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Howdy pen State! i am going to be writing around a beautiful nation song this week, digging right into its deeper meaning and touching story.

I psychic the first time i heard the tune “Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride. Ns was in fifth grade, hanging out with among my childhood finest friends. We loved discovering brand-new music and we could watch music videos ~ above YouTube for hrs every day. I never really had actually an interest in country music, yet it was every my friend listened come so ns was pretty much forced to like it. We came throughout this song called “Concrete Angel” and also started to clock the music video. Ns am no exaggerating when I say mine friend and also I were in tears accurate one minute into the song. Ns am a very emotional person; ns cry throughout movies, commercials, basically anything sad, sappy, or too adorable, i tear up. Yet my girlfriend who never ever cried, ns think I saw her cry perhaps twice the totality time i was friends through her, and also watching this video clip was among them.

I love music more than anything, and also I think it can affix with a person on so many mental and emotional levels, however sometimes the music videos just make the track that lot better. Text of a song can sometimes be vague and left to the listener because that interpretation, but the music video clip tells the story that the artist wants you to take away from their song. A music video can change a song and make the a different world for the listener, also if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

The song “Concrete Angel” through Martina McBride came out in 2002, and also is to be still voted the #1 Saddest country Song in 2014, according to rojo Stone. At first glance, the song is about child abuse, stemming native a somber and heart wrenching occasion close to McBride’s heart. McBride’s nephew was a victim of kid abuse, therefore this tune is a dedication to her. Her niece was abused by she mother, McBride’s sister, after ~ she divorced her husband. McBride’s sister abused her daughter repetitively until one day once McBride’s precious niece was killed.

Even together I compose this article today, ns am quiet touched and emotionally associated to this powerful song. I want to re-watch the music video so I might explain it more in my post, but I had actually to prevent the video about a minute in since I could already feel my eye welling increase with heat tears (and due to the fact that I am sit in the library and wouldn’t want to burst into tears in prior of hundreds of human being I nothing know). But, I desire you as the readers to watch this video, hear to the powerful lyrics, and also hopefully feeling an emotionally connection. I would certainly recommend waiting until you space in your dorm room, curled up through a crate of tissues, prior to viewing this video. This is the link for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtNYA4pAGjI


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Carissa February 12, 2015 in ~ 11:20 to be (7 year ago)

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I’m no a large fan of country music either, in reality I usually discover it yes, really annoying. But I have come across a few that do very good jobs that communicating an effective messages in ways unique to country. It sounds choose this song could be among them! I’ll definitely look that up!

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