If friend Forget Me is created by Ricardo Elice Neftali Reyes Basoalto, who pen name is Pablo Neruda. Pablo Neruda is famed for his passionate love poetry. His very first collection of city Twenty Love Poems and a song of Despair is civilization famous for extreme love poems. The renowned love poems the Neruda space I do not love you, I like for friend to be still, this evening I deserve to write, Love, ns crave her mouth, Don’t go far off, might be you will certainly Remember, You will remember and also so on.

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The current poem is indigenous Neruda’s Captain Verses Collection. The poet in the poem defines the after-effects of forget him to his lover love.
In the start of the poem, Neruda presents a loving and romantic snapshot of his love. He wants his beloved come know how much that loves her. The poet explains if the looks at the crystal moon, if he looks in ~ the red branch the the slow autumn through his home window he remembers his beloved. He claims if he touch the impalpable ash the the fire or wrinkled body of the log, he feels all these room carrying him in the direction of his beloved. Every these space exist for his love itself. He likewise uses the pictures like aromas, light, metals, are as tiny boats that takes him in the direction of the island of his love.
Then, he defines the results of forget him. He states to his lover that, if she stops loving him, the poet additionally stops loving her. If suddenly she forgets him, the poet may have already forgotten her. If she leaves the poet, if anything happens to his life the poet won’t mind at all. The seeks an additional land because that his root of his heart.
In the last stanza the the poem, the poet expresses his love in a romantic way. He claims each day, each hour if she loves him and destined to him, he will give ago that love. He will never ever leave her and forget her. As long as castle live he will shower all his love come her.

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The poem reflects that the poet does not want “unrequited love”. The poet believes in such love i beg your pardon is mutual to each other. Together a love establishes mutual understanding and trust in every other. All he desires is true love and his beloved must never forget him. He conveys the she will get back whatever she does to him. If she forgets him, the poet also does the same thing. If she loves him without forgetting him, he offers his love to she all their life.

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