The former Strictly veteran has spoken out over the rumours the the display may cater to same-sex couplings in later on series


Strictly Come dance may introduce same-sex couples in the future – however former head referee Len Goodman has actually questioned the move.

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The 75-year-old, who bowed out of the BBC ballroom present after 12 years in 2016, said he is one “old traditionalist”.

“I’ve judged what they supplied to speak to pink competition v ladies dancing together, and also a load of guys,” he said.

“They were of a an extremely high standard, terrific dancing actually. Somehow whilst you to be judging it, you didn’t even notice.”

Speaking to The Sun, he continued: “It wasn’t that one of the males was dressed in a frock or anything, it was done in a very tasteful way. Therefore if it’s excellent in that means I think it would be okay.

“But that doesn’t change the fact I’m an old traditionalist.”

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Goodman likewise claimed much more traditional fans of the show might switch off from Strictly must same sex couples compete.

“It’s so complicated to please everyone. What I’m offered to is timeless ballroom and Latin dancing,” that said. “When i was evaluate on Strictly, if someone did some outlandish motion I didn’t prefer it.

“But every little thing moves on. If they do it, there’ll be people saying, ‘I’m not going to watch it any more’. And also if lock don’t execute it, there’ll be human being saying, ‘Well, you homophobic’. They can’t win.”

Goodman’s sentiments have actually not to be echoed by new judge Motsi Mabuse. After evaluate a same-sex couple on let’s Dance, the German version of Strictly, Mabuse trust it would certainly be a “step in the ideal direction” because that the BBC show.

Australia’s version, Dancing through the Stars, also saw a same-sex pairing once drag queen Courtney Act was paired v male dancer Joshua Keefe.

“Strictly is probably mindful of the changes that space happening socially,” Mabuse told Naga Munchetty because that the Radio times magazine.

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“The ratings showed the suggest that sometimes, if you threat something, it pays off. It can go not correct – however at the very least you tried. The worst thing you can do is stay on the very same spot. Ns respect traditions however you have to keep developing.”


Strictly Come to dance launches Saturday 21st September top top BBC One


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