After dinner my sleepiness returned, and being displayed to a bed, i lay down without undressing, and also slept till 6 in the evening, was dubbed to supper, saw bed again an extremely early, and slept soundly till following morning. Then ns made myself together tidy together I could and I saw Andrew Bradford, the printer"s. I found in the shop the old man, his father, who I had actually seen in brand-new York, and who, traveling on horseback, had gained to Philadelphia before me. He introduced me come his son, who got me civilly, provided me a breakfast, but told me it is in did no at current want a hand, gift lately gave with one, yet there was one more printer in town, lately collection up, one Keimer, who, perhaps, might employ me; if not, I have to be welcome come lodge in ~ his house, and he would offer me a small work to perform now and also then till fuller business should offer.

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The old gentleman claimed he would certainly go v me come the brand-new printer, and also when we found him, "Neighbor," states Bradford, "I have brought to see you a young guy of her business. Probably you might want such a one." the asked me a few questions, placed a composing-stick in mine hand come see just how I worked, and also then claimed he would employ me soon, though he had actually just climate nothing because that me to do; and taking old Bradford, whom be had actually never watched before, come be one of the town"s world that had actually a great will because that him, entered into a conversation on his current undertaking and also prospects, while Bradford, not discovering that he to be the various other printer"s father, on Keimer"s speak he expected soon to get the greatest part of the business into this own hands, attracted him on, by artful questions and starting tiny doubts, to define all his views, what attention he relied on, and in what Manner he intended come proceed. I, that stood by and also heard all, saw instantly that among them was a crafty old sophister, and also the various other a only novice. Bradford left me v Keimer, who was considerably surprised as soon as I said him who the old guy was.


Keimer"s printing-house, i found, contained an old not correct press, and one small, wornout font of English, i beg your pardon he was then using himself, creating an elegy top top Aquila Rose, prior to mentioned, one ingenious young man, of wonderful character, much respected in the town, clerk of the Assembly, and a pretty poet. Keimer do verses, too, but an extremely indifferently. He could not be stated to create them,, because that his manner to be to create them in the types directly the end of his head. For this reason there gift no copy, but one pair of cases, and the elegy likely to require all the letter, no one could assist him. I endeavored to placed his press (which he had actually not however used, and also of i beg your pardon he interpreted nothing) right into order fit come be operated with; and, promising to come and also print turn off his elegy as shortly as he have to have gained it ready, I went back to Bradford"s, who offered me a tiny job to carry out for the present, and also there ns lodged and also dieted. A couple of days after Keimer sent for me to publish off the elegy. And now he had actually got another pair of cases, and a pamphlet to reprint, on i beg your pardon he set me to work.

These two printers I discovered poorly default for their business. Bradford had not to be bred to it, and also was really illiterate; and Keimer, tho" something of a scholar, to be a mere compositor, knowing nothing of presswork. The had been just one of the French prophets, and also could act your enthusiastic agitations. Right now he did not profess any particular religion, however something of all on occasion; was really ignorant the the world, and had, together I climate found, a an excellent deal the the knave in his composition. He did not prefer my lodging in ~ Bradford"s if I functioned with him. He had actually a house, indeed, but without furniture, therefore he can not lodge me; yet he obtained me a lodging in ~ Mr. Read"s, before mentioned, who was the owner of his house; and, mine chest and also clothes gift come by this time, ns made fairly a much more respectable appearance in the eyes of miss out on Read than I had actually done as soon as she first happened to check out me eating my role in the street.

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