Since Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez started dating, they"ve quickly become one of Hollywood"s most adorable strength couples—but now J-Rod is no more. Here, us take a look earlier at all of the vital moments in your relationship.

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May 2005

Jennifer Lopez and also then-husband Marc Anthony attend a baseball game at Shea stadion in Queens, new York, in might 2005 whereby they meet brand-new York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. Of their very first meeting, Lopez told Sports Illustrated in June 2019, "We shook hands, and it to be this weird electricity for, like, 3 seconds... Three to 5 seconds that looking at somebody ideal in your eyes, and getting stuck."


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony with new York Yankee Alex Rodriguez on might 21, 2005.
Mike EhrmannGetty Images

Per Today, Anthony and also Lopez acquired married in 2004, separated in 2011, and finalized their divorce in 2014. They have two children together, Max and also Emme. Meanwhile, Rodriguez to be married come Cynthia Scurtis from 2002 come 2008 per Daily Mail, and also they have two daughters together, Natasha and also Ella.

Rodriguez later on revealed that he"d actually gained a signed picture of Lopez in the late "90s, which he"s kept ever since. Basically, their partnership was composed in the stars native the start.

February 2017

Lopez and Rodriguez reconnect as soon as they bump into each various other at a restaurant.

In April 2017, Lopez speak Ellen DeGeneres (per Entertainment Tonight), "I was having actually lunch somewhere and I saw him together he pass by. Afterwards, i went outside, and for some factor I felt like tapping that on the shoulder." Rodriguez make the following move: "He texted me, said, "Let"s go out to dinner," and I said, "OK." We had a quite dinner."

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In your joint interview through Vanity Fair, exit in October 2017, Lopez reveals, "I had just come indigenous a promo because that my show, Shades of Blue , for this reason I’m dressed choose my character, favor a boy—Timberlands, jeans, curly quick hair. The looks at me. Ns say, "It’s Jennifer." the says, "You look therefore beautiful."" What a charmer.

In the same interview, Rodriguez sweetly reveals that he had an initial date nerves saying, "I didn’t understand if it to be a date. Perhaps we to be seeing each other at night because of her job-related schedule. Ns went in uneasy, not discovering her situation." He also explains why they fight it turn off so well: "We’re both Leos, we’re both from brand-new York, we’re both Latino... And around 20 various other things."

March 2017

Rodriguez speak The View, "It"s obvious, we"ve been having a good time. She"s an amazing girl and also one of the smartest people I"ve ever before met and also an tremendous mother."

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The exact same day, Rodriguez and also Lopez room spotted leaving Marea restaurant in new York:


Rodriguez and Lopez leaving Marea restaurant in brand-new York on march 31, 2017.
James DevaneyGetty Images

April 2017

Lopez and also Rodriguez space spotted together on multiple occasions transparent April 2017, in new York and also Miami.


James DevaneyGetty Images

May 2017

They make a dramatic red carpet debut at the Met Gala. From their adorable after-party moments, come Lopez dancing beside Rodriguez, lock quickly come to be Hollywood"s new favorite couple:


George PimentelGetty Images
On might 15, the lovebirds to visit the Robin Hood Benefit, which aims to fight poor in brand-new York:


Rebecca SmeyneGetty Images
And on may 17, Lopez is spotted FaceTiming Rodriguez if she"s on the set of her show, Shades of Blue:

GothamGetty Images

June 2017

Lopez shares a picture on Instagram the her children hanging out through Rodriguez"s kids. It absolutely seems together though the two families get along extremely well:

Also in June, the pair takes a romantic trip to Paris, France, together. Castle pose for part enviable traveler shots, and eat ice cream cream as they stroll along the Seine:

NurPhotoGetty Images
NurPhotoGetty Images
Marc PiaseckiGetty Images
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A post shared by Alex Rodriguez (

The very same month, Rodriguez speak Entertainment Tonight, "Jennifer is among the many brilliant company minds the I"ve ever before met. She"s the hardest functioning lady and, girlfriend know, I prospered up with a solitary mother. I have two daughters. I am a big, huge promoter of females equality. I choose that because that my daughters and also Jennifer is the duty model."

