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2013 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 727.3
Quick description: Bursitis NEC.ICD-9-CM 727.3 is a billable clinical code that deserve to be offered to suggest a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim, yet, 727.3 need to only be provided for claims with a date of organization on or before September 30, 2015. For claims via a date of business on or after October 1, 2015, usage an indistinguishable ICD-10-CM code (or codes).You are viewing the 2013 version of ICD-9-CM 727.3.
Acute bursitisBursitisBursitis - multipleChronic bursitisInfected bursaRheumatoid arthritis of vertebraRheumatoid arthritis wo RF of vertebraRheumatoid bursitisRheumatoid bursitis of ankleRheumatoid bursitis of bilat anklesRheumatoid bursitis of bilat elbowsRheumatoid bursitis of bilat feetRheumatoid bursitis of bilat handsRheumatoid bursitis of bilat hipsRheumatoid bursitis of bilat kneesRheumatoid bursitis of bilat shouldersRheumatoid bursitis of bilat wristsRheumatoid bursitis of bilateral anklesRheumatoid bursitis of bilateral elbowsRheumatoid bursitis of bilateral feetRheumatoid bursitis of bilateral handsRheumatoid bursitis of bilateral hipsRheumatoid bursitis of bilateral kneesRheumatoid bursitis of bilateral shouldersRheumatoid bursitis of bilateral wristsRheumatoid bursitis of elbowRheumatoid bursitis of footRheumatoid bursitis of handRheumatoid bursitis of hipRheumatoid bursitis of kneeRheumatoid bursitis of L ankleRheumatoid bursitis of L elbowRheumatoid bursitis of L handRheumatoid bursitis of L hipRheumatoid bursitis of L kneeRheumatoid bursitis of L shoulderRheumatoid bursitis of L wristRheumatoid bursitis of left ankleRheumatoid bursitis of left ankle and/or footRheumatoid bursitis of left elbowRheumatoid bursitis of left handRheumatoid bursitis of left hipRheumatoid bursitis of left kneeRheumatoid bursitis of left shoulderRheumatoid bursitis of left wristRheumatoid bursitis of multiple sitesRheumatoid bursitis of R ankleRheumatoid bursitis of R elbowRheumatoid bursitis of R handRheumatoid bursitis of R hipRheumatoid bursitis of R kneeRheumatoid bursitis of R shoulderRheumatoid bursitis of R wristRheumatoid bursitis of appropriate ankleRheumatoid bursitis of ideal ankle and/or footRheumatoid bursitis of best elbowRheumatoid bursitis of appropriate handRheumatoid bursitis of right hipRheumatoid bursitis of best kneeRheumatoid bursitis of right shoulderRheumatoid bursitis of best wristRheumatoid bursitis of shoulderRheumatoid bursitis of vertebraRheumatoid bursitis of vertebraeRheumatoid bursitis of wristSeronegative rheumatoid arthritis of vertebraeSubacute bursitis
727.3 Excludes

bursitis:gonococcal (098.52)subacromial (726.19)subcoracoid (726.19)subdeltoid (726.19)syphilitic (095.7)"frozen shoulder" (726.0
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