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----------------------------------------Not together dramatic together I would have liked it however still a an excellent episode. Poor Jaken not even noticed by Sesshomoru. LOLAfter all these year its virtually over. I'm nearly sadden however it yet at the exact same time I'm happy its getting the end it deserves. The seems favor the last illustration will mostly be the epilogue. Over there is an ext than enough time for a kiss. I hope that it happens, if no I'll flip! Can't wait for following week.

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finally a good ep:D it appears everyone returned to normal:D Sesshy rocked!Naraku is gaining depressed i m sorry is good, because i desire him to walk to hell.Well they´re space really complying with the manga closely, ns surprised. Kiss? space you refering come Inu and Kagome? well...i check out the manga so...lets view the anime, lol.

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ClementIV said:THIS IS an ANIME ONLY conversation POST. Do NOT discuss THE MANGA past THIS EPISODE.----------------------------------------It seems prefer the last episode will greatly be the epilogue. There is much more than sufficient time because that a kiss. I hope that it happens, if no I'll flip!
I wouldn't gain my really hopes upon the one lol. Anywho, yes, good episode! I'm yes, really looking forward to the last two episodes!

This to be a quite ride while that lasted. I'm glad that they determined to complete the series instead of simply leaving it the method it was. Next week's episode is walk to it is in great.
Oh man. Epic episode ending. Therefore everyone's all with each other to to win Naraku's ass.....the just thing I'm sad around is not seeing Koga over there :/// Ah well. No that he'd have the ability to do lot at this suggest anyways....still.
Hmmm... Hold that thought... I think the battle is placed on host for a moment since Inuyasha has to save Kagome indigenous what ever before Bakuya did to her. Might we check out a turning back curse from the second movie except she can't use her arrow and Inuyasha needs to do something... Probably kiss she to break it ;) climate the fight happens... ;) That might be what is walking to occur ;) --- Randy
I think the present will it is in much better if Sango and also Miroku passed away they room as useless together Koga in this fight. Well now the struggle is pretty lot over there is no means to run and hide this time Naraku.
Inuyasha: "And we're not absent a single person!"Me: "Oh, i guess Kikyo and Kouga don't really matter anymore..."But still a great episode.
DarcyD said:Inuyasha: "And we're not absent a single person!"Me: "Oh, i guess Kikyo and also Kouga don't really issue anymore..."But still a an excellent episode.
Kouga negative guy, that was really forgotten, maybe due to his absence of power?.As because that Kikyo, not worry, she´ll appear probably in one more flashback next episode, since she is crucial for the damage of Naraku. Kikyo will constantly be there, even if it is a memory. I bet bastard Naraku is gonna remember her! dice bastard dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, why doesnt he die already, damn. . Following ep gonna be great!
DarcyD said:Inuyasha: "And we're not lacking a solitary person!"Me: "Oh, ns guess Kikyo and Kouga don't really issue anymore..."But quiet a an excellent episode.
Well, Kikyo's dead therefore in a means her not being over there is totally inevitable. But Koga's alive and kicking, and also although he might be semi-useless without his shikon shards, he's still among their companions. D: So once Inu said that ns was like, "RAWH friend D
i was disappointed as soon as he didn't show up AT all in the finishing of the manga, too. Everyone's story got to its very own conclusion but we never ever really find out what happens with Koga - and I didn't mean that the last time we observed him (after Kikyo died) would actually it is in THE last time we observed him... Boo. D': the was fun watching Inuyasha acquire jealous.
So! Naraku's absolutely dead next episode, right? :D I'm glad the anime followed the manga quite faithfully, and that the series itself will certainly finally be able to come to a close.
In mine opinion, the preview offered away means too much. ~ watching it, ns feel like I execute not need to see the episode now :P
