9 Cape Verde creolian Phrases You must KnowA guide with helpful phrases and also expressions in Cape Verdean Creole, the Cape Verde language


After safety one month in Cape Verde, passing indigenous Sal, come Sao Vicente, to Santo Antao and earlier to Mindelo, Sao Vicente, I have the right to assure you that ns really want to learn some useful expressions. Capeverdean civilization speak Creole but consider Portuguese as their 2nd language.

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Depending ~ above the island, English is widely talked as well. Yet if you desire to make real connections through the locals or just come closer to the Cape Verdean vibe, I can only introduce bearing the complying with expressions (in Creole!) in mind.

Please keep in mind that these Cape Verde unit volume in Creole deserve to vary according to the ar that you are visiting!

Indeed, the northern Islands have the right to speak a completely different Cape Verde creolian (or Kriol, Criollo, Creolle) 보다 in the southern Islands.

Table the Contents

1. Tud Dret?


Whenyou to walk in the roadways of Mindelo or ~ above the windy roads of Santo Antao, people will asking you all the time: “Tud dret?”. It typically comes v a thumbs-up move and also a huge positive smile.
It have the right to be openly translated by “Everything all right?” and is provided in all kinds of situations. I finished up asking “Tud dret?” to virtually everybody ns crossed in the street! just like most Cape Verdeans do.
A sport of “Tud dret?” is “Tud Fixe?” (pronounced: “Tud fiche“).

2. Sab pa fronte!


This is the ideal answer that you can offer to “Tud dret?”. “Sap!” in Creole way “Cool!”. If you’re being asked your opinion on something or simply asked exactly how you’re feeling, “Sap!” is the most authentic way to answer.

Sap pa fronte!” is the compare of “Sap!” and also lets everybody know that you’re feeling fabulous. Or the you choose something really much.

I offered “Sap pa fronte!” almost every day. Either once I to be asked exactly how I to be doing or if i was enjoy it Cape Verde. “Sap pa fronte!”. “Of course i did!”.

Please keep in mind that this expression is greatly used in Sal, Sao Vicente and also Santo Antao.

3. Sebim!

Lobster dinner in Pica Pau, Mindelo

Food theatre a really important role in Cape Verde! especially when it comes to bafas (the Cape Verdean variation of tapas), the issue is an extremely serious! most bafas come native the sea: moreia (fried moray), buzios (shell entrails), lapas (limpets), cod croquettes, etc.

Each much more delicious than the other and also the perfect complement for her cold beer!

If the waiter asks you if you’re enjoying her meal, a determined “Sebim!” is the best method to answer! It deserve to be freely translated by “It tastes good!”.

It’s always an excellent to know exactly how to do a cook happy! particularly in his own language!

In the southern Islands, “Sebim!” becomes regularly “Sabim!”.

4. Cachupa

Courtesy the CriolaCozinha.wordpress.com

Let’s stick to the food from Cape Verde (my favorite topic!). Because that those who love to travel culinary (like me), cachupa is a must-try as soon as you visit Cape Verde! The national dish the the archipelago can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Anytime is cachupa time!

Cachupa needs to it is in cooked for several hrs on an open fire. Some say that’s the factor why on number of islands, virtually no trees are left! Hearty food lover will gain it! The stew is composed of corn, beans, and also sweet potato slices. Optionally, tuna or pork meat can be added.

It is usually offered with a fried egg on top and also a linguica (spicy sausage). Cachupa is generally the cheapest food on the menu and also will store you satiated during hours!

And “sebim!”. “It tastes great!”.

5. Aluguer

Me and also the aluguer to Xoxo

In Cape Verde, you don’t capture a bus to obtain to your destination, yet you obtain there by aluguer or colectivo. Aluguers normally consist that vans v up come 15 seats… i m sorry doesn’t necessarily border them come 15 people…!

Apparently, the Cape Verdeans love to take trip “closely together”. Don’t it is in surprised if you’ll be asked to take a son on her lap!

Aluguers don’t operation according come a schedule. Lock depart as soon as nobody else have the right to fit in (literally!). Because waiting because that the last person to to the right in have the right to take up to one hour, you far better choose an aluguer that is already mostly totally charged.

Drivers will occasionally ask girlfriend if you desire to acquire to your location by “taxi”. This means that you’ll take trip alone in the van however the price will rise tenfold (not exaggerating!). If you favor the much more economical version, just urge on traveling by aluguer or colectivo! And, five magic, the price decreases!

In the southerly Islands, a colectivo is likewise known together “yas”.

6. Ponche & Grogue


Grogue is the basis of ponche consisting of molasses, lime and fruit. Ponche deserve to be compared to liqueur and also is much sweeter 보다 grogue.

Some say the grogue deserve to heal friend from every evil! Be that a headache or a cold! lock can’t be so wrong around it since, after one grogue shot, you truly feel “disinfected” inside out! ns loved to have grogue in mine caipirinha.

Conversely, ponche is a real sweet treat! over there are many kinds: coconut, honey, passion fruit (my favorite!), or tamarind. Just try them all and find your very own favorite!

7. Morna

Cape Verde rhymes v music! You can hear music anywhere in the highways of Mindelo or in Sal. The archipelago’s most renowned music format is referred to as “morna“. Cesaria Evora (worshiped as a goddess, especially in Mindelo!), exported morna to the world.

On the anniversary of her death, her family organizes a commemoration march v Mindelo and a concert in her honor.

The stage is set right alongside the entrance of her former house and the A-list of Cape Verdean artists is performing on the evening. I had actually the opportunity to watch Baú, Fantcha and also Tito Paris! All large names in the industry!

They were to sing on a couple of wooden planks and also only a few meters be separated them from the public!

Morna is all around sodade, a mixture of nostalgia and also melancholy. In this way, morna deserve to be compared to the Portuguese fado. In Mindelo, you can listen to morna in almost every bar, yet I introduce Casa da Morna and Livraria Nho Djunga to attend live concerts.

8. Morabeza

Home sweet home

Morabeza refers to the Cape Verdean ide of hospitality and the kindness of the people. The hatchet is associated with your relaxed and also gentle method to welcome strangers ~ above the Capeverdean archipelago.

I feel the Capeverdean Morabeza the many when ns was on Santo Antao. This place became one of my favourite spots on this planet! best after the Azores!

People welcome you v a shining smile, and they move you a little of their relaxed composure.

Everybody greets you on the street (“Tud dret?”) and some even available me their houses to stay, or gave me come taste ripe fruits of their gardens!

I felt an extremely fortunate to suffer the ominous Capeverdean Morabeza first-hand! the made me feeling at home and also it to be the factor why I lengthy my stay there twice!

When you go island dance in Cape Verde, you’ll feel this sensation everywhere!

9. Oril Game

If friend wander v the roads of Sao Filipe (Fogo), or Porto Ingles (Maio), you’ll always stumble ~ above a team of human being playing the renowned Oril game. You’ll discover them in bars or sit on a bench in prior of their house.

You’ll immediately recognize this strategic game that comes from the west shore of Africa and also was brought to Cape Verde by the slaves throughout Portuguese colonialism.

The board consists of a wood trunk with 12 openings. Every player has 24 green, small balls, called “olives” that need to be put strategically in the wooden openings.

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Seeing how human being play Oriol in the streets is one of the finest things to do in Cape Verde.