Erin H. Fouberg (Northern State University); Alexander B. Murphy (University of Oregon); H. J. De Blij (Michigan State college )

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Title: human being Geography: People, Place, and also Culture,...

Publisher: Wiley

Publication Date: 2009

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition: very Good


Human geography gets basic readers to think geographically throughout scale and across a wide variety of geography phenomena and worldwide issues. Every concepts and also themes are touched on with the historical background one would certainly expect, but additionally with present examples to do the reading more relevant. The contents is composed in such a way that the is approachable and also appealing. That includes all of the crucial themes in a succinct and engaging narrative format that can conveniently be understood. From the field boxes and also opening vignettes help anyone who has not personally traveled much of the world. General readers will likewise find the latest data as they develop their expertise of important concepts.

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