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Hi,I couldn"t uncover this in the manual, deserve to anyone help. The rear view mirror has two LED"s either next the button. Once the auto starts the left LED is on, ns assume this means it is law the auto dimming. I deserve to press the button on/off to acquire the compass. I have the right to press one dhold the button to set the compass zone. I deserve to press and hold the button to rotate the left LED off. Just how do I rotate the appropriate LED on and also what usability does the indicate. Thanks.
The red LED is because that the garage door opener role (Homelink). It just comes on as soon as you host down any of the 3 Homelink buttons. Over there is a light sensor the looks like an LED, if that"s what you"re introduce to. It"s for measuring irradiate from behind because that the auto-dimming function.
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