DarcyD said:Inuyasha: "And we're not missing a single person!"Me: "Oh, i guess Kikyo and also Kouga don't really matter anymore..."
Me: "I bet Inuyasha need to be happy saying the :D"As because that the episode, so somehow Kagome got her mind upgraded? and Inuyasha acquired yet another powerup? yet in the finish Shippo saved the day? that was part clever trick over there to display how useless those main personalities are, that simply was awesome.
I can't say this was a an excellent episode, however it was above average because that the show. Take that as you will. Ns wonder if Byakuya severed the component of Kagome the is Kikyo's incarnation or part nonsense like that. I can't yes, really think around what rather it would be.
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DarcyD said:Inuyasha: "And we're not lacking a single person!"Me: "Oh, i guess Kikyo and also Kouga don't really matter anymore..."
That was my thought as soon as Inuyasha claimed his line around not missing a solitary one. Koga's missing, and even there is no his jewel shards, he'd be an ext help 보다 Rin. Despite needing ground to was standing on and not having actually a flying 'pet' would certainly kinda put him at a disadvantage. He still has that weapon that the ancestor wolf spirits granted him.Would have been practiced to view that pat some kind of part in the story.Kikyo is technically there, both in Kagome gift a reincarnation, and also her 'light' gift the reason Kohaku is alive best now.(would be funny if Kagome bludgeons Inuyasha because that forgetting Koga after all is said and also done)
"You're such an idiot."~Celty (Durarara)"How many seconds until the boy confesses his love come the girl?"~DurararaShould it it is in sad currently that double in a season I've to be glad the subs scrolls by to quickly for me come process?
MOST epos LINE of THE entire INUYASHA SERIES....Sesshomaru: Inuyasha, what's acquisition you so long?xD
kyaaaa the hug to be so lover aaww >///aaww what kagome stated was therefore true!! we all want a good naraku ^^. Yet wtf through the point byakuya did to kagome!!? ¬¬.haha loved once everyone to be falling above shippo XD.waaaaa an awesome hit is going to happen i wanna view it!!!!
nice illustration i chosen it. I am tho a little bit mad at sango because that being willing to sacrifice rin, but i'm less mad.cute ending, ns like how they're all together. Jaken had actually a watch on his face that said, "why the crap am ns here?" XD
We"re for this reason close come finishing turn off Naraku, however then i guess we"re walk to have actually his legacy to transaction with. Two episodes left...
In my following life I desire to collide in ~ the edge with the cute carry student carrying a piece of toast in she mouth...rodac
This episode was almost everywhere the place, yet that"s what I intend if you"re within the ship of a large demonic spider xDHow fitting that they space inside a spider i beg your pardon is the curse note of Onigumo that crazy bandit. Yes, I"m simply realizing this currently when ns should"ve noticed 2-3 episodes earlier ^^I really didn"t gain what Kagome to be saying to Naraku. Please don"t call me Naraku"s going to turn out to be a good guy or that we should take pity top top him due to the fact that he has actually no friends i m sorry is why he want the Shikon Jewel. That would certainly leave a poor taste in my mouth.
Sesshy that scene in ~ the end was an excellent too. Anyone gathering together to loss Naraku.Such an amazing anime. Ns can"t believe it"s almost over T_T
KitaTsuki said:MOST epos LINE of THE entire INUYASHA SERIES....Sesshomaru: Inuyasha, what's acquisition you so long?xD
Bwahahaha, the day when Sesshomaru openly depends on Inuyasha. Seriously.Wait, Naraku had actually an actual factor for playing roughly with anyone for practically 200 episodes? Hahaha, yet I like just how there"s an effort to humanize Naraku.
Pretty cool episode v everyone lastly assembling and also working in addition to their very own powers. I type of wish Kouga was additionally here, even if that doesn't have as much power without his shards, he would have deserved to it is in here.

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So practically everyone has actually assembled in the final battle versus Naruku. Too poor Koga couldn't be over there to avenge his clan, due to the fact that he doesn't have actually as lot strength.