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A fire ceiling is a specialized sheet of cloth that:

Is very heat and also fire resistantDoes not permit oxygen to pass with its carefully woven fabric

The combination of these two features method a fire retardant blanket have the right to be great at smothering small incipient fires for world trained in your use.

A fire blanket acts on fires by denying the fire access to oxygen, which is crucial fuel because that fires come burn. There is no oxygen, the fire conveniently goes out.

In this overview, fine summarize advice from various sources onhow to use a fire blanket, and also when is the best time to use it.


1. What is the ceiling made Of?2. Once to usage your blanket a. For little Incipient Fires b. For Burning Clothing3. Once not to use a Fire Retardant Blanket4. How to usage your Fire Blanket a. Can a Fire Resistant Blanket change a Fire Extinguisher? b. Final Thoughts5. Wherein to keep your Blanket6. Is my blanket Reusable?7. Last Thoughts

What is a Fire blanket Made Of?

Fire retardant blankets for placing out common kitchen fires room usually made of fiberglass. It’s also possible to obtain fire resistant blankets made of leather, but these blankets space usually reserved for other times favor placing castle under a barbecue grill or because that welding.

Modern fire retardant blankets space not make of asbestos. Many human being worry the they’re made of asbestos since they sometimes have sharp fine fibers that loss out the them. Yet those fibers room fiberglass only, uneven you have a very old fire blanket.

The fiberglass is carefully woven into a fabric that is both flexible and also fire retardant. It resists excessive heats and also fire. The good thread also helps avoid oxygen from gaining through the fabric, for this reason it efficiently smothers the fire.

You will certainly of course require to check your fire blanket’s manual to find out what your specific fire blanket is do of.

When to use a Fire Blanket

1. For little Incipient Fires

A fire retardant blanket is ideal used for smaller fires in your incipient stage. This is once a fire is only just beginning, and containable under the surface ar area that the blanket.

One key consideration around whether to pick a fire blanket for fire extinguisher is the dimension of the fire. If the fire is bigger than the surface area that the blanket, it won’t be particularly useful.

The other thing to consider is even if it is you can actually sheathe the fire with the blanket. The blanket needs to be able to totally cover the fire come extinguish it. This renders a blanket a selection for placing out trash can or stove optimal fires because the blanket can be inserted over the rim of the garbage can, pot or pan. 

But as soon as the fire is in the edge of a room or on an uneven surface, it gets harder to deny the fire oxygen. For these instances, a fire extinguisher can be a better option instead. These are considerations trained users need to make top top a case-by-case basis.

2. For Burning Clothing

Fire blankets are also often encourage for use by a trained user when a person’s clothes is on fire. The blanket deserve to be wrapped about the human tightly to deny the fire oxygen. As soon as the blanket is wrapped approximately the person, they ‘stop, drop and also roll’ to placed the fire out.

This sounds easy, but when someone’s ~ above fire, they’re no going to be standing still because that the user come wrap the blanket about them!

When not to use a Fire Blanket

A fire retardant blanket is regularly not be supplied in the adhering to cases:

If the fire is larger than the surface area the the blanket.If the surface ar area is uneven and also cannot be fully covered.If the user does not know exactly how to usage the ceiling properly.If the user or the people about them are in instant danger and also need to evacuate immediately.

Sometimes it’s best to evacuate the area safely and calmly and cal 9-1-1 come let the professionals deal with the issue. This is why it’s essential to obtain trained in your jurisdiction on appropriate use.

Instructions because that Use

a) For little Incipient Fires

Different fire blankets may have various instructions for use. For sure you always follow the rule of the particular blanket and in your jurisdiction. Listed below are general steps for usage only and also not necessarily appropriate for your case or her fire blanket:

How to use a Fire Blanket

1. Evaluate her Safety.Stop and evaluate the situation. Make sure no one is in instant danger. If you can not safely approach the fire to place the blanket over it, evacuate immediately and also call 9-1-1.

2. Rotate off Electricity.Safelincs note that, if the fire is fueled by an appliance such together a range or toaster, it’s finest to eliminate the link to the electric circuit. If it’s for sure to carry out so, unplug the appliance native the wall. Similarly, if the fire is sustained by gas, watch if you deserve to turn turn off the gas source.

3. Placed on Gloves.Wikihow argues that if you have actually gloves nearby, you must put the gloves on prior to handling the ceiling to prevent getting pricked through the sharp fibers in the blanket. 