July 2017

Rodriguez and Lopez jet turn off to Miami:

Gustavo CaballeroGetty Images

August 2017

They hang the end in the Hamptons with Justin Timberlake:

Kevin MazurGetty Images
Later in the month, Rodriguez is a donate boyfriend as Lopez films scenes for Shades that Blue in Queens, and even attract a headset so that he can listen in to filming:

James DevaneyGetty Images
At the end of August, castle jet to las Vegas together to watch a at sight welterweight boxing match in between Floyd Mayweather Jr. And Conor McGregor:

Christian PetersenGetty Images

September 2017

Rodriguez measures out to encourage Lopez"s duty in World the Dance:

Jason LaVerisGetty Images

October 2017

Lopez and also Rodriguez take the phase together in ~ One Voice: Somos Live! A Concert For catastrophe Relief in Los Angeles, California.

HandoutGetty Images
They also cover Vanity Fair, and also give an enlightening share interview:

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In V.F."s covering story,
JLo &
ARod share whatever from very first date details come the “reveals” the forged your bond

— VANITY fair (
VanityFair) October 31, 2017

November 2017

They to visit a Prostate Cancer foundation Dinner in brand-new York:

Sylvain GabouryGetty Images

December 2017

Lopez and also Rodriguez room spotted purchase together:

BG002/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

January 2018

The pair engages in part adorable PDA at an occasion benefitting the Primary health and wellness Centers that Puerto Rico:

Gladys VegaGetty Images
They"re spotted several times throughout January 2018, including at the guess: v Spring project launch in Los Angeles:

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

February 2018

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lopez reveals, "What was ns doing one year ago today? ns was through Alex. We had actually just met and, friend know, it was good. It was a good night."

She continues, "It"s crazy. We both are so happy around our lives right now and also where we"re in ~ professionally, as well as personally. Girlfriend know. Simply things seem come be flowing in a really beautiful way. We both have a many support because that each other and also a many love because that each other."

March 2018

Lopez tells Harper"s BAZAAR that she isn"t in a sirloin to gain remarried (she"s formerly been married three times). She explains, "I do believe in marriage, and I would certainly love to flourish old with somebody in a committed relationship. But I"m not forcing anything ideal now. It"s good, it"s healthy; we connect well. We know each other"s resides in a means that many other human being couldn"t."

April 2018

Rodriguez and also Lopez hit the red carpet for the moment 100 Gala in ~ Lincoln facility in new York.

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images
They also attend Billboard"s Latin Music Awards in ~ the Mandalay only Resort and also Casino in ras Vegas:

TelemundoGetty Images

May 2018

For their second Met Gala appearance, Rodriguez and also Lopez watch even much more adorable, and also amp increase the PDA:

George PimentelGetty Images
Jackson LeeGetty Images
And for 2018"s Robin Hood benefit, they"re no afraid to kiss in public:

Kevin MazurGetty Images

July 2018

They"re spotted at the 89th MLB All-Star video game in Washington:

Rob CarrGetty Images

August 2018

Their share appearance top top The this particular day Show causes quite a stir:

NBCGetty Images
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Later in August, they action out in new York feather suave af:

James DevaneyGetty Images
And there"s one more red carpet appearance, this time in ~ the 2018 MTV video clip Music Awards at Radio City Music room in new York:

Kevin MazurGetty Images

September 2018

Lopez and Rodriguez pose through Cynthia Halelamien and Marc Buoniconti at the 33rd Annual good Sports Legends Dinner, in help of the Buoniconti fund to cure Paralysis, i beg your pardon takes ar in brand-new York:

Bryan BedderGetty Images
They additionally celebrate the finale the Lopez"s incredible Las vegas residency:

Mindy SmallGetty Images

October 2018

They to visit the 2018 American Music Awards wherein they pose through Bebe Rexha:

Kevin Mazur/AMA2018Getty Images
Later in the month, they to visit ELLE"s 25th annual Women In Hollywood Celebration:

Kevin MazurGetty Images

November 2018

Rodriguez and Lopez re-superstructure an lover Instagram the their blended family:

December 2018

Rodriguez support Lopez at the premiere the her new movie, Second Act, whereby the singer and actress put on a warm pink Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown:

John LamparskiGetty Images
And throughout an figure on The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon (via Entertainment Tonight), Lopez it s okay tearful and also reveals, "He’s come into my life and really contributed in such a way. He’s therefore supportive, he’s so loving. He’s one of these people, he’s like, ‘Shine, be the best.’ part people try to dull friend down, shot to squish girlfriend down and he’s for this reason not choose that. And also it’s simply so refreshing. It’s just such a beautiful thing."

