Lot Description: design 610-361 - This is a beautiful Howard Miller grand Clock that is in terrific condition. Oak Yorkshire finish. Arched bonnet crowned with shell carving and also embossed flower and vine design. Astrological, blue moon phase. Brass perfect Arabic numeral dial through brushed fret-cut brass edge ornaments and also center disc. Beveled glass door and also sides. Cable-driven, triple chime movement. Locking door. Comes v the instruction manual for Howard müller Floor Clocks. Size: 84-1/2” H X 26” W X 16-1/4” D. All components are there and also this clock works and also chimes as should.

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$5,000.00 - infinity 10.00%$1,000.00

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This auction is contracted and managed by: Northstar Kimball

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