian name for the dolphinfish, which is also known together a dorado or mahi-mahi.

2. The scientific names

The scientific name because that Ahi is Thunnus albacares. The clinical name because that Mahi is Coryphaena hippurus.

3. The meat colors

Ahi has actually a dark red meat, i m sorry is a an outcome of the high amounts of the colours myoglobin. Mahi has a pinkish meat, which is likewise a result of the high amounts of myoglobin yet is less red than Ahi.

4. The sizes

Ahi is usually recorded at sizes of 2 come 4 pounds. Mahi is usually captured at size of 20 come 100 pounds.

5. The lifespans

Ahi deserve to live for around 10 years, and also Mahi can live for around 20 years.

6. The habits

Ahi resides in the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean. Mahi can additionally be uncovered in the Pacific ocean, however usually, Mahi live in the chillier waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

7. The lifespans

Ahi spawn between June and also September, and also Mahi spawn in between May and also August.

8. The diet

Ahi eats largely plankton, and also Mahi eats largely squid.

9. The dishes

Ahi and Mahi are well-known fish the are consumed in Hawaii. Both of these fish are very popular among both tourists and also locals alike. Right here are part dishes that usage Ahi or Mahi:

Ahi poke (Raw) – Ahi poke is raw fish the is combined with soy sauce, seaweed, eco-friendly onions, and also other ingredients.

Sashimi – Sashimi is the Japanese variation of raw fish. In Hawaii, it offers ahi or mahi instead of salmon.

Mahi Mahi v Jasmine Rice – Mahi Mahi is small or grilled, and also then served with jasmine rice.

Ahi poke Nachos – Ahi bag is served on top of tortilla chips, which room topped v cheese and also green onions.

10. The flavor

Ahi is explained as gift “delicate, buttery, and also creamy”. Mahi is explained as being “stronger in flavor”.

11. The textures

Ahi has actually a firm texture, and Mahi has a flaky texture.

12. The serving temperatures

Ahi is offered at temperatures between 41 and also 60 levels Fahrenheit. Mahi is served at temperatures between 50 and 60 levels Fahrenheit.

13. The popularity

Ahi is an ext popular than Mahi. In fact, it is one of the most popular types of tuna in the world. Mahi is also really popular, yet it is no as renowned as Ahi. They room known much more in Hawaii than they are recognized in various other parts the the world.

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14. The prices

Ahi is generally much more expensive 보다 Mahi. Ahi costs about $20 every pound, while Mahi costs about $7 per pound.