ns was asked to present myself and also what languages ns spoke. For this reason I discussed all the languages ns know and also in the end, I included "... And I deserve to speak a tiny bit the German"

After I claimed that, ns was wondering if I used the exactly expression. Should it have actually been:

I deserve to speak some GermanI deserve to speak a small GermanI have the right to speak a tiny bit GermanI can speak a small bit of GermanAll 1-4None the 1-4

Please provide your comments.

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Any of 1,2 or 4, I would say; but they imply a subtly various amount of knowledge, v 1 gift the most and also 4 the least.

The type in 3 feel ungrammatical, though i think it can be supplied in some dialects.


All the them however three room grammatically correct; ns think preference probably stems indigenous the dialect of the speaker. 4 is more common in the SE US.


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