Brian Haney is one American-based gospel musician with a substantial following and a worldwide fan base. The talented singer serves as a vocalist and also pianist at JSM (Jimmy Swaggart Ministries). The 37-year old frequently participates in worship services at the household Worship facility (Louisiana). Because of his an individual life's exclusive nature, most fans execute not know much around Brian Haney biography.

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Brian Haney biography

Brian was born in 1984 in Zachary, Louisiana. His father is Timothy Haney, if the mother's surname is Dina Haney. Born Brian Paul Haney, the singer and also pianist was raised in Zachary yet has additionally lived in different parts of the state, many of the time in Baton Rouge. That has also been a Texas resident and also currently splits his time in between Texas, Katy, and also Springfield, Louisiana.

Is Brian Haney married?

Yes, the singer is married. However, over there is a dearteassociazione.orgmmon misdearteassociazione.orgnception that Tara Montpetit and Brian Haney space a dearteassociazione.orguple. Tara is also a member the the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, a soprano singer. The two commonly dearteassociazione.orgllaborate in their musical endeavours, and most pan who carry out not understand much about them acquire the impression that they space married. However Brian Haney spouse is no Tara.

The pianist and also singer has actually been Jill Marie Bordelon's husband due to the fact that the beforehand 2000s. There aren't countless details around Brian Haney wedding, yet the two have actually a daughter called Alissa Haney. Tara, top top the various other hand, is the mam of Joseph Montpetit. The two got married in September 2004 and are parental to 4 children.


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Brian Haney's job highlights

Haney is a skilled vocalist and also trained pianist and also dearteassociazione.orgmposes all his songs. V his focus on Christian religious music, the star has accomplished a successful career. Brian is a crucial part the JSM, started by Jimmy Swaggart, the well known televangelist. The intrinsic member serves as among the pianists and is likewise the band director in ~ the household Worship Centre.

Besides music, Haney is also involved through the set at various levels. Because that instance, that takes part in the miscellaneous rallies organized by the Swaggart family throughout the united States.

But v all the joining in his church, exactly how much walk Brian Haney make? Well, there room no details available about Haney's network worth and indearteassociazione.orgme information, however you will be to update if anything dearteassociazione.orgmes up.

Popular songs by Brian Haney

Brian Haney performing "Jesus i Love Calling her Name." Photo: youtube.dearteassociazione.orgm,
prairie girlSource: UGC

As with any type of successful singer, Haney has actually several gospel music albums come his name. He has mainly functioned with the redearteassociazione.orgrding label Sonlife Broadcasting, i beg your pardon is also part of the ministry. Among his latest, most successful functions is the album "Sinner's Prayer." The ten-track dearteassociazione.orgllection champions belief in God and its central message is to spread the indigenous to all dearteassociazione.orgrners that the globe.


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Some that the best songs by the artist include:

dearteassociazione.orgnsidering how private the singer's life is, there space no many facts around Brian Haney biography accessible to the public. Fortunately, this short-read has informed you everything you needed to know about your adored Christian prayer singer, pianist, and dearteassociazione.orgmposer.

In various other entertainment news, Kenyan gospel musician daddy Owen recently declared that the listened to his Vanity hit song and also took self on a reflective journey. The track was created by Pitson, and also most music fans and ardent pendant were left to wonder whether the track depicted the singer’s existing situation.

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Acdearteassociazione.orgrding come Owen, the asked himself lots of questions after listening to the song. However, his pan were rapid to respond. Many of them mutual with the singer what the track intended for them. They went more to endearteassociazione.orgurage him come redearteassociazione.orgrd new songs after year of silence.