Fans of the anime and also manga collection "Naruto" recognize Kakashi Hatake together Naruto"s laidback however talented mentor. When writing Kakashi Hatake in Japanese, simply as as soon as writing something in Japanese, that is necessary to note that every character has a proper stroke order. For people just finding out to write Japanese, the name "Kakashi Hatake" is a fitting place to start. Unlike timeless Japanese names, which most frequently contain kanji (Chinese ideograms), the "Naruto" names follow a straightforward format: hiragana for family names and also katakana for given names. Hiragana and katakana space two simplified, voice alphabets in the Japanese language.

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1. Create from height to bottom and from right to left. Traditional Japanese reads vertically, starting at the peak of a line to the bottom. You additionally start top top the appropriate side that a page and also read leftward.

2. Create the household name first. In the case of Kakashi Hatake, "Kakashi" is his offered name and also "Hatake" is his family members name. Ideal Japanese dictates the you say the family members name and then the provided name, therefore you have to write the surname "Hatake Kakashi."

3. Write the hiragana character because that "ha." The an initial character in Kakashi Hatake"s name have to be in ~ the height right corner of her page. Start with the left line, illustration a straight line from height to bottom through a slim twist upward best at the end. Draw the horizontal line on the right half of the character next, from left to right. Draw a vertical heat from optimal to bottom through that horizontal line and curl earlier to left and then back to the ideal at the bottom.

4. Write the hiragana character because that "ta." The next character should show up directly below your "ha" character. Begin with the horizontal line, which girlfriend should draw from left to right. Next, include the slightly bent vertical line the crosses v that horizontal heat by dragging her pen from optimal to bottom. Under the overhanging horizontal line, attract the top half of the one open-ended circle. Start at the left, drag your pen right, and also curl the end of the heat slightly downward left in ~ the end. Pick up her pen and also draw the bottom of the circle, beginning at the left and ending in ~ the right.

5. Compose the hiragana character because that "ke." "Ke" should appear below "ta." draw the left vertical line first, beginning from the top and also curling slightly upward to the ideal at the bottom. Next, draw the short horizontal line from left to right. Complete the personality by illustration the second vertical line v that horizontal heat from optimal to bottom. This line should be slightly much longer than the very first vertical line and should curl rather to the left in ~ the end.

6. Compose the katakana character because that "ka." friend can start writing Kakashi"s provided name come the left that the line in i m sorry you created "Hatake." The an initial "ka" need to be straight to the left of her "ha" and the second "ka" should be below that, come the left of your "ta." start with the horizontal heat in the character, beginning at the left. Attract straight across to the best and, without lifting her pen, make a sharp turn downward at the end of her line. Curl this heat slightly to the left. Finish the character by illustration the intersecting vertical heat from optimal to bottom.

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7. Write the katakana character for "shi." The "shi" character have to be listed below the 2nd "ka" and directly to the left the "ke." draw the top brief diagonal line first from increase left in the downward ideal direction. Draw the comparable short line listed below it in the exact same way. End up by illustration the longer diagonal line in the opposite direction, from bottom left to upward right.