Nikki Sixx and his tape of other miscreants in Motley Crue identified rock 'n' role excess in the '80s. No band has actually filled Motley's slot as the baddest boys in absent in the modern era. Time have changed and absent bands aren't the party animals they offered to be, something the Sixx acknowledged.

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In a chat v Sleaze Roxx, Sixx spoke about the band's X-rated young Scout manual 'The Dirt,' i m sorry is being transformed right into a movie down the road. The things the Crue did (and live to tell about in those really pages) will certainly make your hair curl! Sixx admitted, "I don't think bands now can do what we did and I don't think culture is geared towards that anymore."

He continued, "I remember saying to mine girlfriend sooner or later -- we were in ~ a pool about noon somewhere,  ns think us were top top the roadway -- the nobody would be sober and also someone would be in the bathroom law blow and also f---ing fighting and also throwing up. Nobody in ~ this party would certainly be sane and also not just the bands as culture was also fully off the rails."

When the people changed, courtesy that "the start of HIV, political correctness, alcoholism, death, destruction," Sixx discussed that "People started to think what might happen to them. Society started to change and projects like don't drive and also drive began as the new generation came up and also then being drunk wasn't viewed as fun it was seen as being stupid and it kinda adjusted in a healthy method and i don't think we might have unable to do on much longer. We have actually the scars and the wounds from our time and also we can't take back what we did as it makes us what us are. It was a stormy one."

The Crue collection the bar high and since society as a totality changed, no one deserve to or will height their level of excess.

Sixx walk throw part props at up 'n comers black Veil Brides, who room trying to live fast and also rock hard, through no regrets and no safety and security nets. Sixx said, "I think black Veil Brides space cool." yet he isn't totally sold ~ above them…yet. The revealed the the band is there is no a crucial piece to put them end the top.

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He said, "I've told lock they are absent one thing and they should write 'Schools Out' or 'Shout at the Devil.' They've gained to write that anthem come unify everyone as everyone wants to choose them however they just haven't proven us yet. BVB have good songs however they don't have actually the song yet, but that takes time. Some world have it but some don't."

When Nikki Sixx offers you advice, you take it. Let's hope BVB are working hard on your unifying anthem!