4. Eliminate the ceiling from that sleeve.A fire retardant blanket is commonly stored in a bag that is hanging ~ above a wall. The blanket will usually have two tabs in ~ the bottom. Traction the tabs sharply. The ceiling will fall from the sleeve. Inspect your hand-operated on this.

5. Fold the ceiling over her hands.You carry out not want your hands to be openly exposed to the fire when they acquire close come the fire. Wikihow says folding the ceiling over her hands.

6. Shield yourself.Hold the ceiling up together a shield between yourself and also the fire and approach the fire through caution.

7. Very closely place the blanket over the flames.Do not throw the blanket. You need to be calm and in control of the blanket for this step. Throw the blanket will certainly not completely cover the flames, and may also fan the flames, leading to the fire to surge.

8. Leaving the blanket in place.Then, inspection the scenario. If it appears the fire has been suppressed, leave the ceiling in place for 30 minutes. If the flames are still burning obtain a fire extinguisher.

9. Evacuate and call 9-1-1.Have a experienced firefighter pertained to assess the situation and also announce the case all clear.

*This is basic information only and may not be suitable for you or your circumstances or jurisdiction. Review the manuals, check your neighborhood authority’s advice, and ensure you space trained in appropriate use.

b) for Burning Clothing

This one is a little harder. The user requirements to stay calm and assist the human being whose garments is on fire. This is why it’s crucial to be fine trained before use. For sure you constantly follow the rules of the details blanket and also in your jurisdiction. Below are general steps for usage only and also not necessarily appropriate for your instance or her fire blanket:

If a Person’s clothes are on Fire

1. Put on Gloves.If you have actually gloves nearby, placed them top top to defend your hands.

2. Relax the Blanket.Release the ceiling from the sleeve by pulling sharply at the 2 tabs at the bottom of the sleeve. The ceiling will autumn from the sleeve.

3. Defend your Hands.Grab the edges of the blanket and wrap lock once approximately your hands to protect your hands from the fire.

4. Shield yourself.Hold the ceiling out between you and also the fire as a shield and approach the human burning.

5. Plunder the Blanket.Wrap the blanket around the person and also continue come wrap it till the ceiling is fully covering the fire and you’ve operation out that blanket.

6. Prevent Drop and Roll.Have the person drop come the floor and roll. The is often advantageous to demonstrate it yourself and also have them copy you. Remember, the human is more than likely in a scare at this moment.

7. Speak to 9-1-1.Call 9-1-1 and have both the ambulance and also fire department attend the scene instantly to render assistance.

*This is basic information only and may not be an ideal for girlfriend or your circumstances or jurisdiction. Review the manuals, examine your local authority’s advice, and ensure you space trained in proper use.

Where to store your Fire Blanket

The many common and useful location to put a ceiling is in a kitchen. It’s feasible to hang the sleeve ~ above the wall surface of the kitchen or the inside door that the kitchen cupboard.

Non-domestic kitchens often additionally need a fire retardant blanket. Industrial and commercial kitchens frequently need one, and so do watercrafts with kitchens in them. These regulations are administrate by neighborhood jurisdictions.

But they’re additionally commonly supplied in other locations.

You’ll find a many of human being have them in the tribe of their cars to suppress car fires or come easily accessibility when automobile camping. Similarly, backpackers often take lightweight fire retardant blankets make of aluminum that deserve to act together emergency blankets because that both putting out fires and also keeping world warm that are shed in the wilderness.

No matter where you placed your blanket, the essential thing is to place it somewhere wherein it is an extremely easily accessible at quick notice.

Is my ceiling Reusable?

After a fire blanket has actually been placed over a fire, it requirements to it is in left end the fire because that a long time. Wikihow suggests leaving it for 15 minute to for sure the fire is completely suppressed. Yet once the fire is totally finished, the blanket needs to it is in disposed of. Generally, you can not reuse a fire retardant blanket – sorry! You’ll need to go ahead and also buy a brand-new one. Examine your own blanket’s hand-operated for this information.

If you space interested in acquiring a fire retardant blanket, read our complete review and buyers guide of the best fire blankets out there today.

Final Thoughts

We think a fire retardant ceiling is a must-have for a house fire security plan. It sits alongside a fire extinguisher and fire escape ladder (for a multi-story building) together the central pieces of home fire security equipment.

But once you have actually the blanket, make certain you education yourself and your children on just how to use it.

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Remember, this info is proclaimed as an individual opinion for our circumstances and does no constitute advice, professional or otherwise, come you, your jurisdiction, and also your circumstances. Consult v your neighborhood fire department because that information specific to her situation and also make certain you’re well trained in use prior to a fire occurs.