Dad sued for reading daughter’s texts


Parents who check out their children’s message messages are not breaching privacy laws, a Spanish court has actually found. Mothers and fathers no only have the legal ideal to monitor their kids’ activities. They have a legal obligation to carry out so.

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The ruling came after a mother sued she ex-husband for reading their 9-year-old"s WhatsApp messages.


The Provincial Court of Pontevedra rejected the mother"s claim, judgment that parents no only have the right to monitor your kids’ online conversations, they have an obligation to execute so under civil law.

Magistrate Maria del Rosario Cimadevila Cea ruled that WhatsApp and also other society media offered by minors “requires attention and also vigilance top top the part of the parental or carers.”

The mother who lugged the fit was ordered come cover every legal costs.

That said, plenty of Australian parents continue to be uncomfortable around surveilling your kids’ online activities. Reading text messages may feel particularly intrusive - choose reading a child’s mystery diary.

Brisbane-based Brett Lee, a former undercover cyber-crimes detective and father-of-four, understands that concern. Yet he is adamant the social media message is a fully different universe of discourse.


“Most of us are conscious what the an interpretation of a diary is,” Lee explains. “It is a book where we record our many private, special and also intimate feeling, thoughts and secrets. The is because that our eye only.” ago in the day, children would hide their diaries under your mattress, where nobody might ever see, especially their parents.

Lee points the end that posting on the internet is the precise opposite of keeping a secret diary - although this is something our kids don’t necessarily understand. “Whenever our kids log onto the internet they have accessibility to their closest 3 billion friends. That way they space actually in the many public location they will ever before be in your lives.

“A parent has actually a right, and indeed a obligation to understand where their youngsters are going online and who they are associated to,” Lee insists. “If a parental is no the barrier between our kids and also every potential virtual issue, nobody is.”

A staunch advocate for parental controls, Lee recommends family members Zone.

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Family region is a powerful solution for regulating family screen-time, and enables parents to set effective borders to keep youngsters safe and happy online, throughout every device, everywhere. An ext than 200,000 households use family Zone come control accessibility to games and also apps, collection bedtimes, restrict society media, block adult content, and more. You deserve to too.