As Tokio Hotel heads the end on its an initial world tour in five years, the absent band’s front male reveals how he obtained his groove earlier and why he believes love has actually no borders.

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Long before the Viper Room ended up being known as an iconic hangout the Hollywood’s young elite and also the site where actor flow Phoenix passed away in 1993, 8852 Sunset Blvd. Was a favorite warm spot — then a jazz club dubbed the Melody Room — whereby mobsters favor Bugsy Siegel and also Mickey Cohen could frequently be found. The a ar deep-seated in the storied background of Los Angeles, and also tonight, command singer invoice Kaulitz and the various other members of Tokio Hotel have set out to make a historic moment of their very own as lock prepare to perform for the very first time ~ above the very same stage wherein acts varying from the Pussycat Dolls to rock royalty like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have gone before. That a vastly different setup than wherein they were just one mainly earlier, performing in Berlin before a group of nearly one million people, yet as Kaulitz rounds out the group’s sound inspect with a rapid-fire operation of their track “Girl got a Gun,” it"s apparent he’s no less eager to execute for the 250 fans who space waiting ~ above the various other side the the nightclub’s door to see one of Europe’s biggest bands.

“We never really acquire to execute these type of shows, so it’s certainly different,” he speak me moments later on as we’re led under the club’s velvet-lined staircase come a dimly lit room in ~ the stage. “But the going to it is in fun due to the fact that we’re walk to it is in so close to the people here tonight, and also I constantly like that due to the fact that you obtain the power you placed out appropriate back.”

Though he says the band has been looking forward to performing in the renowned West Hollywood nightclub for number of days, he readily admits he and his the same twin brother, Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz, were in a completely different headspace a couple of years ago. After your debut album reduce in 2005, the tape members quickly uncovered themselves ~ above a meteoric rise to fame, however four albums, hundreds of live performances approximately the world, and more than four years on the road had taken a toll on the 25-year-old artists. “After our critical album come out in 2009, Tom and also me left Europe and also we relocated to America, because it was simply craziness,” the says. “We just had to step away indigenous the career a little bit, since we felt favor we had said everything. We’d excellent so plenty of albums end so many years and also we’d to be on the road for such a lengthy time. Us didn’t know what to perform or what kind of music we want to make.”


Leaving their house in Germany, the twins moved to Los Angeles, where, Kaulitz claims they “took a year off and also didn’t do anything” before finding new inspiration in L.A. Nightlife. That muse caused a new electronic-laden sound for the different rock band, i m sorry they closely crafted end the next five years as they started putting together their 5th studio album, Kings of Suburbia. The album to be released worldwide last October and shot to the top of the charts in 30 countries, add to landing in the peak 5 in 17 others to become Tokio Hotel’s most successful album come date.

Kaulitz considers the album’s success because of both the time the musicians spent honing their new sound and their willingness to take another risk. “We simply wanted to make an album that us personally love,” he says. “A lot of of world don’t do that, they do music for their fans. Yet this time I want to make an album that I’m entirely happy with and that reflects my very own style.”

In enhancement to his distinctive sound, Kaulitz’s sense of style has been just one of the standout aspects of Tokio Hotel’s on stage persona. This evening he is dressed in a pair of light gray jeans and also a black graphic T-shirt with a black and white flannel long-sleeved shirts tied about his waist, a choice of attire it is a leave from the usual flamboyant fashions the have become synonymous with the singer. However, Kaulitz tells me his an imaginative couture wasn’t constantly appreciated. “When ns was 13 i would involved school v makeup and nail polish and also I had teachers that would say, ‘We can not teach you and also you’re not permitted in class,’” he claims as he runs his fingers v his bleached platinum-blond hair. “I got so lot shit in school because I had severe look. Over there was always a many talking, however I constantly kind of delighted in that. I favor to play v it, because I discover it funny that it upsets part people.”

Kaulitz says his kind of self-expression brought about several elevated eyebrows previously in his career, v many human being making assumptions about his sexuality. “When we very first came out v our music, the gay inquiry was constantly there and also it to be super vital for everyone,” he says. “But for me it to be amusing. Ns was always laughing about it due to the fact that I to be like, ‘Why is the so fucking essential to everyone? Why can world not simply live and also do their thing?’”

He continues, “For me, love is such a beautiful thing and I love that you actually have actually no control over it. I never understand what’s going to happen. I never know who i’m going to accomplish when i walk outside. For me it’s about finding the human you desire to be with and also I feel choose it doesn’t issue what gender that is. I don’t know why it problem so much to people. It’s weird.”