Cote De Pablo and Michael Weatherly space the actors behind one of TV fandom’s many obsessed around couples. As fans that the CBS crime drama, NCIS, deserve to tell you, their is a romance we’ve been rooting for because the characters were first introduced. Top top screen, the two finished up together after a lengthy will-they-won’t-they story arch.

Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly’s ‘NCIS’ beginnings


Cote de Pablo top top ‘NCIS’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

The 3rd season of NCIS lugged us the to win combination, which to be Tony DiNozzo, played by Weatherly, and also Ziva David, play by the talented de Pablo. The characters’ on-screen chemistry, paired through a storyline rich through flirtation and also fun, lugged viewers with each other as everyone rooted because that a “Tiva” relationship.

Unfortunately, us never acquire to see that connection come full circle once Ziva’s personality is seemingly eliminated by a mortar assault in season 13, and DiNozzo pipeline the display to look for answers about her death and also her child.

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Weatherly and De Pablo were not only friends on display but, had a supportive friendship turn off camera too. Us were thrilled once Weatherly report on his recently deleted Twitter account that de Pablo was with him to clock his last NCIS episode. He tweeted in might of 2016: “Thank you and I love girlfriend all- Cote is right here with me now!”

Are Cote De Pablo and Michael Weatherly married?

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While Weatherly is married, it is no to co-star and friend Cote De Pablo. Although Weatherly and de Pablo remain close friends, Weatherly is happy married to a medical professional Bojana Janković.

Michael Weatherly’s family life

Weatherly has had a rocky road on the means to love. His first marriage finished in divorce native his soap opera co-star Amelia Heinle. They had one boy together, but the stars uncovered it daunting to store a partnership alive after your soap opera to be canceled and they struggled financially.

After an not successful two-year engagement come Jessica Alba — she was simply 20 when Weatherly propose to she — it seemed like love was tough to come by for Michael.

Now, Weatherly tells civilization that he is happy married come Janković. The couple has two kids — Liam and Olivia — and have to be married for 10 years. In spite of recent media coverage of Weatherly’s alleged sexually inappropriate comments come coworkers, his wife, family, and fans stand firmly behind the actor. “I’m lucky. I have actually a exorbitant wife and also am fine on my means to a very happy retirement,” that says.

Cote De Pablo’s relationships

After she surprising and long-awaited go back to NCIS at the end of season 16, de Pablo has been popping increase in new stories fairly a bit lately. She fans have actually been overjoyed, and very positive about her return to the show. However, with DiNozzo long gone from NCIS, viewers will wonder exactly how she fits earlier into the storyline.

Which, leads united state to speculate around her own romantic relationships. Because her 2015 break up v her longtime boyfriend, Diego Serrano, she’s been keeping her love life to herself. Return rumors have always circled around a romance between de Pablo and Weatherly, there has actually never been any type of evidence to back up to work claims. In fact, she’s been so secretive around her love life, we need to assume she’s at this time single.

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Cote de Pablo and also Michael Weatherly will be together again though

Finally, Michael Weatherly and Cote De Pablo room reuniting for a new show together. Fans can be disappointed in the pairing, however, as the 2 will remain behind the camera this time. The duo isgoing come be developing a new detective show called MIA which will follow the story of an undercover agent who becomes a homicide detective in Miami. Although we were every hoping for another Tony/Ziva enhance up, probably MIA is simply what has actually been MIA indigenous television because the two left NCIS.