We selected lover Thai phrases that could help express your feelings. Discover these romantic Thai unit volume to victory over that special someone in your life.

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1. You melt mine heart


/kun tam-hâi jai pŏm lá-laai/

ทำให้ tam-hâi = cause, make

ละลาย lá-laai = melt

2. I have got a crush on you.

– คุณโดนใจผมมาก

/kun doan-jai pŏm mâak/

โดนใจ doan-jai = catch/take one’s fancy, appeal to someone

– ผมปิ๊งคุณ

/pŏm bpíng kun/

– ผมปลื้มคุณ

/pŏm bplûem kun/

3. Ns can’t avoid thinking about you.


/pŏm yùt kít-tŭeng kun mâi-dâai/

หยุด yùt = stop

คิดถึง kít-tŭeng = come miss, to think about

do miscellaneous + ไม่ได้ /mâi-dâai/ = can’t perform something

4. I choose you more than friend. 


pŏm châwp kun mâak gwàa pûean

มากกว่า mâak gwàa = much more than

เพื่อน pûean = friend

5. ผมมีเพื่อนเยอะแล้ว

/pŏm mii pûean yér láew/

I have actually a the majority of friend already.

เยอะ /yér/ = a lot

แล้ว /láew/ already

ผมอยากเป็นแฟนคุณ /pŏm yàak bpen faen kun/

I desire to be her boyfriend/girlfreind

อยาก yàak = want to

เป็น bpen = be

6. Ns am the luckiest male on earth.


pŏm bpen pûu-chaai tîi chôok-dii tîi sùt nai lôok

โชคดี chôok-dii = lucky, goodluck

ที่สุด tîi-sùt = the most

ใน nai = in

โลก lôok = world

7. Ns am lucky to have met you.


pŏm chôok-dii tîi dâai jer kun

ที่ tîi = that

ได้ dâai = get to execute soemthing

เจอ jer = come meet

8. How much execute you love me?


kun rák pŏm mâak kâe-năi?

รัก rák = come love

มากแค่ไหน mâak kâe-năi = how much? (used to ask for degree or level that something)

I love you much more than i love myself.


pŏm rák kun mâak gwàa rák dtua-eeng

มากกว่า mâak gwàa = an ext than

ตัวเอง dtua-eeng = oneself

I love you more than anything. 


pŏm rák kun mâak gwàa à-rai táng mòt

อะไร à-rai = anything, something

ทั้งหมด táng-mòt = all, entire, whole

อะไรทั้งหมด à-rai táng-mòt = all things

9. We will certainly love each various other till death do us part.


rao jà rák gan jon gwàa kwaam-dtaai jà prâak rao jàak gan

เรา rao = we, us

จะ jà = will, walking to

รักกัน rák gan = love every other

จนกว่า jon gwàa = till

ความตาย kwaam-dtaai = death

พราก prâak = to separate, come part

จากกัน jàak gan = component from

 10. Ns can’t wait come be through you again.

ผมอยากเจอคุณเร็วๆ รอไม่ไหวแล้ว

pŏm yàak jer kun reo-reo , raw mâi wăi láew

เร็วๆ reo-reo = quickly

รอ life = come wait

do miscellaneous + ไม่ไหว mâi wăi = can not to perform something

รอไม่ไหวแล้ว raw mâi wăi láew = This is an expression for ‘I can’t wait’.

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 สุขสันต์วันวานเลนไทน์ค่ะ sùk săn wan waa-len-taai kâ = Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Chris Harrington says

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Can you email me straight i have questions regarding how to say or compose to someone in Thai to do them understand just how I truly feel about them in thai. Yes, they understand English however I’m hoping that trlling lock in thai they will feel it more and understand more. Please and also thank you.


Ravi says

Sunday July 14, 2019 in ~ 01:40

Thanks mod for these lovely and useful words. Ns am in love with a Thai girl and these will assist me in expressing mine feelings..

Jay says

Saturday February 23, 2019 at 16:48

Greetings Khun Pear no Love your cute and also informative videos, as always ! ns was wondering though what ever happened to Khun mod ?? have not watched her make any videos in awhile. I hope she has not retired na krop !

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Wednesday February 20, 2019 at 20:51

Thank you for doing this. Ns was looking for love phrases come say to my brand-new Thai girlfriend and also these are perfect!

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Thank you mode you room awesome, if wasn’t for you i couldn’t contact with my friend in Thailand.Greetings from Israel!