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There is no sex in this story. Just titillating frisson.


I remained in my beforehand 50"s then. My child was 18.

I have a fulsome body. I have my complement of obligatory flabs and sags par for my age. My husband called me the I have actually an appeal English rose coquettish demeanour that nature has calibrated just around on song, quick of provocative buxomness.

My son and also I have a trusting and also open relationship. We have actually a lover secluded garden which I prefer to potter around. One day, once I had actually some alone relaxed time v my kid sipping tea at the bottom of our garden, ns intimated the I have observed that he has actually been checking me out. I asked him what he thought of me honestly because I couldn"t rather fathom what a strapping teen would check out in a mrs in her 50"s.

He reflected philosophically, and mused that he observed me in 2 dimensions. One, together a mum that respected, trusted and also loved. Two, together an appeal mature woman who gave him twitches, and shudders on occasions. Reaction which were natural, i m sorry he could not deny.

He told me the he had actually tried to reconcile the mum-woman views, and also have concluded that the views just were what castle were, past sensible reconciliation. Any type of reconciliation would merely be suppressing one view, self-evidently, the "woman" view, in deference to hardwired social conditioning. It to be questionable if this to be reconciliation at all. Being at tranquility with the mum-woman check out was the philosophical indistinguishable of the Nietzschean tranquility of the Apollonian and the Dionysian. Hah! My kid the philosopher.

I pondered end what the philosophised.

Me: do you psychic if ns ask friend if you"ve have any fantasies?

Son: To be honest, just one. Seeing you in your complete glory.

Me: This old body?

Son: This really manifestation.

Me: but why?

Son: I simply appreciate mature bodies where mom nature has averaged the end the perfections and also lesser perfections, to a mellowed contoured whole. I find the impossibly perfect bodies that assail mine senses end public media inauthentic and also plasticky.

Me: You know when there is no one home, ns go native, and also do a clues of gardening, to soak in the rays, enjoying the outdoors, in our garden. I don"t think about myself a nudist though. There has been some hefty heaving grunt job-related that I have actually been postponing. I might do v some aid there.

Son: I"ll be happy to help. When?

Me: My, my, we have actually an passionate beaver here. This Saturday will certainly be fine. Your Dad is away on business travel.

And so we did.

I chose an outdoors setup so that there to be a natural aura to it all. Over there would have been a level of contrived nudity awkwardness if it had actually been indoors.

After the gardening, we had actually tea at the bottom of ours garden. That would have been a curious vision for anyone who chanced top top this mum-son ensemble.

A mature mrs in indigenous glory, seated v legs crossed, conserving her secret feminine cache, but only simply so, sipping tea nonchalantly, juxtaposed versus a ceiling chested teenager in bermuda shorts. Cool together the cucumber sandwiches us were pecking.

Me: thanks for your help!

Son: Happy come help, mum!

Me: So, what carry out you think of your old mum?

Son: Lovely! Comely! A sight to behold!

Me: be brutally honest. As I have actually been v you.

My kid surprised me. The stood increase demonstratively in mute answer.

Me: thank you. This is the most pointed validation ever before that a woman can hope for.

This was the only time my child saw me naked. We never ever talked around this after that day.

There is a sort of epilogue to this.

Fast forward. Ns was v my husband in our bedroom. Bedtime banter. Simply as I perform with mine son, I have an open and also trusting relationship with mine husband.

Me: girlfriend know, I"ve to be observing that our son has actually been checking me out.

Husband: I"m not surprised. Par for his raging hormonal course. I"ve observed him surreptitiously thefts oblique glances in ~ you too.

Me: i was curious what he experienced in his mature mum. So i asked him. The intimated that he appreciated the mature feminine form.

Husband (jocularly): That provides two the us!

Me: ns asked him if that had any kind of fantasies...

Husband: And?

Me: space you OK v the method this is going?

Husband: I"m cool. Just be candid.

Me: Our son intimated the he had actually fantasies of seeing me naked.

Husband: Par because that the Oedipus course. As Dr Freud had actually prescribed. I"ve to be there. And how did girlfriend feel around it?

Me: The mum part of me was conflicted. The woman component of me was flattered that a teenager would have interest in a maturation woman through flabs and sags.

Husband: And?

Me: I made decision to help our son, one-off, to gain over his fantasy. As much as fantasies range, this one was not really that over the top. Loan flesh to his imagination. Demystify his imagination. So the he can move on.

Husband: How?

Me: the Saturday as soon as you to be on company travel, ns did gardening in the buff, while ours son, dressed, aided me with the grunt work. Afterwards, we had tea in the garden. The was all.

Husband: lucky lad! What was his reaction?

Me: i couldn"t really tell once we were gardening. I had my gardening apron on indigenous the outset.

Husband: that red one?

Me: Yes. The was rather of a titillating peek-a-boo display screen on the front and the sides. Of course, my back was fully exposed, ornamentally bound increase in 2 bits the strings.

