Money, they say it provides the world go round. Nobody to know that better than salespeople since if they nothing sell, they don’t make money. While some commodities are a difficult sell, others, favor food products, are a tiny easier. Plenty of students at Alisal High college sell chips to do money, also though it’s against school rules and also state law.

As girlfriend walk with the overfilled halls, you will certainly see plenty of students moving duffle bags, and also in some of those bags girlfriend will find 30-40 bags the chips. The chips are generally sold to your customers because that one dollar. This sellers execute make good money (Names are given to those who determined to remain anonymous ), Jake stated, “I make around $20 a day and also I have the right to make around $100 a week”. Many of them prefer to offer chips fairly than working in a job, due to the fact that they just didn’t have the time to get a job. Part didn’t have actually the time since they were in sporting activities which didn’t allow them any kind of time come work.

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The college student who offer want to earn money come buy something for themselves, help their parental out, or conserve up to pay because that college tuition. Jenny stated, “The just reason I execute this is come pay because that my institution expenses and helping my parents pay house bills.” an additional student stated, “ I’m just trying to save up come buy a car.”

Some students don’t really recognize the results of offering chips on college campus. Students marketing food on school grounds space violating California law, the nutrition regulation at schools that doesn’t allow junk foods items to it is in sold. Adding to the conflict, students space selling, there is no a permit, non-nutritional foodstuffs which goes versus school policies.The students room at hazard of having both their money and also their chips being confiscated by school staff. The just time students can sell unhealthy foods are throughout school fundraisers for sports and clubs.

If student get captured selling chips on college grounds, castle will face with “a talk v parents, a warning, or lunch detention,” according to assistant principal Enrique Lopez. Several of the sellers weren’t mindful of the consequences., “No, i’m pretty scared about the fact if i do acquire caught. Yet it’s all for the money I must pay for college expenses and also I’m willing to take the risk,” claimed Jenny.

Argenis Jimenez, a junior that is a constant chip buyer, said, “I typically don’t choose to eat the school food. I frequently purchase chips and I simply want to aid some the the students who sell chips as well.”

While helping a classmate is a factor, a new trend might end chip sales altogether. Part students are currently buying bags the chips the contain marijuana.

This brand-new trend has actually the fist of assistant principal Enrique Lopez. Lopez stated, “ This is wrong. Students nothing understand exactly how dangerous it is on what castle doing. They don’t know that they space liable because that the students the they market to. They deserve to possibly cause harm come students since the students nothing know around the amount of THC discovered in the chips gift sold.” He additionally added,“We instantly move towards institution suspension due to the fact that we have actually a zero tolerance policy about that.” A student that sells THC chips stated his results were nice shocking contrasted to student who market normal bags chips. ‘Jim’ said, “I offer to administer to the people and also for the money.” he went on come say, “I sell around 2 bags a day, each bag costs around $25, and also I make $50 a day, for this reason I additionally make about $350 a week”.

The amount that THC chip sellers make a main in comparison to consistent chip sellers is three times the amount, which might be one reason students are turning to a really illegal services to do ends meet. If the revenues are significant, the consequences are severe, v the opportunity of suspension or expulsion.


I think it’s reat teaching our kids how tobe responsible i say its yes to market chips and also candy at college as long as over there sealed. Mine 2 teens do it and I’m always supporting lock I started telling them it’s not basic making money. Once they want stuff and also we can’t to buy them i let them recognize it’s hard sometimes us can and also sometimes it’s tough and we can not. Ns told them go offer goodies at school so you can see it’s no easy and also I don’t take there revenue I tought my youngsters go make your money and put what you spend to buy her chips and candy ~ above the side then see your revenue after sometimes they sell great sometimes no so an excellent but they space both great students with awesome grades I support my kids.

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I think it must be okay for student to offer snacks at school under details conditions. Since they’re dabbling in business, it’s just fair that they beat by the rules. Because that example, students should have the ability to acquire a permit or license to sell any type of school-appropriate snack, e.g., Doritos or Chips Ahoy, throughout the year for a fee. Another, more beneficial, alternative would be to donate a specific percentage of gross revenue to institution clubs and also sports teams. This bring extra money come the school and to the student who may seem like a better, an ext personal vendor to classmates. The institution loses nothing and the students have a possibility to learn about finances and sales, i.e., revenue and expenses, supply and demand, and consumerism.