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ギャビー is the surname Gabby in Japanese.

Note: because this location is completely Japanese Katakana, it need to be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

The following table may be beneficial for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

TitleCharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Gabby加比jiā bǐ / jia1 bi3 / jia bi / jiabichia pi / chiapi
Gabbyギャビーgyabii / gyabi
In part entries above you will view that characters have different versions over and below a line.In these cases, the characters above the line are timeless Chinese, when the ones listed below are simplified Chinese.

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If shown, second row is Simp. Chinese

PronunciationRomanizationSimple dictionary Definition


see styles
gyabii / gyabiギャビー



7 VirtuesA journey of a thousand MilesA moment of Time is as priceless as GoldAaliyahAbundance and also ProsperityAchievement AccomplishmentAdamAdamsAddieAdeleAdelineAdnanAdvance Bravely Indomitable SpiritAfghanistanAhmedAiki JujutsuAileeAileenAimiAiniAireenAiriAishaAishuAjayAkaneAkashAkitaAkumaAlanAlanaAlbertAlbertoAlderAlexAlexaAlinaAliyahAllahAllenAltarAlways and also ForeverAlyssaAmalAmaliaAmanAmberAmenAmirAmitAmraAnandAnatolyAndreaAndreiAndresAngelAngelicaAnilAnkitAnkitaAnnalynAnneAnnetteAnyaAquariusAquinoArataArchangelArcherArchieAreebAriaAriesArigatoArisArjayArjunArleneArloArmaanArmanArt of WarArtemArthurArunaAryanAsuraAtticusAubreyAurielAutumnAvengerAveryAwakeningAyakaAyanAzuraBai Zhe Bu NaoBaileyBalance EquilibriumBalanced LifeBanzaiBarbieBe True come YourselfBe YourselfBeatrixBeautiful SpiritBelleBenedictBensonBerserkerBertBest friend ForeverBetelgeuseBeverleyBhavyaBibleBird ScrollBlacksmithBlancaBless This HouseBlessed by GodBlessingBlessingsBlood BrotherBloomingBody and Earth in UnityBody and also MindBoldBounce earlier Stage a ComebackBoys be AmbitiousBrandonBrave the WavesBrave WarriorBreatheBrennanBrittBroken SoulBrooksBrother and also Sister BondBrotherhoodBrotherly LoveBruce LeeBrunoBryanBuddyBuffyBujinBullBushiBushidoBushido CodeCadenCaidenCalmCamilleCandyCao CaoCaraCarlaCarlsonCarmenCaroCarolynCarpe DiemCarsonCastroCedricCelesteCelineChandraCharanCharismaChen SurnameCheoCherieCherishCherry BlossomChi EnergyChiaraChienChito-RyuChosen 1ChrisChristopherChung Shin Tong IlCindyClear MindCobraCodyCompassionConfuciusConnieConsciousnessContemplationContentmentCoreyCorin

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