Husband: it must"ve to be tormenting because that the lad.

Me: Tortuous by mine estimation. But, it wasn"t by any type of measure the devious sensual design. It"s my usual garden selection apron.

Husband: And?

Me: My, my, you"re lapping this up. It"s getting late. Perhaps we should proceed this tomorrow... That he!

Husband: Don"t friend dare!

Me: it was all a flurry that activity. Our son was preoccupied through his hefty heaving grunt job-related to focus on noþeles else. That could"ve steal sidelong glances at me as soon as I was beetling around, doing this and that, crouching, bending over, climb the ladder. But, ns can"t tell. It to be only once we chilled for tea that ns observed him.

Husband: relocating on...

Me: ns was done through the gardening first. Together our son was finishing up his tasks, I got in our kitchen come fetch tea and also sandwiches. By the moment tea was offered on ours garden table, our boy was done. I dubbed him over. Ns took turn off my apron exposing mine front for the very first time. Ns sat down. Ns crossed my foot to lend a modicum the modesty. Ns felt then that any other sitting posture would appear lewd together I didn"t have the benefit of a table top cover to obscure my nether charms. I unexpectedly felt particularly vulnerable provided my scrupulously pristine mons pubis rendition.

I paused. I have a cruel sadistic subterranean streak. I want to mercilessly fluster my husband into anticipatory pulp.

Husband: And?

Me: Our son crashed onto his chair across me. He wore a bermuda, and was otherwise bare chested, deluged in perspiration. Ours boy had actually earned his due. We made some small talk ~ above this and that about the gardening. I can sense the he feeling awkward and sheepish sitting across his indigenous mum. He managed courteous rationed tentative glances. At first, mine top. Then, drifting south to my crossed legs whereby his eyes were trying come prise open. I determined to put him in ~ ease. I told him the he needn"t feel awkward around looking. After ~ all, this is the whole suggest of that all. I told that to just look without restraint and awkwardness. And also if that felt a tingle, it"s due to the fact that he is alive, no cold stone. Ns went as far regarding tell him that i was flattered through his interest in mine venerable body. This eased the tension. He, well, in fact, both that us, ended up being quite relaxed, chatting nineteen come the dozen.

Husband: did he gain to view more?

Me: that was noticeable that our kid wanted to watch my bottom, however was also shy to ask. This totality fantasy companies wouldn"t be finish without my revelation. But, i didn"t want this to be a lewd, risqué show-and-tell. That would certainly be distasteful. It would take ours mum-son relationship right into an unwieldy uncharted direction.

Husband: What next?

Me: So, i announced the I will freshen our tea pot and tidbits. Ns uncrossed my legs together if as I going to gain up. Ns then paused, asked the if he would like an additional serve the sandwiches, seeing that he had laboured for this reason hard. He was ogling in ~ my plump mons pubis, and my hint peek of cleft. The said, OK. There was a moment when our eyes locked. Ns smiled a coquettish smile. It was a minute of bonding, although ns don"t recognize of what. This appeared to embolden him. He looked more intently. We made some trivial talk. I decided to press the envelope some. I asked, in cheeky mirth, what brand-new insights he has actually now gleaned of his mum. The laughed. That surprised me v his forwardness. He said: "Mum, you look the part of a schoolgirl." Instinctively, i looked down at myself. Yes, i looked immaculately pubescent! Then, ns realised what I have actually done. I looked increase consciously to view him grinning. I winked, and quipped coyly: "So, i reckon you"ve a lot of experience with schoolgirls, huh?" that laughed. I then got up. Our son was tho seated. I pottered around the table collection the tea cups and also what-nots. Ns then padded ago to the kitchen.

Husband: He would certainly have appreciated a view of her rump, in marching motion.

Me: ns don"t know for sure. Ns don"t have eyes at the ago of mine head. But, I would certainly imagine so. I returned with a freshened pot of tea, and also sandwiches. Again, i pottered roughly the table, bending now and again, setup the tea and also sandwiches. And also then, i don"t know what own me. This to be my wickedest ever. Ns surprised myself. I sat down, and was about to cross my legs, when I chose otherwise. The frisson the the schoolgirl comment previously tingled me. Ns sat v my left foot planted ~ above the ground. Ns angled my appropriate leg level on the seat surface, climate tucked my appropriate foot beneath my left thigh. My plump mons pubis to be exposed, yet only simply so. Artfully revealed without being lewd.

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Husband: What was our son"s reaction?

Me: my pose surprised him somewhat. By now, the was way past bashfulness. The gazed liberally in ~ my private charms together we conversed, but always maintaining a gentleman"s distance and also demeanour.

Husband: did he sport a boner?

Me: the did. His bermuda was contorted in agony. We were open around it. He told me I led to it. I told him ns was flattered, and also felt validated by his spicy reaction. Us chatted for awhile. Simply then, our doorbell rang. And also that was it. Satisfied?