It doesn"t take a Grammy winner to write a catchy layout song. You have the right to sing along to the openings the Laverne & Shirley and Friends, even if girlfriend can"t remember the names Cyndi Grecco and also the Rembrandts.

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Of course, if you"re a TV show and also you have the right to afford a Beatles tune, by every means, go for it. It definitely helped The Wonder Years and also Life goes On stick in our memories.

But in some cases, a huge musician make a theme tune for a TV present that is now forgotten through most. Perhaps the present flopped. Perhaps the tune is no much longer used in the reruns. Or it can just be that you never realized a legend was playing the guitar on one instrumental.

We gathered some of our favorite obscure opening themes by room of call musicians. See if friend recognize any type of of them.


The beach Boys

"Karen" forKaren

In 1964, these southerly California youngsters were warm off a string of struggle singles about surfing, cars, cheeseburgers and girls. NBC roped in the Beach guys to harmonize the theme to its teen comedy Karen, component of trio of new sitcoms collection in a southern California apartment complex called90 Bristol Court. "She sets she hair with great precision," Mike Love sang, somewhat aping The Patty duke Show. "And through the light of tv / She can even write a book report!" Perhaps book reports were no exciting sufficient to entice in viewers.

Image: NBCUniversal Television


Harry Nilsson

"Best Friend" for The Courtship that Eddie"s Father

The Courtship that Eddie"s Father stays the overlooked bill Bixby show, overshadowed by The incredible Hulk and My favourite Martian. This charming 1969–72 father-son sitcom made use of the sweet pop sound of take care of Nilsson to great effect. One of his best-known songs, "Best Friend" to be written specifically for the show, though it to be an transformed version of an older, unreleased tune called "Girlfriend." Nilsson never ever put the monitor on an album, surprisingly.

Image: Warner Bros.


Billy Joel

"My Life" because that Bosom Buddies

Best remembered together Tom Hanks" huge break, Bosom Buddies originally offered the bouncy Billy Joel ditty from 1980–82. In reruns, however, the tune was changed with "Shake Me Loose" by Stephanie Mills. She to be Dorothy in The Wiz!

Image: CBS television Distribution


The grateful Dead

Opening theme for The Twilight Zone (1985)

The Eighties reboot of rod Serling"s brilliant anthology collection went for an artier approach. It opens like one of Pink Floyd"s weirder moments, v shots that atom bombs, fetuses and tarantulas under eerie synthesizers. Yep, that opened was actually the grateful Dead, with Jerry Garcia play the iconic "do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do" riff his guitar. The credits also payed homage come the Dead, in a way, in the credits through the speed of a Rorschach-like skull prior to the title.

Image: CBS tv Distribution


The rojo Stones

"Paint it Black" because that Tour of Duty

Every Vietnam story requirements a soundtrack of righteous absent & roll. Tour of Duty — among the great, if no the great, TV shows about the battle — nabbed the perfect tune, the angsty, exotic "Paint it Black." The show also featured standards by Creedence, Hendrix, The Animals, The Byrds and an ext inside the episodes, native 1987–90. Yet those legal rights are hard to clear for reruns and also DVDs. The Stones were replaced with a an extremely "80s critical filled with man-made flutes.

Image: Sony images Television


Diana Ross and the Supremes

"Reflections" because that China Beach

Another Vietnam show, one more stone-cold classic. China Beach, a sort of M*A*S*H because that Vietnam, went a much more soulful route during its run, in between 1988–91. The 1967Motown gem to be the very first song billed under Diana Ross & The Supremes. Previously, the trio was simply the Supremes.

Image: Warner Bros.


Randy Newman

"Under the Gun" for Cop Rock

Steven Bochco created cop-show classics, providing us both Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue. In between, the made his biggest folly, the extensively panned musical police drama Cop Rock, later on named as among the worst reflects of every time through TV Guide. Airing briefly in the loss of 1990, Cop Rock opened up with Randy Newman pounding away on the piano. Hey, it functioned wonders for Pixar later on in the decade.

Image: 20th Century Fox Television



"Stand" because that Get a Life

We adore this forward-thinking cult classic from 1990–92. We even named it one of the 10 most rock & role sitcoms of all time. Part of that was thanks to the layout song, R.E.M."s shiny, happy "Stand" indigenous its major-label debut,Green. Certainly, the is not the many "rock" R.E.M. Song by any measure. It to be the soul of the display that was an ext punk.

Image: Sony photos Television



"Princes the the Universe" because that Highlander: The Series

Somehow, Queen was the third selection to carry out the soundtrack to The Highlander film in 1986. Both Marillion and also Fish traction out because of scheduling conflicts. Oops! Queen used lot of the music come populate its 1986 album A sort of Magic, the one with the cartoon album cover. One of those tracks, "Princes the the Universe," was offered in the spin-off TV collection from 1992–98. It to be a prestigious gain for a syndicated Canadian show.

Image: CBS television Distribution


Carly Simon

"The Promise and the Prize" because that Phenom

ABC gave Phenom every rest in 1993. The sitcom was wedged between Full House and Roseanne top top the schedule. Fresh off Who"s the Boss?,Judith light joined the showas the mom. And also Carly Simon was commissioned to write and perform the design template song. The display did fine in the ratings. Yet, regardless of all the love, this heartfelt tennis comedy lost out and got canceled ~ one season.

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Image: Sony photos Television



"Happiness Is a warm Gun" for Gun

Robert Altman command this inventive 1997 drama, an episodic crime collection that complied with a solitary pearl-handled pistol native story come story, fairly than a character.Carrie Fisher, Daryl Hannah and Martin Sheen plot in it. Gun even gave James Gandolfini his an initial television role. U2, deep in that is electro-tinged Pop phase, detailed the theme, an commercial take top top the Beatles classic. That lasted six episodes.

Image: ABC

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