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add to cart Replacement HP 94 and 95 ink Cartridges Combo fill of 5 - 3 x 94 Black, 2 x 95 Tri-color


Bundle up and also save a lot much more with our 3-pack of cartridges !

dearteassociazione.org offers HP 94 black & HP 95 tricolor octopus cartridges with genuine-like quality and also satisfaction. Ours value fill replaces the initial HP cartridges however at a very affordable price!

Proven and also tested to work-related like the original! our HP 95 ink cartridges & 94 ink space professionally engineered with brand new parts in ~ a production facility that provides state-of-the-art processes to ensure the you will acquire the same publish quality and performance at a cheaper price. Need to print loads of paperwork? worry no an ext as ours HP 94 black & HP 95 tricolor octopus cartridges space designed to match the number of prints that the initial HP press cartridges without compromising the print quality and with a shelf life of 20 months. Talk about getting the most of her money! Backed v a 1-year 100% satisfaction guarantee, that is how confident we space in ours HP 94 95 combo pack ink cartridges. Totally free shipping ~ above orders end $50 anytime, almost everywhere in the US! Order ours low-priced HP 95 ink cartridges & 94 squid combo load of 3 prior to 2:00PM PT and it will be shipped the very same day.

Simply find your printer design from the compatible printer list below and also take advantage of our an excellent prices for HP 94 black & HP 95 tricolor ink cartridges today. Conserve Now!

IMPORTANT: please be notified that utilizing replacement, compatible or remanufactured printer cartridges will never void your press warranty. Please call us for any kind of further questions.

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HP 95 squid Cartridges & 94 squid 3-Pack Product Specifications

SKU Product kind replace OEM # colors Product volume Approximate page Yields cost per page variety of pieces Product Shelf Life
C8765WN, C8766WN
Black, Tri-color
Black: 480 | Tri-color: 330
1.93 cents
18-24 months