Free play: us pulled out our totality collection the toy trains and wooden tracks, and let them assemble tracks the trailed anywhere the room. (You could also put the end cars and also car tracks.) Some children (generally boys) will gravitate to this task and stay there the entirety class…)

We’ve obtained these an excellent wheels

We also had wooden dowels, and a basket – children could pack up the basket and roll it back and forth on the dowels.

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Building: LOTS of building toys include ways to do wheels and also axles: Duplos/Legos, Tinkertoys, K’NEX, and so on. Put these the end for totally free play.

Observation: Encourage children to find all the wheel they deserve to in and about the class (toy cars and also trains, trikes, bikes, door knobs, and so on.) Encourage them to an alert how the wheels work. One point to notice is that with some things, the axle is solved to the wheels and rotates through the wheels. But, in other cases, the axle is stationary and the wheels rotate about it (e.g. A skateboard).

Exploration: This short article focuses on reflecting the difference between how balls roll and also how wheels role by make a set up wheels and also axle from a Styrofoam ball:

Product-based art – Spinners: we made game spinners. Us punched a hole through the facility of record plates, and also a feet in the facility of popsicle sticks. Kids decorated the plates however they want to. We took a brad (paper fastener), threaded it with the stick, then a washer, climate the plate. We spread out out the eight of the brad top top the various other side of the plate, and also taped castle in place. Poof – it’s a spinner. (The pole is the “wheel” rotating top top the brad axle.)

Building Sets: Some funny gear building sets encompass Gears! Gears! Gears!, Quercetti Kaleido Gears andSkate Park: Fat mind Toys sells this good Marbleocity “Skate Park.” This kit is definitely something that an adult requirements to build (or a patient and also cautious larger kid.) But, once it’s built, it’s an extremely cool for kids to play with – they rotate the crank, which turns the gears, which launches the ball. If children are careful, it’s fine. However, they need to be taught what to carry out if the jams. If a marble jams just a bit, they need to earlier it increase (i.e. Rotate the crank a small the various other way) to unjam it, then move it forward. If they try to force it forward, it will certainly break the crank. As we learned in ~ the start of ours morning class, as soon as one of our older and also pretty cautious kids was playing with this. I’ve repaired it now, and also will usage it next year together a demo where we deserve to show youngsters how to handle jams carefully. The one thing I great were different about this kit… the does not use standard size marbles, but instead uses specialized mini marbles. I’m hoping it’s feasible to uncover replacement marbles what if needed, yet I haven’t found them yet.

Toy: We also put out this cool Duplo height launcher, already assembled, plus direction on just how to develop it, so kids had the option of taking it apart and also re-building it. (None took that option.) This is a yes, really cool toy. But, the motor an abilities required to launch a optimal were much more than any type of of our 5 and also under kids could really manage.

Water table and also sensory table: We have water wheels they were able to play with. It would be really cool to develop your own water wheels. Here’s ideas on how to do it:

Song: The wheel on the Bus, the course! one more option is Bumping Up and Down in My small Red Wagon, which has the indigenous “One wheel’s off and also the axle’s broken.”

Books: We had actually several publications from series about simple Machines. We review in circle Pete the Cat: The wheels on the Bus

by Dean and Going Places
through Reynolds.

Outdoor time: Bikes, Trikes, and Wagons, oh my!

For a wheels theme, you can obviously do LOTS of tasks related to cars. We did a totality week just concentrated on cars as a complex machine. You can use almost any that these vehicle ideas in a session on wheels.

There’s lots of other great ideas because that wheels and also axles activities here:

Key principles of wheels and also axles:

When you try to push a load throughout the ground, there’s a the majority of friction that makes it hard to move. The whole surface area the the pack is top top the ground. When you placed the fill on wheels, climate there’s just friction ~ above the really small component of the wheel that is touching the soil at any type of given time. Thus, it’s much easier to relocate a hefty load over a long distance.

A demonstration for Circle Time:

We loaded up a basket v bags of dried beans because that weight. We had our 8 year old to teach assistant press it throughout the ground. Then we showed everyone the rough surface on the bottom that the basket. Climate we showed them the smooth bottom the a cardboard box. We inserted the basket in the box, and also pushed it throughout the ground. Much easier! Then us talked about friction.

After that, we laid out several short lengths of PVC pipe on the ground and also put our crate on peak of them and showed just how much less complicated it was to relocate the box earlier and forth. (Just role a an extremely short distance back and forth.

We talked about the idea that ancient Egyptians may have used a similar method to relocate the large stone blocks supplied to build the pyramids, and also showed lock a picture of this process.

We climate tried to relocate the crate a lengthy distance on the dowels. The youngsters discovered that as you carry out this, the pack rolls turn off of the dowels, and also you have to move that shed dowel back to the front of the row over and also over.

(Note: I acquired this demo idea from little Blast blog, however we operated on a carpeted floor rather of hardwood, so there’s numerous friction. We provided a basket rather of a smooth crate – again, this boosts the friction so much better illustrates the benefit of the dowels. There’s additionally a nice post here on making use of a brick and pencils to highlight this concept.)

One child gained the idea of taping the pipes to the bottom of the box. Us did, to show why this doesn’t work. (The pipe wheel no longer rotate.)

Then we taught the idea the wheels and also axles, and also mounting the load on a set of wheels and also axles. There’s numerous ways you might do this… We supplied the wagon native our Simple Machines Set

, however you could use any kind of car or wagon to show what wheels and also axles are.

Then we placed our basket of bean in a box with wheels on the (see above) and had our assistant traction it all roughly the room to display how much simpler that is come move.

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Here’s another good idea for a demo: placed a grown-up on a board. Put the board on two scooters or skateboards and push the grown-up around. Http://

Note: all the activities described in mine posts are from family members Inventor’s Lab, a parent-child cooperative course in Bellevue, WA. We space a play-based, STEM focused course for preschool through at an early stage elementary (kids age 3 – 7). We do a wide range of fun, hands-on activities to learn around Science, Tools, Engineering, Nature, and Art. We also sing songs and read stories. Many of our activities are cheap, easy, and use day-to-day materials that most family members would have actually in their dwellings (or their recycle bins!), so the our tasks are proper for great teachers, parents who homeschool, or after college programs.