Being bothered by a tiny boy as he reads a publication on the London Underground. This cameo is 19 seconds long.

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Hitchcock is walking past the residence where the murder to be committed.

The guy Who Knew as well Much

Possible cameo walking throughout the road in a dark trench coat together a bus overcome by (unconfirmed).

The 39 Steps


The man tossing a white sheet of record while the bus traction up for Robert Donat and also Lucie Mannheim to leaving the theatre.

Secret Agent

Possible cameo coming under gangplank before hero.

Young and Innocent


Hitchcock is standing outside the courthouse, stop a camera.

The Lady Vanishes


In Victoria Station, put on a black coat and smoking a cigarette.

Foreign Correspondent


After man Jones (Joel McCrea) leaves his hotel, Hitchcock is viewed wearing a coat and hat and also reading a newspaper.


Walking near the phone call booth just after George Sanders makes a call.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Passing Robert Montgomery in former of his building.


Mailing a letter at the village postbox (long shot).

Walking a horse across the screen at the hunt meet.



Saboteur (1942): Hitchcock is stand on the street external a store, "Cut price Drugs". Originally Hitchcock want to perform a cameo through his secretary Carol Stevens as deaf and dumb persons walking under the street. Climate Hitchcock was to have made a maybe indecent proposal using sign language, causing the mrs slapping that in the face. That was, however, not taken into consideration a proper reflection of world that to be handicapped.

Shadow the a Doubt


Shadow of a Doubt: Hitchock"s cameo top top the train taking uncle Charlie come Santa Rosa.


In the "before" and "after" pictures in the newspaper advertisement for "Reduco weight problems Slayer".


Coming out of an elevator in ~ the realm Hotel, transferring a violin case and smoking a cigarette.


At the large party in Claude Rains"s mansion, drinking champagne and also then easily departing.

The Paradine Case


Hitchcock is leave the train at Cumberland Station, transferring a cello case. Gregory Peck is delivering the suitcase.


1. Walking follow me a street (holding a newspaper) after the opening credits.2. His trademark silhouette can be seen on a red neon sign declaring "Reduco" in the see from the apartment window.

Under Capricorn

1. In the town square throughout a parade, put on a blue coat and also brown hat.2. One of three guys on the measures of government House.

Stage Fright


Hichcock is transforming to look ago at jane Wyman in her disguise together Marlene Dietrich"s maid.

Strangers top top a Train

In Strangers on a Train (made in 1950 and also released in 1951), Alfred Hitchcock is boarding a train with a double bass as Farley Granger gets turn off in his hometown.

I Confess

Crossing the peak of a staircase.

Dial M for Murder

On the left next in the class-reunion photo.

Rear Window


Winding the clock in the songwriter"s apartment (Some argue the Hitchcock breaks the fourth wall in this cameo, possibly turning to look at the audience in a "What are you looking at?" kind of manner, back he might merely it is in looking in ~ Ross Bagdasarian who resides in the apartment).

To capture a Thief

Sitting to the left the Cary provide on the bus (Grant, who had actually previously to be directed by Hitchcock in Suspicion and Notorious, gives the manager a look as if to say, "Oh, no. No you again!").

The Trouble v Harry

Looking outside of the window-the male walking past the parked limousine of an old man who is looking at paintings.

The male Who Knew also Much

Watching acrobats in the Moroccan marketplace (back to the camera).

The dorn Man


Alfred Hitchcock introduces The Wrong male in what is not a typical cameo appearence. Viewed in silhouette narrating the film"s prologue. According to Donald Spoto"s biography, Hitchcock decided to make an clear appearance in this movie (rather than a cameo) to emphasize that, uneven his various other movies, The Wrong male was a true story around an actual person.



Alfred Hitchcock is checked out in a grey fit walking in the street exterior Gavin Elsters company buildings.

North by Northwest


Hitchcock as well late because that the bus at the finish of the titles sequence.



Hitchcock put on a cowboy hat can be seen through the office window when Janet Leigh is entering.

The Birds


As Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) beginning the pet shop, Hitch is leaving through two white Sealyham terriers.



Hitchcock is entering indigenous the left of the hotel corridor ~ Tippi Hedren overcome by.

Torn Curtain


Hitchcock is sitting in the lobby of Hotel d"Angleterre, Copenhagen, with a infant on his knee. He move the boy from one knee come the other.


Being thrust in a wheelchair in the airport. Hitchcock gets up native the chair, shakes hands v a man, and walks turn off to the right.


In the facility of a crowd, put on a bowler hat; that is the just one no applauding the speaker; and a minute later, right after the victim washes ashore, standing alongside a gray haired guy with a gray beard.

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Family Plot


Hitchcock"s silhouette is seen with the door that the Registrar that Births and also Deaths.