If your dog ate chapstick, climate there are some steps you"ll should take. Most cases won"t cause your pup harm. Vet Jo Woodnut weighs top top what you must do in the coming hours.

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This article was composed by a veterinarian, but it need to not substitute as contact with a trained professional. If her dog ate Chapstick or Lip Balm, we recommend contacting her veterinarian immediately.

Did your dog just eat Chapstick? dog are very inquisitive. Sometimes this can land lock in trouble. It’s not unusual for dogs to eat points that are off-limits. Frequently times these space things us wouldn’t mean them come have any interest in. And also some items, room slightly much more predictable due to the fact that of your taste, even if they can cause harm.

So, what happens if you find that your dog has consumed a tube of chapstick? acquiring home to find a chewed increase Chapstick pipe or lip enjoyment is one unwelcome surprise. Relying on what portion they ate, it might warrant a expedition to watch your veterinarian. Bigger dogs usually may not have any type of issues, however smaller dogs might risk bowel obstructions or other internal damage.

So, if your pup ate chapstick, girlfriend are most likely wondering if it’s a problem and also how worried have to you be? The good news is that most dogs will be fine. However there space some steps you’ll need to take while security your dog’s health. Let’s dig in and also find the end what you should do next.


Is Chapstick Dangerous for Dogs?

Most dogs the eat lip enjoyment or Chapstick will certainly be simply fine.

In most situations eating a Chapstick or lip enjoyment will not cause problems. The most likely scenario is her dog i will not ~ experience any kind of ill results at all. In some cases, there may be gentle side effects ranging from digestive upsets such as vomiting and also diarrhea come lethargy. Some commodities may contain an ext hazardous ingredients, so that is always best to look for advice indigenous a vet.

A more serious problem could be resulted in if the dog consumes the packaging from the Chapstick or lip balm. In most cases, this is a difficult plastic case and small-cap. If the dog has consumed the packaging the will have what is known as a international body (something inside it which have to not be there). If the plastic was chewed up it may be sharp, and this can cause damage to the stomach or intestines together it passes v the cradle tract.

Bowel Obstructions

Alternatively, the packaging may come to be lodged or stuck in its effort to pass through the cradle system. A blockage that the digestive tract can lead come vomiting and also the dog becoming really lethargic and also unwell. If you doubt that her pup has ingested the plastic packaging, your vet might need come run additional tests such together x-rays or blood tests to identify what have to be done next.

In the instance of a blockage, surgery could be needed to eliminate the offending item. If the dog has actually chewed up the plastic into smaller pieces, it could be the the dog can be closely monitored to inspect that it is gift passed out in the feces, especially if you have a huge breed dog or only a tiny amount is missing. Remember come take any kind of remaining packaging and also details that what form of Chapstick the dog has eaten with you come the vet.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Here are some various other questions we commonly get once it comes to lip balms and dogs. Store in mind, the answers to these will count on if her dog additionally ate the plastic pipe itself, or simply the chapstick alone.

My Dog Ate Vaseline Based Chapstick, will He be OK?

Generally, Vaseline is taken into consideration nontoxic, yet like anything spend in large enough quantity, it can reason problems. Vaseline is a by-product that the petroleum industry and is extremely refined to remove anything harmful. If a dog licks a little amount it is very unlikely to reason a problem.

However, if a larger quantity has been consumed, it’s feasible that it could lead come digestive upset such as vomiting and diarrhea. If your dog has actually consumed an ext than a lick the Vaseline, contact your vet. They will be able to advise if the quantity consumed is likely to reason a problem. The vet will likewise be able to flag up any kind of warning indications to watch for.

Is Carmex Dangerous because that Dogs?

Carmex is an additional brand the lip enjoyment which is available in a range of flavours which can prove tempting to her four-legged friend. Carmex often includes SPF sunscreen which deserve to lead to cradle upset. If enough of this sunscreen-containing lip balm is eaten, you might see symptom such as diarrhoea or bloody vomit.

Carmex has a wide selection of various products every one of which save on computer a selection of ingredients. It is ideal to call your vet v the details of the product and how much has been eaten to determine just how likely a problem is. As with any type of lip balm, the packaging might pose much more of a problem if it is consumed. In general, eating part Carmex lip balm need to not it is in dangerous, but constantly seek advice to remain on the for sure side.

Is EOS Chapstick Dangerous to Dogs?

Eos Chapstick comes in range of varieties and also flavours, every of i m sorry contain different ingredients. Few of these ingredients might pose much more of a problem than others. If your dog has consumed some or all of an EOS lip balm contact your vet to ask advice. Castle will be able to discuss whether the product is likely to reason your pooch a problem.

More regularly than not the product will not be harmful, but the plastic packaging deserve to be problem if swallowed. The packaging might reason pain or wake up if eaten, or in the worst-case script it could reason a blockage the the cradle tract. The packaging the the EOS lip balm looks similar to a little ball which might be appealing. If your dog has consumed some EOS lip balm or the packaging call your vet because that advice.

If mine Dog has a dry Nose, is Chapstick a bad Idea?

Chapstick is a helpful moisturizer for human lips, however, that is no the finest product to use on her dog’s dried nose. Lip balms are flavored or sweetened which will certainly most likely encourage licking in ~ the nose more frequently, causing additional damage.

The ingredients of the Chapstick might not be suitable to be eaten repeatedly. Firstly, it is crucial to preeminence out any medical issue which might be causing your pet’s dried nose. Seek advice from her vet who can examine over her dog, ensure there is no basic issue and if necessary, prescribe a suitable safe product to use to their nose.

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Final Thoughts

As we’ve discussed here, Chapstick isn’t something we’d recommend on regular basis using v your pup. Because that a constant dry nose, there are drugs your vet deserve to prescribe. If girlfriend came home to part lip balm that’s to be ingested, commonly you have the right to just monitor your dog. If her pup ate whole tube, however, this is more serious and also definitely calls for a call to your veterinarian. We always recommend you call your vet, even if her dog simply ate something reasonably benign. Having peace the mind that your four-legged friend is going to be simply fine, is priceless.