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January 2019

Lopez tells Harper"s BAZAAR, "I’ve acquired two exceptional kids and also a good boyfriend. Ns don’t have every little thing figured out, and everything isn’t perfect. But I feel very proud that through all the points I’ve gone with in my personal life, I’m tho optimistic and also hopeful."

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💥 irradiate it up in 2019 💥 cover Story:

— jlo (
JLo) January 9, 2019

February 2019

They hit up the Grammys red carpet together:

Steve GranitzGetty Images
And celebrate Valentine"s Day with a bed selfie:

Before stepping the end at the Oscars:

Steve GranitzGetty Images
And their after-party look is perfection:


March 2019

Rodriguez and also Lopez get engaged while on vacation in the Bahamas.

Following your engagement announcement, a resource tells People, "Jennifer is ecstatic and so room their families and also friends. Very few people knew Alex planned on proposing. It was very much a surprise for Jennifer. It to be just exactly how Alex want it."

Even the Obamas congratulate the pair on their engagement.

May 2019

The pair walk the pink carpet in ~ the 2019 Met Gala together, and also Lopez"s low-cut Versace gown is merely jaw-dropping.

Theo WargoGetty Images
The exact same month, Lopez speak Entertainment Tonight, "I think we have actually a pretty liven year front of us, so you know, we room ... There"s no rush. We really see this as something that"s gonna it is in forever, and we"re gonna simply take ours time and do the right. And also do it not rushed."

July 2019

Lopez celebrates her 50th birthday on July 23, 2019, while Rodriguez transforms 44 ~ above July 27. Both re-superstructure romantic Instagram articles to memory the occasions, and also J.Lo surprises A-Rod on phase at one of her concerts v a date of birth cake.

September 2019

Even though they"re taking their wedding to plan slowly, Lopez and also Rodriguez re-publishing photos from your engagement party on society media.

During an interview through EXTRA TV, Lopez revealed the her twins would be "thrilled" if she had a baby v Rodriguez. Every Lopez, "I think they would love to have a brothers or sister." She continues, "We really type a beautiful mixed family and also I think they would certainly all be thrilled."

November 2019

Of her partnership with Rodriguez, Lopez speak GQ:

"We"re really alike in ours drive, in ours ambition. He"s one athlete. He want to be the best. I"m the very same way. I just want to be good at what ns do. We"re both favor that. We"re both super-hard workers. We"re driven by our passions. And we have actually a incredible amount that respect because that each other. Anyone in the room have the right to be talking, and also if he says something, I key in on it, and if everybody in the room is kinda in his ear and I go, "I don"t think that"s the appropriate thing," he"ll listen me; he"ll listen. The knows i only have actually his best interest at heart, and I only want him to thrive and also succeed and to be his ideal self. And also I think that he desires that because that me. He desires me to be seen and to acquire what i deserve. Like, he"s make his half a billion. And also he"s like, "I want you to have that.""

December 2019

A-Rod renders a hilarious cameo throughout J.Lo"s Saturday Night Live illustration in December 2019. During the skit, the singer drops in love with Pete Davidson"s character Chad, and also Rodriguez is not finest pleased.

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September 2020

In one interview v People magazine, Lopez common that having more time at residence with her fiancé and also their youngsters has to be the can be fried "blessing" transparent quarantining between the coronavirus pandemic.

"Because Alex and I have actually both separately and also now together lived a gypsy-type life, together both of our careers require loads of travel. The blessing of the quarantine for us was having dinner through the kids every night, because that months and also months," Lopez said the outlet. "That"s to be a vast blessing because that us during this time."

The pair have shared multiple social media posts, especially on holidays, of their two households coming together for top quality time.

March 2021

J.Lo and also A-Rod reportedly damaged up and also called off their two-year engagement, according to outlets including Page Six and TMZ. Lot of sources also confirmed the news to People, with one insider saying, "This has been a lengthy time coming." However, the couple denied the news in a share statement, saying, "We are working through some things." They later on showed some PDA in the Dominican Republic, wherein Lopez is filming her new movie, Shotgun Wedding.

April 2021

Lopez and also Rodriguez officially break up and also call off your engagement, announcing their break-up in a share statement come the this day show.

We have realized us are better as friends and look forward to continuing to be so. We will continue to work-related together and support each other on our common businesses and projects. We wish the finest for every other and one another’s children. Out of respect for them, the just other comment we have to say is say thanks to you to everyone who has sent kind words and support.