Saying ns love girlfriend to who is a way of telling them the you evaluate them. It is also a means to express your feelings to someone that will certainly make them feel loved and cared for. I love girlfriend is not simply a word that is used throughout Valentine’s day yet it is additionally often offered to keep a good romantic connection so why no level the up? Learn just how to say ns love you in Cantonese and also other romantic phrases to tell your loved one.

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How to Say i Love girlfriend In Cantonese?

When us say the Chinese language, you may probably hear Wǒ ài nǐ (我爱你) more often. This phrase is indigenous Mandarin, a language that is widely spoken in Mainland China. However in this blog, us will focus on an additional Chinese language i beg your pardon is Cantonese. Therefore if you are planning to go to Hong Kong or if your loved one is indigenous Hong Kong, you might want to discover the following words and phrases the are related to love and also dating.

1. Ngo5 Oi3 Nei5 (我愛你.)



This is the common method to say i love you in Cantonese. Ngo5 Oi3 Nei5 (我愛你。) literally way “I love you” in English. This phrase is used when confessing her love to someone.

2. Nei5 Hai2 Ngo5 Sam1 Muk6 Zung1 Hou2 Zung6 Jiu3. (你喺我心目中好重要.)



Some human being are no that comfortable express what they feel. If you desire not to be too direct to say ns love friend in Cantonese, say nei5 hai2 ngo5 sam1 muk6 zung1 hou2 zung6 jiu3. (你喺我心目中好重要。) This way “You median so lot to me.” in English.

3. Mou5 Baan6 Faat3 Jung6 Jin4 Jyu5 Lei4 Jing4 Jung4 Ngo5 Deoi3 Nei5 Ge3 Oi3. (冇辦法用言語嚟形容我對你嘅愛.)


Sometimes, words room not enough to express her feelings to the one friend loved. So, to say the in Cantonese, usage the sentence Mou5 baan6 faat3 jung6 jin4 jyu5 lei4 jing4 jung4 ngo5 deoi3 nei5 ge3 oi3. This means “Words can’t explain my love because that you.” in English.

4. Jat1 Baak3 Go3 Sam1 Dou1 Zong1 M4 Saai3 Ngo5 Deoi3 Nei5 Ge3 Oi3. (百個心都裝唔晒我對你嘅愛.)

Some civilization love the to be extra cheesy. They typically use figurative words no to exaggerate however to present how deeply they space in love. Another way to say ns love girlfriend in Cantonese is Jat1 baak3 go3 sam1 dou1 zong1 m4 saai3 ngo5 deoi3 nei5 de3 oi3. (百個心都裝唔晒我對你嘅愛。). This method “A hundreds hearts would certainly be too few to lug all mine love because that you.”

5. Ngo5 Hou2 Zung1 Ji3 Nei5 Aa3 (我好中意你啊.)

Locals from Hong Kong regularly say Ngo5 Hou2 Zung1 Ji3 Nei5 Aa3 (我好中意你啊。) when confessing your love for the very first time because it is not as well heavy. It way “I really favor you.”

6. Ngo5 Dong3 Nei5 Hai6 Pang4 Jau5 Zaa3. (我當你係朋友咋.)

Making much more subtle is the game plan of some particularly if they room not that great with words. Another means to say ns love friend in Cantonese the is an ext subtle is Ngo5 dong3 nei5 hai6 pang4 jau5 zaa3. (我當你係朋友咋。). This method “I think of girlfriend as more than a friend.” in English.


Now the we room done through the means on how to say i love girlfriend in Cantonese, let’s move on to among the interesting parts of a romantic relationship called dating. That course, date is a component of a connection where you discover and know more about her loved one. Below are some dating words and phrases in Cantonese that you must know:

1. Soeng2 Min2 Tung4 Ngo5 Sik6 Caan1 Faan6 Maa3? (賞面同我食餐飯嗎?)

To official asked somebody out for a dinner, you can say Soeng2 min2 tung4 ngo5 sik6 caan1 faan6 maa3? (賞面同我食餐飯嗎?). This literally way “Would you prefer to go the end to dinner with me?”.

2. Nei5 Gam1 So3 Lai5 Baai1 Mei5 Dak1 M4 Dak1 Haan4? (你今個禮拜尾得唔得閒?)

If you want to ask someone out, friend can additionally say Nei5 gam1 go3 lai5 baai1 mei5 dak1 m4 dak1 haan4? (你今個禮拜尾得唔得閒?) which means “Are you free this weekend?” in English. This is more subtle and informal than the first one. Loving somebody consists of making time because that him/her even in your busiest schedule.

3. Ngo5 Dei6 Ting1 Jat6 Gei2 Dim2 Gin3? (我哋聽日幾點見?)

One that the gold rules in date is to it is in on time. The expression Ngo5 dei6 ting1 jat6 gei2 dim2 gin3? (我哋聽日幾點見?) way “What time candlestick we accomplish tomorrow?”. Remember, that is said that first impression lasts so carry out your finest to be on time or earlier.

4. Ngo5 Dei6 Hai2 Bin1 Dou6 Dang2? (我哋喺邊度等?)

Most the the very first dates are an extremely memorable. So to ask around a place to satisfy say Ngo5 dei6 hai2 bin1 dou6 dang2? (我哋喺邊度等). This method “Where shall we meet?” in English.

5. Ngo5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji3 zoi3 joek3 nei5? (我可唔可以再約你?)

If the day went well, make certain not to miss out on your opportunity. To speak Ngo5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji3 zoi3 joek3 nei5? (我可唔可以再約你?). This means “Can I check out you again?” in English.

6. Ngo5 Ce1 Nei5 Faan1 Uk1 Kei5. (我車你返屋企.)

They say the chivalry is dead but shot to prove them wrong. If you room a genuine man, make sure she is safe by driving her home. It is additionally a authorize of respect. Use Ngo5 ce1 nei5 faan1 uk1 kei5. (我車你返屋企。) to say “I will drive you home.” yet remember that no every girl is comfortable with particularly if you have just met.

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7. Gam1 Maan1 Hou2 Hoi1 Sam1. (今晚好開心.)

Let him/her know exactly how much you had actually fun throughout your entire day by speak Gam1 maan1 hou2 hoi1 sam1. (今晚好開心。). This means” that was a an excellent evening.” in English.