W.C. Fields, that was born in Philadelphia, used to make fun of his birthplace together a staid and boring place by threatening to have actually the line, “All things considered, I’d rather be in Philadelphia,” together the epitaph ~ above his gravestone. (Apparently, that hazard was never brought out.) Philadelphia has frequently been overshadowed by brand-new York come its north and by Washington come its south. I remember traveling to Philadelphia come visit my relatives as soon as I to be a child, mine siblings and I fidgeting in the ago seat of the auto as mine father battled through the web traffic on the ugly brand-new Jersey Turnpike.

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Based ~ above this data as compared to his findings that there was a greater variety of Dutch Jewish households in brand-new York with youngsters born in England, Swierenga got to the complying with conclusion: “Clearly, the dutch Jews in Philadelphia had actually been better off financially in the Netherlands, and also they immigrated previously than those settling in brand-new York, who out of financial necessity spent a longer sojourn in London. For the Philadelphia netherlands Jews, a London stopover or two-stage hike was not as vital or desirable.” (p. 126)

I uncovered this observation an extremely interesting. Obviously, mine ancestors walk make the two-stage migration. Go they do that since they can not afford to get straight to the US, or did they originally setup to remain in London? does this typical that Hart and also Rachel were not as well-off as numerous of the other young couples who left Amsterdam at the end of the 18th century?

The netherlands Jewish ar was located in the south side the Philadelphia. With the huge wave that German immigrants in the 1840s, the netherlands Jews had moved southern to Wards 1 through 5, and primarily Wards 4 and 5, located between what is now large Street and the Delaware River and also South Street come the south and 2d Street to the north. Swierenga described these 2 wards as slums. Ward 4 is wherein Jacob and also his family members lived for countless years in ~ 136 south Street. Was he life in a slum with his large family and three servants? It seems unlikely. The ar must have been somewhat economically diverse to tempt what Swierenga himself had explained as a fairly comfortable dutch Jewish population. (pp. 139-146)

This growing community of netherlands Jews eventually decided to kind their very own synagogue and leave Rodeph Shalom, i m sorry had end up being increasingly consisted of of congregants who had actually emigrated from Germany. Also, Rodeph Shalom and Mikveh Israel and also a third synagogue, Beth Israel, to be all situated in the north next of Philadelphia. (Swierenga, pp. 127-129) Thus, in 1852 the netherlands Jewish households formed their own synagogue, B’nai Israel, ~ above the southern side wherein Jacob and Rachel were living in 1850. (pp. 130-145)

Between the 1850s and also 1880, however, the dutch Jews significantly left the southern side of Philadelphia and also moved to areas further north. Those who remained might not support their very own synagogue, and B’nai Israel to be closed in 1879. Through the end of the 19th century, the dutch Jewish ar had integrated into the larger Jewish community and had disappeared as a separate social subgroup. (pp. 135, 320) as I move forward from 1860 in tracing mine Cohen relatives, i will keep in mind this transition to see whether or not they were a component of the trend.

After reading this material and understanding more about the history of the Jewish community in Philadelphia in the first half that the 19th century, I far better understand why mine ancestors made decision Philadelphia. It had actually a unique Dutch Jewish community, which might have been an extremely attractive come them after the Chut experience as outsiders in London. It had a long history of a diverse yet cooperative as whole Jewish population. And also perhaps, favor today, the seemed less overwhelming and much more affordable than new York City.

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I now read, “All things considered, I’d fairly be in Philadelphia” in a whole new light.