Webster's Dictionary specifies an artifact as a "characteristic product of human activity." In the human being of storytelling, artifacts can tell united state a lot about someone's personal history and experiences. Artifacts define us, and offer a means to map out and also understand an essential milestones and also years in ours lives.

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In an initiative to retrace mine roots and also experiences, I found it exciting that many of the crucial phases in mine life (childhood, teenage years, functioning world/adulthood) might be traced ago to crucial brands and/or customer products. A certain brand, items or place tells me a lot around what ns experienced during each phase. Artefacts have the ability to carry me earlier to a specific place or time, where things seemed much simpler. They have actually the timeless capability to recreate specific feelings and/or emotions...regardless that which step of mine life I'm in in ~ the moment.

World-class brands have actually the ability to relocate us in means that can't it is in designed v a marketing plan. Lock become artifacts of sorts through their ability to lug back details moments in our lives. A few have even earned their location as social icons that defined a specific generation.

If I might create a timeline of artifacts that have actually relevance in mine mind even to this day, they would certainly include:


The Pet rock (characterizes the fads the the 70's)


Campbell's Chicken Soup (reminds me of gift taken care of in mine childhood - particularly when sick watching TV in front of the Flinstones)


    Milka cacao - mine German grandmother offered to constantly bring us Milka chocolate during she visits come Canada - it ended up being a traditional item throughout the entire time i was a downhill ski racer and also represents a big period of delight in mine life - i still to buy the coco today


   Fender Squire Bullet guitar - Reminds me that my early on adult year living in Toronto's Beach neighborhood (and attempts in ~ trying to acquire into the music industry)


   Roe gyeongju Slalom board (still used to this day) - Reminds me of mine teenage years and high energy, carefree time where are afraid was no a factor!


Partridge family members (OK, what girl wasn't a fan of David Cassidy?) - Reminds me the the year of camping, lunches in former of the TV and after institution cookies (can't think that i actually admit to remembering the native to details songs)

I can go on and also on, yet it seems clear that artefacts offer an imaginative form of visual storytelling. Much much more than images, each brand or item represents a specific "Act" in the story of my life. As soon as I see, hear to or eat this items, the emotions and also memories come earlier in vivid type even come this day.

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The lesson for marketers is clear. The photos brought ago to one human being that are produced by a details brand space probably continuous with various other people's experiences. Use this to your advantage - and also you'll create (or recreate) customer loyalty that the compete will find hard come beat. Dig beneath the surface, and also we'll be her customers because that life.

If you were to develop a timeline of your vital life experiences, i beg your pardon brands would be on your list?

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