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Answer / shipra

If the is perfectly earthed climate there is no voltage diffance in between earth & neutral that method it will be Zero in all condition.

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Answer / suresh

voltage bw earth and also nuetral is 100 come 200 milli volts if it is perfect earthingvoltage b/w phase and also earth is 230 volt for every phasesvoltage b/w phase and neutral is varied from 220 to 230 v it counts up ~ above the phase balance conditions

Answer / vinod kumar

The Max and Minimum voltage between neutral - earth, depands on form of earthing :-if that is dedicated earthing and it is kept properly, the voltage in between earth and also neutral shall it is in 0 volt.If that is a joint earth it might go to 1 to 2 volt.

Answer / mohammed arshad

Every electrical installations has actually earthings If the hassingle earthing without jointsNeutral-earth-0 volts with jointsNeutral-Earth= + or - 5voltsbetween phase-neutral Phase-Earth=230voltsAs every IEC,IEEE max voltage drop permitted in electric anyinstallations should be below 2.5% that rated device voltage

Answer / ajit dalvi

Correct voltages are....Pahse come Neutral 230Neutral to erarthing 0Earthing to step 230All other answers space wrong

Answer / saikrishna

generally the max. Difference in between voltage the neutral andearth to be maintained is 3.5V.If the getscrossed,circulating currents flow and equipment connectedgates damaged

Answer / sajad sharafudeen

In well balanced condition the voltage between neutral and earth is zero,if perfect earthed.There will construct voltage between neutral and also earth in propotianate v unbalanced condition.

Answer / m.mousa

Answer / pradeep

Regarding prize 11, ns think in case the Neutral to earth voltage is high, it method there is one unbalanced pack in the 3 phases (in instance of 3 phase supply) or the neutral is not proper. One of two people way, over there is a opportunity of existing flowing back into the circuit because of wrong neutral or planet not properly grounded, resulting in equipment burn-outs in situation of a surge. These equipments need not be switched on and also will burn-out in situation of fault. Hence it is recommended to store the voltage in between Neutral and also earth together low as possible.

Answer / ravindra sharma

The question deserve to be responded in three conditions once earthing is perfect and also (a) neutral is solidly earthed in ~ transformer end then the volatge in between erath & neutral is zero and also earth and also phase is the same as in between earth & neutral in all conditions whether all pahases space perfect or among them faulty. And between earth and also phase is the very same as neutral and also earth i.e. Nominal value when system is healthy(b) once neutral earthing is no solid yet with resistance then Voltage between neutral and also earth will certainly be zero in situation of well balanced load top top all three phases and it may rise max. Upto a value equal come phase worth if there is error on one of the phase,depending ~ above the worth of earthing resistance that the neutral earthing. Value of planet to phase will be nominal worth if system is balanced and healthy, and also may go max upto step to step voltage if over there is fault on one of the phases and also mind that again value in situation fault will depend on fault resistance.In nut cell we have the right to say that min. Value between neutral and also earth will certainly be zero volt and also max. Will be in the name voltage (e.g 230 volt in indian LT supply case) and also voltage in between neutral and also phase will certainly be in the name voltage is mechanism is balanced and also healthy and mind the in situation of error it may go down min. Come zero value and max to phase to phase voltage! and that is what great abt electrical enineering.

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