A group of children from Chennai has bagged four world records in hula-hooping.  |  Photo Credit: YouTube

Chennai, Tamil Nadu: Playing through hula hoops is just one of the fondest childhood memory of our childhood. Regulating to twirl the hoop approximately your waist or limbs supplied to be rather a hard task because that many. However, four kids from Chennai have bagged four world records in hula-hooping.

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Guinness world Records post a video showing Chennai Hoopers share their story of afford the records.

The many elbow passes in one minute was accomplished by RS Janani. She walk 24 rotations in a minute. She has been learning hula-hooping because the age of five.

The record for many hula hoop rotations around knees in one minute is 194 and was completed by 16-year-old Tarun. He worked for ripe years to achieve the record.

Watch the video:

The most hula hoop passes roughly the neck was broken by E Guru Prasath. That did 211 rotations in one minute. He started finding out hula-hooping in ~ the age of six.

The many hula hoop rotation on the eight in one minute is 220 and was completed by Lalith Anisshvar. He practised for 4 years because that the attempt.

The video, i m sorry was common on July 7, has actually gone viral, garnering an ext than 42,600 views.Netizens congratulatedthe hoopers for their achievements. Countless were amazing to check out the talent that young children.

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One user said, "Talented hula hoopers! Wow they’re amazing." one more wrote, "Thank you because that making India proud." Yet another commented, "These Indian youngsters are earning world record certificates, at the age I didn’t recognize the difference between countries and continents. Therefore amazing."


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