Psalms 18:1 “To the cook Musician, that David, the servant of the LORD, that spake unto the lord the native of this track in the job the LORD delivered him indigenous the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand the Saul: and also he said, I will certainly love thee, O LORD, my strength.”

Back in 1982 Michael Card created a song dubbed El Shaddai or age to Age. The song had some Hebrew words the most world did no understand. Most interpreted El Shaddai – God Almighty. I average you had actually to really be a new Christian if you never heard a sermon using El Shaddai. However there were some other Hebrew words that unless you had actually taken a Hebrew food or a couple courses in Hebrew girlfriend would most likely not understand. The expression was taken from Psalms 18:1 – ‘Erachamka na Adonai. The is normally translated out as “I indeed love friend Lord.” The na – undoubtedly was added by Michael card who has a Master’s degree in Hebrew and Old Testament. 

What is interesting is the use of words ‘erachamka for love. The usual word you uncover in Hebrew because that love is ‘ahav. ‘Erachamka comes from the root word racham and is the only time in the holy bible when it is used in a Qal (simple linguistic form). Everywhere else the is offered as one expression of oh my god love for us and is supplied in an Piel (intensive form). Guy cannot, here on planet or in this earthly body, attain racham in a Piel form, not even David therefore he supplies it in a Qal (simple linguistic form). 

The trouble is that we have actually no an excellent English word because that racham. We use the word love, mercy, compassion however all fall quick of the definition of racham. The correct usage of racham is the womb. As soon as expressing an emotion, the is the love the a mother feels for her infant while in the womb or just emerges native the womb. Have you ever before seen a picture, movie or in person when a nurse hand a mother her child baby. The watch on that mother’s face is the to express of love. The is love the is natural, unmolested, unchallenged and almost perfect. This is racham. A couple of years later on when that son rebels, causes problems, wounds and also breaks the mummy heart, the love becomes ‘ahav i beg your pardon is one unconditional love, yet it is not that perfect love that was unchallenged. 

As a human creature us cannot accomplish such a high traditional of love other than at the birth of a child and even climate you would have to be racham in a straightforward Qal form. The still falls short of racham in a Piel extensive form. As much as friend love God, through all your heart, soul and also might you may reach the level that David to say “Erachamka na Adonai. But it still falls brief of oh my god racham because that us.

I don’t understand why Michael Card decided to encompass Hebrew paragraph in this song, but my guess is that together a Hebrew student himself, he knew he might not translate ‘erachamka so he simply left it as the original Hebrew expression rightly figuring those true believers hear the song will be moved. Once the track was released it became a number one song on the Christian chart in 1982. I was to teach Hebrew and also Old testament at this time and also students to be continually coming approximately me asking what those words meant. I commonly responded, over there is no translation in the English, simply think the the can be fried love, if you can then you are not also close come the meaning. But prior to I said anything, I an initial asked? “Why do you want to know? do you feel something as soon as you listen those Hebrew words?” Without exemption the student asking and anyone else asking would certainly reply that indeed, their heart was stirred once they heard those words. Castle knew it was something special, an extremely special. Numerous said lock felt a feeling of peace, joy and even satisfaction when they heard these words that they did no understand. I think that is because the mind and body may not have taken those words, but their spirit, your heart interpreted them and cried those words the end to God just as David did. your spirit and heart understand much more than your mind and body will ever before understand.

Laura will certainly be supplying a dream course this month. I hope you join our All accessibility and join her class because Christians really need to recognize the dynamics of their spiritual life. When you dream the dream is comes from your spirit and also heart joined v God, yet what her mind choose up are frequently symbols since you mind just cannot understand what God is revealing to her spirit.

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I love you lord in hebrew

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Simply as girlfriend cannot recognize what those words in the song mean but you soul leaps for happiness at the sound that those words because that it understands what your mind does not. If interested in participating in the dreams class, you deserve to sign increase here: