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Genre: Action, 3D platform Developer: Sucker punch Publisher: Sony computer Entertainment America ESRB Rating: teen Release Date: June 7, 2011

If you walk to the center of new Marais, girlfriend will watch a bunch the theaters, and also if you look at the sign over it you will see video game titles that room parodies of the initial names because that example, epos mickey came to be epic hickey and call the duty became call that booty and so on.

I know exactly how to snipe militia and also monsters. I"m going to teach you. When you are about to loss the militia and go into "kick-butt" mode host up! first aim come shoot a grenade or shot. (I favor the shot no grenade your choice) climate aim at there head to kill them they"ll go searching for you. Climate it"s time because that you to obtain busy. Shoot at all there heads and your done!

Just after you use the transfer maker when you"re in the mission "Storm the Fort", youwill obtain a bonus XP of 100. After you acquire the XP, jump right into the water on your left anddie. You will certainly respawn in ~ the same point and you deserve to repeat to gain the 100 XP again. Dothis as numerous times as you desire for 100XP a pop.

Use the magnum bolt or rocket come do more damage to a devourer - this will make beating them much easier.

This just works if you room evil in the game. The very first time you are evil you will acquire the bystander bonus. Simply go around and also go into a massacre all roughly town and also don"t forget to perform drain.

Any powers that you buy while play a UGC mission won"t minimize your XP! simply createa empty UGC mission and start play it. Then upgrade your powers and also quit the mission.You will have the very same XP as you had prior to buying the powers however all powers will beunlocked!

Using the Konami password (up up down down left ideal left ideal O X enter) throughout the comic book format cutscenes enables you come skip them.

First, you need to complete the story twice.Do it as soon as with the Hero route and also then a second time together Infamous. That doesn"t matterwhich one you carry out first. Wait till the credits end after your 2nd completion, andyou"ll see a message. The post says the you"ve completed both paths and also you nowhave access to the opposite Karma powers of Cole and the various other character. You likewise get15k XP.

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Start the game"s mission editor and move her marker to either of the bridges connectingthe first half of new Marais to flood Town.Raise increase the marker to at the very least 50 feet greater than the raised bridge.Once that"s done, leave the mission editor and also Cole will appear where you placed themarker when you exited the mission editor! You deserve to then use your thrusters to do itover to overwhelming Town!

A Streetcar called "Boom!" (Bronze)Complete BOOM!Am ns The Daddy? (Bronze)Complete Nix"s brand-new Family.Ambulance Chaser (Bronze)Complete Hearts and Minds Campaign.Arch villain (Silver)Earn full an adverse Karma.Army of Me (Bronze)Defeat 300 enemies.Back come the Bayou (Bronze)Return come the swamp blockade.Behind the Curtain (Bronze)Collect 50% the the obtainable Dead Drops.Closed Casket work (Bronze)Give Bertrand what he wants.Cole" Blooded (Bronze)Defeat 100 civilians.Dazed and Defused (Bronze)Take under the Blast Shard Bomber.Discerning Taste (Bronze)Take under a street performer that is imitating astatue.Don"t Fence Me In (Bronze)Climb a chain connect fence and rejoice.Exposure (Bronze)Complete Exposing Bertrand.Express Elevator (Bronze)Ascend 50 upright launch poles.Extreme Makeover (Bronze)Destroy 30 verandas or other big objects.Fight the great Fight (Silver)Unlock the good ending.Finish What You started (Bronze)Perform 100 finishers or ultra melee combos.Forging Your own Path (Silver)Unlock the angry ending.Frozen heritage (Bronze)Complete the ice Conduit next missions.Get Nix"ed (Bronze)Choose Nix in Storm the Fort.Go Long! (Bronze)Hurl 50 objects using the Kinetic Pulse ability.Head Hunter (Bronze)Use the Precision capacity to rack up three head shots inrapid succession.Heavy Hitter (Bronze)Use your Ionic powers 30 times.Hero come the people (Bronze)Stop 80 crimes in progress.I"m together Shocked as You are (Bronze)Defeat an adversary or civilian through stepping inwater.Incorruptible (Silver)Earn complete positive Karma.inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy (Platinum)Collect all other notorious 2 TrophiesIt"s mine Town, now (Silver)Take over the 2nd island in new Marais.Just One more (Gold)Pick up every the blast shards scattered about NewMarais.Knockout in the Blackout (Bronze)Defeat 50 enemies in powered down areaswhile no goals are active.Land mr (Silver)Take over the first island in brand-new Marais.Level up (Bronze)Create a new mission making use of the UGC level editor.Matching set (Bronze)Unlock and purchase a power of each kind by performingstunts.Mountaineer (Bronze)Climb to the top of the 3 tallest structures in NewMarais.Nothing Can bring Me under (Bronze)Stay turn off the ground for 130 meters.Pain build Character (Gold)Finish the video game on difficult difficulty.Playing Both political parties (Bronze)Complete Fooling the Rebels.Quid agree Kuo (Bronze)Complete leading the Charge.Return to Sender (Bronze)Send a Helicopter"s rockets back at it making use of anyBlast ability.Shardcore (Silver)Pick increase 50% of blast shards scattered around new Marais.Shock and also Awe (Bronze)Thunder drop into a group of 5 or much more enemies.Status Kuo (Bronze)Choose Kuo in Storm the Fort.Take Them for A turn (Bronze)Hit at the very least 6 car in a solitary Ionic Vortex.The Cleaner (Bronze)Complete the assassination next missions.Thunder Flop (Bronze)Thunder drop indigenous the highest possible place in new Marais.Trail Blazer (Bronze)Play 5 user-generated missions under the Newest filter.UGC Curious (Bronze)Play 10 user-generated missions.UGC Veteran (Bronze)Play 25 user-generated missions.Vehicular Manslaughter (Bronze)Defeat 25 opponents by throwing cars at them.Watch That first Step (Bronze)Defeat an foe by ruining the object theystand on.Well educated (Silver)Collect every Dead drops.With good Power Comes better Power (Silver)Unlock and also purchase all powers.