The white trillium, Ontario"s main flower, is only one of several native species in Ontario the bloom in beforehand spring

The white trillium (trillium grandiflorum) is Ontario"s main floral emblem. Although the trillium is a perennial plant, together a spring ephemeral it"s very fragile, which is why picking it is a poor idea. The takes as much as 10 years prior to the plant produces its first bloom, i m sorry lasts for approximately three mainly in the early on spring. (Photo: Ontario Parks)

Trilliums room in full bloom in forests and also woodlands across Ontario, with many photos the the memorable flower being shared across social media.

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People space most familiar with the white trillium (trillium grandiflorum), i beg your pardon is Ontario’s official flower, but there are actually 50 types of trillium aboriginal to temperate areas of phibìc America and also Asia.

Here are nine points you might not know about trilliums:

1. Trillium roots were once used to treat wounds and during childbirth

The trillium is likewise known as birthroot or birthwort, because of just how the plants were supplied medicinally.

The roots of several varieties contain chemical compounds called sapogenins that act together astringents, antiseptics, coagulants, expectorants, and also uterine stimulants. North America’s indigenous peoples supplied the roots to treat open up wounds and also inflammation, and also during childbirth.

Another name for the trillium is the wakerobin — because the flowers appear in beforehand spring before robins begin to appear.

The “tri” in the Latin word trillium means three, introduce to the plant’s three leaves, three petals, and also three stigmas (pollen receptors) in the flower.

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2. If you pick a trillium bloom, the plant may not survive

Although the trillium is a perennial plant, together a spring ephemeral it’s very fragile.

The trillium blooms for a couple of weeks in the early spring, before the trees prosper leaves, therefore it deserve to get an ext sunlight. Throughout this time, it collects all the nutrient in requirements to survive until the following year.

If you pick the bloom, the tree won’t be able to collect sunlight and also nutrients and also it might take year to recover — or it may never recover.

3. Contradictory to well-known belief, it’s not illegal to pick trilliums in Ontario

There’s a pervasive myth that it’s against the legislation in Ontario to pick trilliums.

The reasons for this id may be since the trillium is Ontario’s main flower, or since picking the bloom can damages or death the plant, or maybe because the removal of any vegetation is prohibited in Ontario provincial parks (where trilliums are regularly found).

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In 2009, it did nearly became illegal to pick trilliums in Ontario. That’s when former Peterborough-Kawartha MPP and also rural work minister Jeff Leal presented a exclusive members’ bill referred to as the Ontario Trillium defense Act.

That legislation would have made it illegal to pick or destruction up the white trillium. Doing therefore would have resulted in a minimum $500 fine. However, back the bill passed an initial reading, it never ended up being law.